Saturday, 29 September 2012

296 : Counterproductive

When you tell someone something like "Don't look", most likely they will look. 

We all have that retarded friend, or retarded self as I am.

"Eh, don't look ah.. but that guy there.."
*Turns around within a split second* "WHERE WHERE??"
"Fucker..."  -.-'''

Anyway, i realize how dumb i am today..

"Leonut, I'm behind you"
Immediately boom! Instinctively I turned around, bumped into her hard and she nearly drops everything she was carrying.
Few mins later she was carrying things walking pass behind me and the same thing happened. I turned around the second she tried to warn me.

Can't blame me right?? I was being polite.. Mama thought me to look at people when they talk to you and vice versa. Hence the immediate turn around followed by a "yea?" and then "OMG! ARE YOU OKAY?"

Got a mini lecture about that issue after the 3rd time it almost happen.. Walk around and not turn around i was told..

To the blogger enjoying his 2 weeks of holiday in US..
Bugger.. take me with you.. lol

Happy Weekend Everyone!

Thursday, 27 September 2012

295 : Wipe your dingdong

Having to clean toilets, 3 to be exact, the girls are starting to complain about the male toilet for obvious reason -Pee drippings on the floor in front of the urinals and toilet bowl. Guys being guys, its kinda normal for public guys toilet to be like that, most of us just avoid wet areas, do our business no matter how much of a sharpshooter or a terrible shooter you are and leave. Regardless, the girls don't understand the complexity of the peeing process. Anything can happen, the two streams, the scatter shot, the leak, each toilet trip is a gamble with 5% chance your dick decides to pee some other way then usual. Don't know why the girls complain so much since most times i go in there are only 2 or 3 drops in front of the urinals and toilet bowls compared to the flooded 'pray to god its water" type of toilets.

All the time the girls complain..
Yea, like the female toilets are very clean.
Last time i was on duty there were tissue papers everywhere on the floor of the female toilet. Shame on you!

Anyway, same routine today and one girl said "Guys don't use tissue papers after they pee! So dirty! Why don't you guys use??".
3 guys on the table, my friend and my face went "O.o..."
While another of my friend said "I'm not going to be involved in this discussion.."

She suggested we do it rather then shaking it, with another friend adding "if you shake it more then twice you are playing with it".

Just such a weird suggestion.. Its not exactly wrong but its just something i never expected to ever hear..

Would you wipe your little brother after peeing??


Tuesday, 25 September 2012

294 : Working Gaydar.

A friend of mine, an experienced staff was sitting down with everyone today after our shift, chatting and laughing away at the things that happened during our shift.
Apparently the topic of gays comes up often during our regular crapping sections.
I really don't mind talking to them about it(of course they don't know about me), except for 2 others which prefer to use the term "faggot" than any other terms. Fucker assholes both of them.

So yea, apparently my friend has a super strong gaydar. People used to go to her to seek her 'expert advice', usually girls as to the guys availabilities. Honestly speaking, gaydar is just the way you can pick up body language and signals and interpret them right? Example of one case she told us about..

"Eh, Az! You saw that hot guy that walked in ah?"
"That guy ah? Gay."
"How you know? Maybe he is just soft?"
"Have you seen people order roti canai his legs and feet touching and playing with another guys legs or not? Gay."

She mentioned herself the best people in the world are gay guys. Haha, woohoo for us?
Or woohoo in Sims' term?.. I wanna woohoo.. LOL!

Anyways! If i could i would go after her.. Haha
What me saying?..

