Saturday, 31 December 2011

132 : Happy New Year!

Happy New year my dears!
Kinda a normal day for me..
I went out, made a pair of specs, got my monash applications confirmed, had dimsum lunch, nap, then went out for dinner with family in tropicana mall.

During dinner there was an eye candy sitting across my table.
He was with his girlfriend so bohoo but damn..
A nice build guy and the way he was sitting, his bright red underwear was showing and directly facing me!! Hotttt...

Confesses to someone through a text...
Dint get a reply..
Do i feel heartbroken?..
Yea i do.. But ah well.. i'll survive.

Happy New Year to everyone!

Lots of love,
Last post of 2011,


Monday, 26 December 2011

131 : Individuality?

So many reality shows such as American Idol, America's got talent, So you think you can dance, etc, you always get a contestant telling everyone their life stories.

"Im a gay man, living in XXX, When i was young, i was bullied, then i was ....."

Like seriously?
You just described almost the whole gay population.

I dont know why people like to announce to the world they are gay. I mean why let being gay conquer your life and personality? I am sure you have a part of you that differs you from the rest. Its not like when you met someone you immediately announce to them your sexuality right? And it decreases your chances in winning indirectly. Not everyone is open minded and these people's votes, unfortunately, is taken into account for your survival in the competition.

Like the party i went to. John just started preaching about how he is gay and all..

Maybe im being quite inconsiderate on how i am seeing this but to me being gay is no big deal. Life goes on as normal..

Happy Boxing day people!

Long time since i rant..

Saturday, 24 December 2011

130 : Christmas Party

Its been officially 26, almost 27 hours since i have last got some shut eye.
Yesterday, one of the legends from our club threw a Christmas party. It was an awesome party overall actually. We gathered, played secret santa, and 3 friends and i put up an show of the memorial dances throughout the year for the seniors for thanking them for everything. I got a red feathered boa and nerdy glasses specs from my santa. Random much?

Then the hard liquor came out.. Half of 30 over people got pissed drunk!!

Thank you host for starting the night with drinking games. I along with 2 others did not touch any alcohol for personal reason. At first it was entertaining, watching close friends get red and high, then one person gets drunk and others follow closely behind. There was a guy in the party i shall name john,  an open homosexual. John, tipsy, toke M's shirt off and they starting almost grinding each other. And then john licked the chest of M.. So much for being straight M? M then started hugging almost everyone and kissing them.

Avoiding everything happening inside, I left the house and stayed outside at the porch with my friend and we just talked for about 2 hours outside, we could hear the craziness and wildness building inside the house(They already had several neighbors call and complain). It was about 2am.. Suddenly i heard someone calling for Wing's name, screaming and asking where is he. I rush in the house and went looking for him. Wing was lying in a room upstairs. Shirtless, and vomit could be seen on his neck... Turns out he vomited on 2 sofas downstairs, and literally passed out. They dragged him to the toilet and then to the room upstairs. Later in the night, he vomited on another sofa while sleeping.

By the time everyone was almost drunk, most guys were shirtless, one just collapsed infront of me. M tried to hug me but i rejected him, putting out my hand and walking away. Then, when he finally got me, he hugged my legs and just screamed at me..

Honestly i think you are such an awesome friend...
But right..
I want to know, Are you GAY???"

I refused to answer, smiled and tried to pull away from his grip.

"C'mon!~ Just tell me la!~
If you are i can hook you up with a good friend of mine.

Then when i broke free, he was quite pissed and sounded really angry

"CK!!!! TELL ME!!

He just repeated that again and again.. Sucks.. I walked away as a friend tried pulling him away..


Okay, i shall just summarize everything by people.
1. Wing : Got drunk and vomited on 2 sofa's and a 3rd one later in the night. Pass out cold.

2. John : He tongued kiss the straight host for 6 seconds infront of everyone. He kissed M twice with tongue along with another friend..  Started rambling about how the host is his boyfriend and he had to kiss him again and again which Mr.Host did.

3. HM : Drunk girl that bite people. She literally bit almost every guy except me. A friend of mine's wound was so deep he had to treat it.

4. NN : Started beating people and screaming. Aggressive drunk.

5. KM & NT : Vomited dunno how many times. Spend about 3 hours in the toilet vomiting, passing out then vomiting again. I dont dare use that toilet again.

6. M : Hugged everyone and asked me if i was gay. Wonder if he remembers.

7. Iz : Got tipsy, talked to me about how she hates being drunk, got drunk, sobered up, talked to me about her problems then got drunk again at 7am.


