Saturday, 31 March 2012

182 : Dreams!

Slept early yesterday due to a full day the day before.
After weeks of having similar dreams, today was unique.

I dreamed that in my dream, facebook timelined me. Weird thing to dream about but who am i to control my dreams right?

Then i woke up today, on my comp and facebook and BOOM!! Timelined.

Just dont like the format at all!

Oh well..
Infected by the timeline virus like a zombie apocalypse,
Time to hunt some brains!

Zombie Leo. ♥

Thursday, 29 March 2012

181: The little funny things

Was talking to Malimo on skype one day. Left my skype chatbox on and went to take a bath.
When i got back.

Mum: "Eh.. Who is that guy in the picture?"
Leo:    "Er.. A friend.. Why?"
Mum: "He looks so big size and muscular!"
Leo:    "Em.. Yea.. He is..."
Mum:  "Okay."

AWKWARD!!! At least he changed his picture and my mum went back to Malaysia now huh?
♥ Malimo!

Was in a Supermarket magazine section with Sister.

Sis: " These magazine is so stupid, it says you can win one of these free gift inside and you can feel what is inside. This one is clearly an eyeliner.. Hm.. Where is my Cleo?"

She picked up a cleo magazine and it so happens this months is the bachelor month, having the front cover of two almost nude male models posing with a girl. The magazine also has a small booklet wrapped together with the front words reading "Top 50 Bachelors" or something with alot of skin on the cover.

Sis:   "Oh my god.. the booklet!"
Leo: " Oooooo... (Reach out for a magazine)"
Sis:   "NO!"
Leo:  "But.."
Sis:   "NO NO NO NO NO"
Leo: "The booklet..."
Sis:   "LETS GOO!!! "
Leo: "Fine..."

In Uni waiting for an event to starts at 7pm.

Lex: "Eh... I hungry.. "
Leo: "So?..."
Lex: "Follow me to the candy machine. Put in 1$ and turn to get the candy right?"
Leo: " Yea.
Lex: "Okay! I want to M&M's!"
Leo: "But got skittles wor..."
Lex: "Eh! I wantt! Eh.. why cannot put in the coin in one?.."
Leo: "Dunno.. (Turns the knob) EH!! Got skittles coming out! I think the person before dint take!"
Lex: "Get a bag!"

We turned, and turned, and turned the knob.. Candy fountain..
The machine was spoiled. And what do we do?.
6 Bags full of skittles. Free!~
Each of us toke one bag and practically empty out the machine!

Guess who is getting a candy rush tonight while studying?. lol!

Sugar Rush!
Fcking lots of Love,

*Teehee* ♥

180 : Names?

Ever forget names of people? Just bloody awkward.
Today i was talking to a familiar face when my sister said:

"Introduce me!"

I dint know her name and just responded with "No" and thank god she introduce herself to my sister.. God i sound like a horrible person.

Last year when my friend Nic and were the coordinators of a dance performance piece the funniest thing happen. We both were writing down names of the male and female dancers on the mirror that were involved in the dance. I knew everyone there except for a very non-active dance club member.
So anyways, Nic was writing down the names when suddenly.

Nic : "Hey, can you write the remaining guys name?" 

She passed me the market pen and i casually toke it as i stared at the list of names of male dancers..
One missing.. The guy i dint know! It was so awkward, standing infront of everyone while they were just sitting there waiting for Nic and i to complete the list including him..

Leo : "Aiya.. I'll write the girls names down."

When i completed it, he actually called my name and told me i missed out his name. In my mind i was like "DAMNNNN!!! I'm going to sound so horrible when i tell him i don't know his name".

Leo :" Eh Nic!~ Take the marker and write his name~ i go settle the music"

That moment, i could see her face change. She gave me the 'How dare you.." face. We both sent each other messages with eyebrown raising and facial twitches. It was so funny, both of us staring at each other giving stupid signs and everyone just stared at us.

The thing lasted quite a while before we got his name. Turns out Nic dint know his name too.. No one did.. Nic had to go ask him. The only reason we feel bad is that he remembers everyone's name but we dint know his. Lol..

Just a memory. Miss Nic a lot. <3

Any problems with names?


Tuesday, 27 March 2012

179 : My generation.

