Saturday, 13 July 2013

390 : One factor why gay relationships don't last.

Just something I observed while playing with my friends phone or even my personal experience before.

Even if you are in a relationship, there are still plenty of temptations especially on those applications and websites.

Saying you are taken or in a relationship is usually followed by :

"What he doesn't know wouldn't hurt him"
"Want to have a threesome?"
"As long as we don't fuck, its not cheating,
How bout a handjob or a blowjob?"

You always hear people saying same sex relationships never last and all and this is the prefect example why. Horny men that do anything to get their fix regardless of the consequences their object of interest may face. Just sad seeing how many relationships have been destroyed but one night stands.

I know you can say the reason why they fail is because they gave in to temptation of a temptress but isn't the fault more towards the temptress?.. I've been in their shoes and some people are damn persistent just to get a satisfaction to the point of messaging almost every hour, and its not only a few but there are actually a lot out there that do that. Some of them are actually damn hot!! Freaking tempting!!

Anyways, I'm not directing this post to anyone, especially my loveable wechat friend.

Please don't do such things..

Useless rants before full week of work again.


  1. just pondering... why is sex that important that it defines a relationship? well, for some. yet for some others, open relationship works pretty well. so... i sometimes ask, what is it that we look for when we enter a relationship? and is there a tendency for gay man to use rules of straight people for gay relationship? is it appropriate? or for that matter, when things fall apart between 2 persons, it is usually starts with one person being insecure?... relationships can last only if there is commitment, understanding, respect and trust. and these cannot be taken as one time event, it must be seen and felt overtime. loving someone and accepting someone is a process, not a one off occasion.

    my cousin and his partner has been together for coming to 30 years and they are still going strong. very very strong. yet in the 30 years relationship, they have tried monogamy, open relationship etc. and finally came to a point where they are just comfortable with each other being themselves.


    1. 30 years?! O.O

      Even 3 years sounds rare these days


    2. for me, should be heading into my 9th year (i think) haha...

    3. Really appreciate the comment! But are straight couples and gay couples really different?.. not exactly different in my mind.. I guess to me the rules are rules of love not straight or gay relationships. Lol, and the only difference is that guys are twice the libido.. lol

      Are your cousin and his partner open or monogamy now?.. Just curious. >.<

      And 9 years (Ignoring your cousin), Jelly!!

  2. the thrill of the process ;)

  3. I'm a convict of this.. :(