I better stop having supper with the staff till 2 am with beer.. LOL
There is a guy from my work place that is damn obviously gay. His boyfriend came pick him up in a damn nice BMW.. Fuck jealous lo.. MANA MINE???? Bitch i want a Mercs boleh ke?.. Haha :PP


Monday, 24 September 2012

293 : A Lecturer

Was working today when i saw a familiar face.
Couldn't put my finger on it till a few mins later it the train of thought snapped right into place..
"OMG! Its that fucker lecturer that refuses to answer any question you ask him via emails or forum just because he says 'i discussed this in lectures before'!!!"
I took a second look at his table and then i was mind blown'ed.. HE GAY!! Sitting with 5 other guys which unfortunately all only fits the MOE of Malaysia's definition criteria of liking men and holding big hand bangs. How sure i am of them being gay?..
I can bet my virginity on it.
I told my manager he was my lecturer and she went "Oh! He gay ah?", followed by a few suck up tips that she has learned from years of experienced. lol

Working day in and day out, the number of gay couples i see everyday is just really shocking.. Like i never knew there were so many around.. And me single?? Pftt!! Bitch please la!

Anyways.. I now know he is flirt-able..  Hehe, might work into my advantage... >:3


Saturday, 22 September 2012

292 : Why am i here?..

Staring at the mirror and drying my hair, he came over and hugged me from behind, kissing my neck. I knew exactly what he wanted to do.

"DON'T YOU DARE GIVE ME A LOVE BITE!!", I whacked him on his chest. He gave me the stupidest puppy dog eyes and went on to a fighting stance, teasing me to whack him again. "Such a bitch la you", i ignored him and continued drying my hair. Before i knew it he was hugging me trying to love bite me again.

I entered the living room and saw he was already lying down on a two sitter sofa playing with his phone. Soft classical music filled the air from his laptop. When he saw me he squeezed himself into the sofa and pat on the new found space, prompting me to join him. I hesitated a bit but still joined him. He cuddled me and threw a warm blanket over ourselves.

Really childish person he was despite his age. He manage to grabbed hold of my phone and went through my photos. I really didn't mind since i had nothing to hide in my phone, at least non that was already not hidden.. lol.  Kinda cool how someone's phone can tell his history, friends and family. Looking through all my photos with him, he manage to identify my family and my likes.

After a while we were just lying there in each others arms, not saying anything and enjoying each other's company. Before i knew it, he fell asleep..

When looking through my phone pictures he asked me something that i never expected to be asked though..
"Eh, who is this?"
"Someone i really like lo.."
"If you really like him.. What are you doing here?.."
"I really.. don't know.. =/"

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

291 : Stalker

No.. Not my stalker,
Don't think i'm even worth stalking. lol..

Its about a friend of mine, Flo. I have to admit she is damn beautiful. Not the cake make up face type of beautiful but the type that never wears any make up and yet looks damn presentable. A really friendly girl next door.

Recently she gained a stalker.

After a meeting today, a big group of us were about to go out for dinner together, naturally 2 groups formed, one that wanted to get to the restaurant ASAP and the other that would tail behind, trailing slowly while talking. Walking with the front group where Flo and her gang was, i could hear them squabbling about walking faster and that "he" was coming. Those girls practically ran to the restaurant.

When we got to the restaurant, i found out why she was running..

"Eh! Can i sit with Flo?? Who is sitting with her?", Peter asked. I thought he was jokingly teasing and all till he actually ask and insist he sit next to her. Being wonderful friends, we filled up every available sit next to her. Then things started getting worst..

Half way through dinner he screamed from one table to another "Flo! Are you free on Sat?". Obviously she said no. This was followed up by a question by him "Flo, do you have exams on the 1st? Cause i know its your birthday.. I been stalking you.".

Sitting next to her, my face literally went " O.o", imagine her face huh? He even asked what she was doing for summer break and all. One point during dinner Flo screamed when her friend poked her sides to tease her and Peter went "FLO!! ARE YOU OKAY??" lols.

His looks ain't bad to me but hell he was stalker scary. I suggested to Flo to stage a sickness. Say she has STD or something to scare him away. We even got a friend to be her pretend boyfriend.. LOL!

Stalker experiences anyone?


Saturday, 15 September 2012

290 : I'm Pathetic

I just realize how pathetic i really am, not exactly in a depressed, you-should-jump-off-a-building type of  pathetic, but rather a dumb type of pathetic.

Without realizing i do the most stupid stuff which people do notice..