Seriously, it was a heart breaking sight. To see people close to you get that drunk and to be in that situation. I am not angry at them but just extremly disappointed at them. The whole house smelled of vomit and they actually broke furniture. Everyone sober was trying to control them.. A girl wanted to try smoking also but we dragged her away.. Just sucks seeing loves ones like that... Sucks badly.
I stayed up the whole night trying to get them to sleep..

The only time most of them sobered up was around 8am.. Waited till 11am then my mum came to fetch me home.

This will be the last party i will go in a while.

Yes i know, people will stay im so immature, dont drink, dont know how to socialize, Blah blah blah. But seeing how drunk and knocked out people are.. I really dont want to be like that.
I want to be in control of my thoughts always. I dont want my emotions to take over..
Honestly, im scared to get drunk.. What if i end up like John?
When Wing was drunk, he actually did something which i heard people talking about.
People started saying he is gay from what he did(which he gay is but very closeted).
I have no idea what he did but i seriously cannot risk being out when drunk.
It is the worst way to out to people.

Sleep deprived,

p.s. Sorry my post is so retarded today. I just want to get everything out before i finally get some sleep. Spend the whole night taking care of the drunks..

Friday, 23 December 2011

129 : The chase.

The chase..
When you find someone you like and have no idea what to do..
I have actually never went after people before.. I am horrible at things like this..

You may skip the story..

The story
Recently i went out with a guy i have always fancied..
Before that.. lets rewind a bit..
Few weeks ago, out of impulse, i deleted alot of people of my facebook friends list, including him. Got a few scolding by friends, regretted alot but i knew adding them back would not be an option..

So last sunday, i got a message from him asking me if i was free for snowflake on Tuesday. Was quite shock that he messaged me even though he wasn't on my friendlist anymore. But gladly, i agreed. He told me he had friends tagging along too and asked me to invite a few mutual friends along but i dint. On the day, I went to sunway to met him. Met him by the ice skating ring, alone.. His friend said he will come met us later but never came.. My god.. He was so cute as most hybrids are.. Standing almost half a head taller then me, wearing a black shirt, cargo pants and slippers. It was the first time meeting him and we went for lunch together. We just talked about everything and he was really outgoing.

Went shopping together, he made a lot of cute gestures that made me laugh.. Toke a child's clothes a put it infront of me and asked me if i could wear it, wore a pink scarf and asked me if he looked good and toke a picture of me wearing a crown for fun.. He actually remembers my birthday too.. Throughout the whole day he asked me alot of question like if i wore odd colours, do i like these type of shirts, family members, studies etc..

Today i purposely went to lakeside so i could see him for a while.. Stalker much?

To say i fell in love is not exactly true but saying i like him is an understatement..

The Question
How are you suppose to let someone know you like them with no certainty that the feeling is mutual feeling? Just really curious since i have no knowledge at all in that field..  Texting will be kinda akward if the feeling is not mutual and all..

If you read the story : What will you do if you were me?

Just questions to fill the gaps in my thoughts.. Overall i dont think i will actually go after him though no matter how much i like him.. Im leaving to aussie soon.. =/


P.s. Thanks for the good lucks. I scored 90.5/99.95 for my ATAR. Haha, not good enough for Melbourne Uni but oh well.. Imagine with all the things that went on during my exams, heartbreaks and heartaches and all i still manage to score fairly well.. Imagine without all the stuff that happened.. >.<

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

128 : Nervous!

Yes i have been Mia for a while now.. Havent been having any inspiration to write..
So many things have been going on everyday! Here and there emotional rollercosters..

Anyways.. I have been going out almost everyday and meeting new people.. One of which i actually really like... Dum dum dum!

Results are coming out tomorrow. Good luck to me!
Hope i get good results!!

Till i get something interesting to write about..
Lots of love,

Friday, 16 December 2011

127: Run Away!!

Run away!!
I sprinted away down the isle to Marks and Spencers, the closes shop that was actually big enough for me to go in without the sales assistance unwelcoming glare.
Heart beating in the ear, breathing heavily,  a nervous wreck.. 
I was panicking..
I stood behind the display and just waited there..
Looking out for people walking by the shop..


Today was a full day for me..
Woke up as early as i could, toke a bath and rushed to Sunway Pyramid to met a close friend for branch. Lets call him Wing. lol
Christmas shopping! Bought a yellow tank top and feathered wings for a friend for her to achieve her Victoria Secret look.. haha! I got 1 more outstanding gift to buy and gifts for family. You know who you are outstanding person.. Dont make it so hard for me to buy you something!!

