Wednesday, 27 July 2011

58: Touching bear story..

I just read this story.. Nearly tearing up..
Humans can be so cruel, so many things covered from the public's sight..
So many actions that are so taboo for us are just a normal day of life for them..
People should spend more time after this heartless beings and after us Plus..  :(


Monday, 25 July 2011

57: Dance the sickness away!!

Today I've been feeling really sick, since i've slept late and been eating lots of lychee, i got a sore throat and all. Really was hell for me to talk.

Today, one of the merman, lets call him merman M.,  ask me to go out dinner with him between dance practice!! :PPPPPPP
Sadly, i had to reject him, i had to wait for the next batch of dancers to come and drill them. Then he told me he will take away for me. So i thought he went out with a group of friends, then he came back alone with a rice pack in hand and gave it to me. Awwww so sweet!! He told me it was on the "house" and i can pay him back by buying dinner for him another time. :P Wonder if he is bi.. lol
He bought my fav food! I feel guilty now.. i dint finish the food though due to my sickness, i had no appetite to eat..
Will buy him dinner one day!! :P

Happy Klex

56: Procrastinator..

Procrastinator, my profession.
My sole reason for me being nocturnal.
The reason I'm awake till 4 almost everyday.
The reason my eye bags are being called luggage sometimes.
The thing that mold my personality.
The trait and I'm dying to break free from..

Anyone else here a king of procrastination like me? We can go hang out and procrastinate together? haha.

1500 words project due in less then 24 hours.
Lets see.. one word down... 1499 to go!
Wish me luck!~ HAHAHA

Hyper Klex

Sunday, 24 July 2011

55: Shopping with Mum

So today, it was just my mum and i, rest of the family members had their own things to attend to.
I was damn tired from work but mum still wanted to take me out.  Haha, she wanted to go shopping with so we went to midvalley.
As usual, midvalley is hell to go on a weekend, the jam, the cars, its almost impossible to find a parking. Damn epically, my mum made a wrong turn while stalking a couple and found a parking in less then 5 mins!! lol, anyone else stalk people at the exits?
It was almost 8.30 before we went for dinner at madam kwan's. My mum was being so childish, she told me she wanted to eat fried noddles but the second i told her i wanted nasi lemak, she got so excited.
"2 nasi lemak please", she ordered. haha.
When the food came, we both stared at each other for a while, we knew what each of us was thinking but only and only the words "Die lo.. its damn unhealthy.. eat so late somemore" came out of her mouth.  We stilled enjoyed out food anyways, been so long since we ate nasi lemak. :P
We walked passed a feminine guy after dinner and my mum actually asked me "what do you think makes a person gay?" with a slight discussed look on her face. WTFFF LOL! Told her "dunno" and at the right moment, someone cut between us and the topic was forgotten. lol
Good to know what my coming out life has installed for me. Wonderful huh?

Bought a singlet by nukleus.  Such a sexy brand. :P

The packaging is so cool. <3
Haha, had a fun day with mummy. Hope we can go shopping together again soon. :P


Thursday, 21 July 2011

54: Teen Wolf

 Anyone watching the series teen wolf??
The plot some how attracted my attention, not the mention the main characters too!!
I've only watch the first 2 episodes and in both episodes Scott (Tyler Posey) is without a shirt!!
First time im actually fandoming over a celebrity!

Im too lazy to search for more pictures..
Been dancing few hours non stop almost for 3 weeks straight now.. One more week to go till the big performance!! Anyone wants to come watch? :P


Tuesday, 19 July 2011

53: Straight dream?

I had the weirdest dream today!! Woke up kinda confused in a funny way..
In my dream, i was with a group of close friends from college, one of which was a girl I'm personally close to.
*The memory of the dream is kinda fuzzy now. I hate how you cant remember dreams clearly..*

So when talking to them, i felt a close connection to her. Suddenly, a guy came up to her and asked her out. She turned her head and looked at me with a weird look, as if she knew i liked her. My heart sank as she told the stranger yes. I walked away and this uncontrollable emotion kicked in and i started weeping as i knew i had missed my chance with her. The rest of the dream was a blur though.

When i woke up i was like "whatttt????" I sat up on my bed.. Ponder awhile then concluded : Nope, im not straight, just a weird dream. I like guys. <3
So that's how my brain would imagine me being "normal". lol, weird weird dream indeed..


52: The pressure..

The pressure i currently face is unbearable..
The thought of every single deadline crashing down on me..
The expectations of  others..
The expectations of myself..
I'm at the break of tears..

Today i toke the decision of pulling the plug on something i've been working hard on for the pass 3 weeks..
I had no choice.. Putting the choreography that i thought worthy on the opening stage would end in disaster, i would be the one to blame if things go wrong.
I'm being watched constantly, by the ones wielding powers, by the ones that judge, the ones that put the responsibility one me. I should have said no.

10 more days till my life crashes down on me.
4 major projects due and 2 test that contributes to my Atar the whole next week..
Huge scale dance performance on Friday and saturday. 3 more practices to go... No choreography to show till now..
I'm wasting people's time, my grades are dropping, im going into depression soon..
I really have no idea what to do....
I feel like running away..

Sunday, 17 July 2011

51: Jogging Fun!

For the first time in my life, i willingly joined a running event. Well, sort of.. My friend wrote my name down and paid for me.  :P Jogging for Hope 2011. With the amount of people that came for the race, it was impossible to start in front. Everyone was cramp in the front.. Guess who i spotted in the front? Vin Ong!! Lol, i felt damn stalkist knowing who he was, saying hi would make it officially stalker. haha
Yea.. I started from the back..
Surprisingly, i had a blast!! I previously had promised to walk with my friend but with the amount of people running, adrenaline rush!! Started running like a crazy person, howeverrr, i had to stop for my friend.. lol, she has no stamina..  Soon, i had no choice but to dump her and told her "i jom dulu". lol

Overall, the race was a success! Kudos for you organizers for organizing such a big scale event!!
My timming was horrible though.. 50mins for 6km.. lol?
One comment though.. My god! The whole 6 km course consist of like 4km of up hill.. like whatt?...
I ran so slow, the sun was up half way through. :P

Klex <3

50: Just like that.

Just like that, I've disappointed another person.
The exact same way someone sank my heart 2 years ago..
I have troubles opening up to people.
Still waiting for a fantasy to come true.

Saturday, 16 July 2011