Last week while working, i was clearing the waste food off a porcelain bowl, shaking the dense gravy off into a big bin, i was thinking to myself "Wow this bowl is really heavy", and boom! I dropped the whole bowl into the bin. Before i could even process what was going on i heard "I saw that!! Hahahaha", from a  new work mate. Had to go into the kitchen and get it out.. First impression - Gone.

Was playing cluedo with few friends. I totally forgot i had a the "living room" card and when the super competitive M accused in the living room and lost, he demanded to know who had the card.. Which then i realize i did... EMBARRASSING!! Played all the old games with them too like "Split, categories and heartattack" too which resulted in me getting punish "indian drum" style, twice.

Wanted to drink water today, picked up the flask and saw there was only a bit of water left, thinking i could finish it and then boil more water, i poured the flask water into a cup. There were still excess in the flask so i took a sip from the cup and refilled the cup. "Damn there is still little more", i thought to myself, so i took another sip and fill.. And again.. and again.. Apparently, thanks to my awesome perception of volume quantity, i couldn't tell the water inside the flask was enough for 2 cups of water.. So i finished one cup of water on the spot just to finish the fill the flask again..

I often don't know what people are talking about. Even if they are topics of my interest. Its like i know only the tip of the ice bergs for each topic yet they always go into dept. And when they talk about it i pray they don't ask my opinions which they tend to do which result to me saying "er.. I'm not sure le.." with the blurest face in the world. Its not only that but i always say something totally out of topic which often results in stares from everyone..
Another reason why i am so pathetic, You. I fell in love with you and after 8 months the feelings are still there. :(
Basically to summarize.. i just realize how dumb and blur i am..
I should just dye my hair blonde and keep it that way..


Thursday, 13 September 2012

289 : Our "Symptoms"

An article popped up on my news feed today.
A published article by our Malaysian Education Ministry titled "Guidelines to identify gay and lesbian symptoms published"

Can read the full article here or the facebook article here

Apparently we are now a sickness to be having gay "symptoms".
I find this really funny, imagine the ministry discussing this topic and the reporters write down what "symptoms" we have, especially the third trait which reads "Attracted to men".
No shit Sherlock?

Of all things the nation pays tax for, the ministry uses to tax money to research on these..

To all those narcissistic straight men out there.. They gonna get yea! Lol


How many of these traits you fit?
I only qualify for the "attracted to men" trait..
My sister says i'm having an identity crisis. LOL


An update responds by Pang here.
Government gone too far?.. =/

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

288 : Scolded in Public

The roads right outside the train station near my university had been closed for construction. Pedestrians now have to walk along the foot path before being able to cross the road to uni due to the barricades set up.

On my way home with a Malaysian friend yesterday, we saw a blind man coming out of the train station. Used to his usual path of crossing the road, he was tapping around the barricades with his white cane trying to cross. Looking a bit frustrated not knowing what was going on, my friend pat him on the shoulder.

"Sir, you have to go this way now", while guiding him to face the foot path. Before my friend could even explain why, he was cut off and we were both yelled at by the man. 

"HANDS OFF YOU KIDS!! DON'T YOU DARE TAKE MY WALKING STICK!! GO AWAY!!". We were both caught unexpectedly and baffled by how angry he was or the fact that there are actually people who wanted to take his white cane that gave him the idea that we were one of those kids. My friend literally jumped and backed off.  Before he got angrier, we manage to calm him and explain to him about the construction and everything. 

After everything he said "thank you" and storm off using another way..

The sucky feeling like we did something bad lingered on us the whole way back. Being yelled at in public by a stranger isn't a good feeling. 

Really feel sympathy for those born with disabilities..
Just makes you appreciate life more..


Monday, 10 September 2012

287 : Just Don't

You don't talk to me at all,
but the second you get a boyfriend you talk to me everyday,
each time telling me how awesome your day is,
how lovely dovey your day was,
and how lucky you are to have him in your life.

Unless you talk to me regularly,
Just. Don't.

It's hell annoying listening to you boast everyday.
Its not the first time too.

Ish! Annoying!!

On a separate, unrelated note,
To my ex hubby that just got in a relationship,
you lucky bitch! Haha,
Many more blissful days to come for you guys!