What happened?..
I was sitting with Wing on one of the glass benches provided while waiting for his friend to join us for dinner.
Both of us bored and tired, was chatting away while we watch shoppers go by.

Then it happened.. I looked to my left..
I saw someone wearing black and red, the taylors college tee. My horrible eye sight could not see his face in detail but i could make out the black specs he was wearing.. KL!?!? KL always wore that shirt when i was still going out with him and he wore black specs too.. OMG!! It was him!! RUN AWAY!!!

"FUCK!! Why is he here?? Damn damn damn damn!!"

I left Wing sitting there confused as i ran away to hid.. Looking outside to see him walk by.. It was a mix feeling.. A huge part of me dreaded the thought of seeing him.. What if he was with someone new?? It will hurt.. A small part of me in the other hand.. really wanted to see him..

My phone vibrated.
Wing :" U bitch. Is not him lah walaoooo"
I walked back in shame..

Wing asked me something meaningful.. "Why must you be the one that avoids him?"..

Not sure about the answer...
Was quite down after that..

Flashmob again this saturday in sunway pyramid..
Dancing flashmob should be my permanent job..
Lots of love,

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

126 : Saturday.

Such an overdue post..
Last Saturday was such a hectic day for me.
At 11am, long before my usual wake up time, i had to be in college to met up with everyone. Had breakfast together then we were off to the flashmob client's office in Raja Chulan to practice our dance with the office workers.

After everything we were in the flashmob venue, pavillion. As usual the whole KL area was filled with people, but something extra.. Buddy bears!! They are such cute bears!!

The one that caught my eye the most.. Statue of Liberty! haha

Turns out these bears are by UNICEF to promote global harmony. Each 2 meter statue represents a country. I have to say, Malaysia, i am disappointed in you.. Our bear looks so retarded.. Refer to the first picture for the Malaysia's bear..

Do go take some time to go visit these bears. They are quite a nice sight seeing them lining up around the fountain and the street. haha

Anyways, the flashmob was awesome!!  Some things happened after the flashmob.. but im so tired.. Will blog about it next time..

Till then,

Saturday, 10 December 2011

125 : Costume party

So yesterday i went for a costume party event organized by my college's A levels committee to celebrate their last day of college for the year or something..

I have never seen such a failed event in my life..

The turn out was horrible. For a college that has easily over two thousand people, only about 50 people or LESS came for the event. If i was the organizer i would be depressed..

The entertainment however, was good. With an awesome singer and a band that played, not to mention a good performance by the dance club i was kept well entertained. :D Throughout the event.. One thing caught my eye.. My friend's boyfriend.. My god!! SHE IS BLOODY LUCKY!! He dressed up as this undead pirate, with face paint and an a pirate'ish jacket, exposing his chest and rock hard abs!! Eye candy!! My friend had to tell me "woi, stop staring at him.." Oops?

They had tarot reading as well. It was some what accurate.. The cards says i dream big, that i think alot and is an artistic person. The cards also say that im often used by people, that i have to be careful with people around me and with the friends i make. In my future, i can expect a sweet romantic relationship, but be vary of lies and illusions.. True?..

Anyways. Here is a what i wore for the event..

*Pic removed*


Thursday, 8 December 2011

124: Cat

3 days ago, i heard my brother screaming for me from the garden.
What was the rush?
A stray cat.
An extremely friendly stray cat that actually started purring on my brothers leg.
Since my brother and i love and always wanted a pet, a dog actually. We were petting her and playing with her.. 
Then it was time to go, we both had things to do..
Guess what? The cat never left..  She is always outside in my garden, waiting for my brother and i to get home.
Each time we open the car door, she rushes to us from a corner of the house.

The morning after our first encounter, when my brother and i was still asleep, the cat actually came into my house and went upstairs!! Was walking around upstairs and my dad had the shock of his life when he saw her around. She then followed me dad downstairs..

About an hour ago, when i was in my living room, the cat was meowing outside the main door. Naturally i ignored her, i played with her the whole afternoon and i wanted some "me" time. The cat usually just sits outside. Until.. she found out that she fits through the grill door.. ALL HELL BREAK LOOSE!!
She came in.. Walked over to me.. Jumped up the sofa and sat next to me. Initially i was like "OMG!! MY MUM IS GOING TO KILL ME!!!! GO AWAY!~~~"
And then.. something happened..

She fell asleep..

My heart melted..