I'm sure most of you Malaysians, Singaporeans or Indonesians have watched this already,
Yes i know, i am a bit slow with all these, forgive me for being busy.

My generation.
This video just brought be back 10 years.
When i was in primary school,
Standard 1 and 2,

I remember before class started we used to play that eraser game,trying to "eat" each other's erasers but with pokemon erasers. The school bookshop used to sell them for 20sens a small pokemon eraser, 50sens for the big ones. It dint matter the colours were way off, pikachu having a green cheek or charizard being pink, it was still a game. Believing the erasers to have a sort of power, one guy was popular with his powerful eraser that no one could win.

Another game would be stapling the bottom of the erasers, or stabbing a mechanical pencil lead into the eraser, allowing it to glide across the table and knocking the opponent's eraser off the table and being declared the winner. There was a set back though, the erasers would break often and or your paper getting dirtier when you decide to use the lead part of the eraser to erase something.

Pepsi Cola One Two THREE! Everyone jumped out 3 steps on each count, making the circle bigger before the game master attacks the adjacent person with a swipe of the feet, trying to hit the foot of his victim. The suspends of not knowing how the attack was going to happen just kills you when you are the remaining two left in play!

The game they played in the bus, batu seremban, Jump rope, lolipop lipstick, PJK(outdoor games), everything they did on the video just makes me miss home more. Our youth, our generation grew up with these games but all these memories stored away long forgotten. I love this video, makes me feel young again, makes me remember the times when we were carefree, where everyone was a friend and school was where everyone was.

Did this video trigger any forgotten memories for you?


Sunday, 25 March 2012

178 : Gay Partner

Whats with straight guys and their love of having a "gay partner"?..
Is it like an award to them?

I'm awfully flattered i've been called their gay partner in a few occasions but it just makes it awkward sometimes..

  1. Walking with a gay friend when suddenly a close straight friend "EHHH!~~ MY GAY PARTNER!! WHATSAPP MAN!!!", and comes and hug me. Leaving my friend just staring at me wondering what the hell is happening. My secret relationship that i've kept from everyone? I wish. (Always liked this guy and still do.. haha!)

  2. Infront of my sister, my friend was staying over because it was too late for him to get home. "Eh.. Sleep here with me la.. Then i can gay with you tonight." Really?.. Just awesome. Wonder what was going through my sister's mind that time..

  3. Went to the beach with a society that I've joined. Having my closes college friend there, naturally we were playful, jumping on each other's back and taking pictures together. The whole trip was fun! Playing at the beach with new friends and a few old friends.
    It was till after the trip.. 2 girls came up to me in separate occasions and asked "Are you two together?.."
    HECK NO!!
    Then when i told a girl senior that i was close to, she went "Omg! I thought the same thing too! I asked XX and XX about it!". 
    Whats the best part is the guy goes "Yea la, leo my gay partner mah, right leo??"

As much as i want someone in my life right now, guess i need to be more patient. The most unexpected friend gave me hope and really brighten up my day. So my boyfriend. I know you are out there waiting for me waiting for you while you wait for me to find you and you find me.

Brighton Beach!

Lots of love always,

Thursday, 22 March 2012

177 : A Ring.

When i grow up. 
I want to stand in front of close friends and family, 
Wearing a tux,
I want to to kiss my fiance,
Have a romantic banquet,
And wake up with a ring on my finger everyday,
With him right next to me.

Recently a close blogger sent me a link to a video of a same sex marriage. They were so sweet it seriously warmed my heart to see both of them wearing suits with friends and family around them, all happy to be there to witness the bond they had. They were all so supportive..

Guess when i grow up i really want to get married..
If the country forbids, fly to another country!

I'm only human and i would really love to have a wedding like anyone else. To have a night dedicated to just me and him. To have our first dance together in each other's arms and everyone there..

Just a video that always made me smile. :)


Tuesday, 20 March 2012

176 : .

Dint realize it but today marks the 4th month since i first met you penguin..
I miss you lots..
I hate how we are drifting apart like this..

Just been feeling a bit down lately..
Once in a while breaking down just feels alright..

Maturity holds my feelings,
Childishness holds my heart.

For now i guess i need to calm myself and focus..

Happy Anniversary Dear..

Loving you,
Leo to Penguin.

Monday, 19 March 2012

175 : Sign up sheet available!