Friday, 7 September 2012

286 : Sizzle!

Stupidity, stupidity, stupidity.

Had a full day that day.
Practically didn't sleep the night before, rushing an assignment due in a few hours with my brother. Being a perfectionist he is, he insisted to find the mistake in one of our answers, given up i slept under table for an hour before continuing.

Sleep deprived, dragged myself to uni to dropped of the assignment, had my usual day activities and practices at the end of the day till almost 10pm.

When i got home there was a piece of steam fish and stir fried left by for my dinner while the others were out. Without thinking i put the cold fish into the microwave and turned it on. Whats stupid about it? You steam fish in a metal plate.

30 seconds later, i opened the microwave door and smoke rushed out. Like that wasn't a red alert enough. I reach in and grabbed the plate.


A sizzling sound erupted from the plate and I instantly withdrew my fingers from my plate. It felt like my index and thumb had a thin strip of tape stuck to it and could smell the familiar smell of pan fried meat. Initially i thought a piece of leak was stuck to my fingers but no, I had fried my fingers. The surface of my skin that had contact with the hot plate died and turned white. Surprisingly it doesn't hurt and it didn't become a blister, finger prints are fried off though.. lol?

My friends told me I sounded like a cannibal when i told them it actually smelled nice.. Its cooked meat anyways, it always smells nice.. right??

So yea, no experience like cooking your own meat huh?
Lesson learned, metal X microwave is a big no no, no matter how blur you were.

Stupidity to the max,

Thursday, 6 September 2012

286 : CROSS!

"Okay... CROSS!!!" 

Would you rather cross one road or two??

I see everyone crossing at point A and i just don't understand why..
Why waste time and energy crossing two when you can cross one??
Its not like there is less traffic using point A.. Its the same road anyways.

Tak faham ni..

Assignments over. 
Freedom bitch! =D


Tuesday, 4 September 2012

284 : Fragile

Checking twitter and facebook today, I saw 3 different condolence post.
Not some celebrity passed away, RIP to them post,
but friends of friends.

I guess at my age range, death isn't a common visitor, unlike my mother and grandmother's conversations which commonly goes "is ___ still here?", most of us are unprepared. A death happening doesn't pass through our minds, only studies, work, love etc.

One post posted was about a few of my friend's mutual lecturer. Found hanging by his neck this morning, suicide success. I don't know any details but it broke my heart when i read about it. 

Suicide is never a free pass to escape your troubles. Its a free pass to pass your troubles to others, one of the most selfish acts a person can do. Imagine the people who love you and cared for you, imagine how they would feel knowing they failed in supporting you and helping you overcome your problems, how they would feel knowing they could have done something to prevent it.

Yes, i know i don't know how suicidal people feel and think but i do know how the people close to them would feel.

Life is fragile ain't it?..  :(

There are always people out there that can help.
My deepest condolence, RIP.

Monday, 3 September 2012

283 : I Suck

I'm such a horrible brother..
Here I am sitting right next to my brother at almost 5am on a Monday morning,
watching him slave over his computer desperately trying to finish our accounting group project.

It was meant for 3 people, which i was assigned a team with my brother and a female classmate.
Initially we deemed her a really good partner, she really took initiative to start the project, buying the project book etc.
Hell we were wrong. She might as well be living in a cave!!

Doing our assignment together, my brother waves to a group of his friends, about 5 of them to be exact.
That cave woman goes "Omg!! Leonut! Your brother has so many friends!! How does he get so many??".
Like seriously? After i calmly explain to her they are my brother's society friends, i thought she understood.
When my brother greeted another, she went crazy excited again "OMG! He has so many friends!! I hardly know people!".
Frog living under a well..

We planned to met at 3pm last week. She left at 4pm saying she knew how to do everything already and will contribute her share. My brother received her part, and it was crap! My brother had to redo it..

I feel like i didn't pull any of my weight..
Always asking him what can i do and he doesn't give me much to do..
I kinda understand how he works and all and that is the work he gets work done..

I'm a horrible brother.. =/