The thing is i still dont know if this kitty wants to stay here permanently or just wants a hangout spot for a while. She goes missing once in a while and comes back afterwards.. Did we just adopted a cat??

Her name is "Hiao" by the way. For obvious reasons.. haha!

Another flashmob coming up in pavilion this saturday.
Haha, and tomorrow im going for a costume partyish event.

*image removed*

Hint on what im going to wear.. Can anyone guess it??

Till next time,
Lots of love,

123 : Crushes 2

Okay.. Kaylex kena cupid shot..
About time right?? haha
So now i am in lala land, floating in the clouds..
Drifting, fantasizing, dreaming~
Will gravity pull me down?.. Or will i float to my destination le?..
I wonder..


What is this? another post about crushes? Yes it is..
Kaylex has many many crushes but never pursue them.. Too scared perhaps.

So, an hour ago, i had a "liked" on one of my photos by a guy i had a crushed on in form 4. Totally forgot about him.. Haven't talked to him since the beginning of the year. It was a really particularly weird crush you might say. Very, very weird. He was the athlete of the year, a very popular guy, a gymnast, a taekwondo black belt,  a rebel that stands for his beliefs and also, a latin dancer. Whats so weird about the crush? I dint fall for all those, but i fell for his scent..  (Yes.. He is straight)

I remember his scent, it was a musky yet sweet smell.. gah!! I'm such a weirdo right?? Some how i just pick up his smell and it was addictive!! I feel so creepy now.. Last time when i sat next to him during some occasions, i would just lean towards him abit just to get the scent..

There was once, i remembered, i was sitting in his class during free period. A group of us were sitting down in a circle by the back door and talking and laughing away. My back was facing the pathway of the door and many people were entering and exiting the class. Suddenly i picked up something and just blurted out "Hi (insert his name here)!~" loudly before even turning around to check it was him. And of course, it was him. He just stood there, was quite baffled on how i knew it was him.. I really dunno how i picked up his smell when he walked behind me... Im creeping myself out recalling how much of a weirdo i am..

He dances latin.. So bloody bonus!!~ Once i was put in charge of latin performance for a school event. So naturally i called all the latin dancers of my form to perform, he was the only other guy. During between practices, he actually grabbed me once and told me "cha cha" while immediately doing basic cha cha steps, leading me along. (In latin dancing, the guy gives signals to the partner to execute the steps he wants her/he to do through little tugs and pull of the hand known as leading.) My god, i feel so embarrassed that i actually danced latin hand in hand with a him, and i was doing the girl's steps!!

Anyways, soon, as time pass and SPM approached, i spent less and less time with him and kinda lost the crush feeling. But during a study break when hanging out with him and another close friend, he told us accurately his penis size..   lol?

I still love his smell though.. Quite weird right?..
This is :

The weird story of
falling for someone because of their 

May it be published with more details and become a top hit seller book.. haha!

Thank you guys so much for your comments on my last post.. Was seriously down for some reason..
Feeling much better now. Adding the feeling of a new crush, Im super happy. Hope the feeling lasts?

Love you guys lots,
Till then,

Awesome song by the lovely Karmin.
"Who do you think you are???"

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

122: Flawed..

I am terribly flawed
I am not good looking,
I am not tall,
I am not attractive,
I am often a pessimist,
I am often too sensitive,
I am often bullied, push around,
I have low self confidence,
I don't have many close friends,
I am still holding on to memories..

I just feel so lonely now..
I want to talk to someone yet the little voice in my head is telling me that i might be annoying the people i usually talk to..
They have their own problems too..
I don't want to trouble them..

I want a best friend...
Someone that picks you first when choosing a partner,
Someone that goes everywhere with you..
Every best friend i had has drifted away..
Being in a different college with everyone makes matters worst..

I feel so lonely..


We all want somebody..
When it gets cold, When it gets lonely.. :(

Monday, 5 December 2011

121 : Awkward Moment..

The awkward moment of sculpting the breast of women figure out of clay, with your mum right next to you..

Bloody awkward!!

Recently i have been going for clay sculpting classes. It really occupies my time and i always had an interest in art. So, did the general body figure, hands, legs, thigh of a woman figure. It looked all good. Till it was time to add the breast...

"How big you want the breast to be?? Big??", my teacher asked me while holding a big lump of clay. How am i suppose to answer that? "Normal laa..." I replied.

Then i realize.. I have no idea how woman's breast properly look like! Sculpting randomly trying to figure out how a boobs suppose to look like while my mum was sitting next to me the whole time!!(She was taking classes too!) I had to face questions like:

"Eh.. Why so big one?"
"Drooping already la your boobs!!"

