Friday, 14 February 2014

414 : A fairy tale love story.

Studying in UK, she meet him, a 30 year old under work transfer from Hong Kong. She was 19.

Waiting tables part time to earn some extra cash, his frequent visits to the restaurant sparked something either of them would never expected. They started seeing each other outside of their usual restaurant experiences, before long, they were dating.

Every story has to have a conflict right?

6 months into dating, work required him to return to Hong Kong. He pleaded with her to follow him back. The nurse in training however, couldn't. With her father's death, she knew she had to get a stable job to help her mum raise her 5 siblings still back home. As the oldest sibling in the family, it was the responsible thing to do. They separated and lost contact soon after.

They both got married. She married a man and settled down in London. He married and lived his life in Hongkong. Both had children.

They lived most of their life apart from each other. As she got older, her marriage fell apart. She was never happy and her husband found a woman a little older than her own daughter. A divorced was filed. She was 64. During the time of the divorce, her son found him. Found his contact number and his address. She decided to pay him a visit while the divorce was being process.

In Hong Kong, she found that he was a widower. He insisted she stayed in Hong Kong with him during her short visit. She went back to London, packed her bags, left everything behind and she was moving to Hong Kong with the man she was apart for 45 over years.

Right now, they have been married 5 years. She is almost 70 this year.

This belly dancing grandmother, is my aunt. My family went to Hong Kong recently and I finally got to meet my new uncle. You expect a man in his 80's to be weak but the man I saw running down the flight of stairs saying he was 18 was everything I NEVER expected. When my aunt passed him her handbag to hold when she went to the restroom, he proclaimed to everyone he looked so much better than her with the handbag and started posing with it. The way they constantly tease each other even over the phone makes you think they are just teenagers.

I can say I feel bless to have met my chocolate addicted uncle. He redefined love for me. Showing the power of love.

My aunt told me her fairy tale story when we sat together in a bus ride. She told me he told her something once that she will probably remember forever.

"The time we have together is not enough. I would want to marry you when you are 18 in your next life so we can spend our whole life together. Remember when you depart from this world, there will be a lady that will give you a cup of tea on the bridge. Do not drink the tea or you'll forget everything. Pretend to drink it. Remember me and I will find you. We'll get married in our next life. "

Those familiar with Chinese mythology would know what he means about the lady at the exit of hell.  

Just makes me smile thinking about how they spent most of their life apart after only spending 6 months together and they know they were meant for each other. With her story tale still being written everyday, I'll wish them all the happiness in the world.

So all those that cry over distance and separation. Just know that you might not meet him again anytime soon but just know that doesn't mean you wont be together in the end.

With that, I'll wish everyone Happy Valentines Day and Chap Goh Mei!

My friend suggested throwing oranges at couples. Anyone planning to join her?

Till next time,
Fuckloads of Love,

Btw.. He was a widower because his wife died of a heart attack when he asked for a divorce.. oops?..