So paiseh!! At the end, my sculpted boobs were out of proportion and the position was out.. ><
The curse of being born this way.. We dont see many boobs..  I have no interest what so ever on how boobs look and how big/small they are.. If you ask me to sculpt a penis.. I can sculpt one for you!! Foreskin? Size? Erected? Veins?? Seen many enough to sculpt the perfect one.. haha!!

Hope i can finish the figure as soon as possible!
Till next time,
Lots of love,

P.s. No... Im not going to sculpt penises for random people.. lol

Sunday, 4 December 2011

120 : Picture~

Been so busy.. I want to sleep till 1pm again!~
Yesterday, flashmob for a happy married couple's anniversary, we were given costumes to create a fairy tail scene.

*image removed*
Here is the photo i promised.
Anyways, overall flashmob was fun!
Went home with wallet Rm200 heavier.. haha!

Till next time,
Lots of love,

Saturday, 3 December 2011

119 : Hope

It was actually planned to blog about what a horrible day i had.
At 3am, i received a text that i had to go to time square at 9pm for flashmob practice instead of a dance studio close today because the client requested.
The client it rude, demanding and just a rotten personality.
Like someone said, respect should be earned, not demanded. Overheard quite a few people scolding him behind his back.. haha!

Anyways, due to the last minuteness of the changed of plans, I am forced to take the LRT alone from Asia Jaya to Time Square.
Usually when i take the train, i don't sit down. I can stand perfectly fine and I am sure others need the chairs more then i do.

So today, while i was in the LRT, i tucked myself snugly between the glass and the railing beside the door as i usually do. Anyone else does that? Its the most comfy place. haha! The train was fairly pack, all sits were occupied and there were a few standing passengers. My train of thoughts(Word pun??) was suddenly broken when an indian woman in her mid 30's got up from her seat when the train was still mobile, something that seemed odd to me since people usually don't get up before the train is close to the next station or at the next station. Upon seeing the woman get up, a young chinese woman immediately rushed towards the newly opened sit and sat down.  "Excuse me!", the Indian woman said, "That woman there is having a baby, give her the seat!". True enough, after checking around the carriage, there was a woman carrying her child. The Chinese lady embarrassed, quickly got up and walked to the far end of the carriage, allowing the woman with her child to sit down.

The monorail was crowded as usual and again. Right in front of where i was standing,  there was a man that got up for an old lady to sit down. And again, some guy rushed towards the seat and sat down. Baffled, the old lady and man just stood there stoned. Stupidly, The guy still refused to get up but squeezed to the side making a space big enough for the lady to seat down. Okay, regard that ass who sat down, we shall focus on the kindness of the man who stood up. 

OMG!~ I couldn't help but smile seeing how there is actually good in people. I kinda lost hope in Malaysia after the pass events such as SM get condemn by society.  All hope is not lost after all.. For me anyways. =D

Lots of love ♥,

P.s, Cadbury flashmob tomorrow (3.12.11) in timesquare! If anyone is there, come say hi to me if you recognize me! Im going to be wearing the most retarded knight uniform.. Will post photos after the event!

Thursday, 1 December 2011

118: 1st of December

Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome(AIDS)

 Happy World Aids Day Everyone!
Today, we unite for those fighting against AIDS, straight and gay.
We dedicate the whole day to bring awareness to the dangers of the pandemic known as spread of the HIV infection.

Apparently reports shows that there is 9-11% of the worlds white population is actually immune to the virus (Bareback anyone?). Too bad not the asian population huh? Anyways, a man known as Timothy Ray Brown that lives in Berlin has been cured of the virus when he received bone-marrow from a donor that was supposedly immune to the HIV virus.
You can read about him more here.

Many breakthroughs has been made for the past years.
Scientist have claimed to come to a functional cure for AIDs by researching on Rhesus monkeys and on another note, a drug known as Truvada has been invented to help prevent individuals from contracting the virus.
Maybe with the continues research and breakthroughs, the spreads of the HIV virus will come to a permanent halt?

Did you guys do anything special today?

I decided to wear a red ribbon and 2 bands for AIDS awareness out for lunch today.
Never give up, Never forget. =D

My arms look quite fat hor?..

Anyways, happy last day of the month! Its a new month and today i read a quote saying:
"December is the Friday of the year"

Quite true right? Hopefully this month will treat me with more love and happiness!

Happy December everyone!
Play safe, love more,