 Yup! Exactly what it says. Kindly just fill up this form using paint, lipstick, crayons, or any programs applicable and send it to my e-mail or post it to my address! Will get back to you as soon as possible! <3

You got to be joking if you think i am serious with this.. lol
Just found this online and thought it was really really cute. Might send it to someone that catches my heart one day.. lol.


Though i would really love to see a signup sheet sent to my email.. haha!
Any takers? I dont bite. =P

Saturday, 17 March 2012

174 : Wiggle~

Joined a flashmob recently..
The choreography was the most retarded I've ever learnt,
Music cutting was worst then a beginner, using fade in's and fade outs for dance..

However, despite it being so sucky, i still manage to have fun..
Someone caught my heart with his wiggling skills..
The cutest wiggle i have ever seen!! haha
I had to take a video!

The way he wiggles! Adding the fact that he has one of the cutest smile I've seen in a while and he smiles while wiggling!

Hope i get to know him more..


P.s. Yea, noticed i have been more mature since i got here.. But i shall have an on/off switch for myself. Usually its off when I'm around malaysians.. or someone cute... lol!

Thursday, 15 March 2012

173 : I know.

You know i would want to be more then friends with you.
But distance prohibit, you and i know its not possible.

But hey! We both have our own things to focus on.
Its been more a month since I got here and things been really lightening up.
Been getting to know people, lectures and studies are seemingly fun with the diversity here and cooking with sister and brother has been full of surprises and excitement.

I wont lie to you,
I still think about you too often through out the day.
Really wished you were here to walk this new path with me,
Hand in hand along the way like how we used to hold hands,
But i suppose this is a path I'm suppose to walk alone for now.

I really hope if you find someone, that person will love you more then i love you,
Will never do a single thing to hurt you,
Will never be a bad influence to you,
Will always stay loyal to you,
and always make you feel happy loved as you have to me.
And this applies to you to him too!

Love you Penguin. More then i ever did.

Right now, I open my heart and kept the huge part you have touched somewhere private and safe.
When the time is right, if it stays untouched and we cross paths again, I'll give that part to you completely.

But for now,
I'll suppress all the thoughts, feelings and fantasies and get through the priorities of life.

Love you always Penguin,

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

172 : Life

I met with my sister's friend today.
A tall guy, abundantly wealthy from what i've heard, very good looking too.
But what really caught my attention was his maturity.

I sat in the back seat of his car while he picked us up to go home. Our car had problems and he was conveniently nearby. He talked to my sister's boyfriend about studies and all while i sat there quietly, listening to them. Everything he said, i could get a strong aura of confidence and determination. He had already planed his life 30 years into the future(written down) and been going for countless talks and meeting people that can help him in his future. He recently met a woman from Bloomberg during a convention and had gotten advice from her about stocks and also a few matured stock players.

Where am i going to be in 5 years?? Not to mention even 30 years.

Yes i know i am still young but can i even afford a few years of slacking off? People are worrying about jobs, studies and the economy and where am i, worrying about my relationship. Such a stupid priority now that I'm thinking about it. Very very stupid indeed. Even talking to a close friend yesterday, he told me about priorities in life and how most people are prioritizing the wrong things. Did not realize how I'm one of those hopeless ones. I'm doing all the stupid things, posting stupid pictures on facebook and thinking about popularity.

By 21, few years from now. I set a goal for myself. I will get my priorities straight. I will know what I'm going to be in the next years, I will become selfish or not, less selfless, I will strive to achieve my life goals. I know I cant change myself over night but I will make some changes in my life from this minute on.

I will own my own business, I will enjoy what i do,
And I will never be burden by financial constraints.
With or without a partner, i will be happy with my life.
My definition of success.

Future comes before relationships.

A promise I made to myself,

Monday, 12 March 2012

171 : You remembered!!

"I thought you forgot about me liao. haha!"
Like are you fucking serious? I have only felt this degree of annoyance and frustration when this supposedly "smart" comeback to my greetings have been used on me. What the hell is wrong with people??

Its always like this. Am i the one that is expected to initiate conversation?? Why cant you start it? A few months ago I private message a friend and his first respond was "Wah!! You remember me!! Can open a bottle of champagne already". I just felt so annoyed. And here today another one gives me the same bullshit!

I just feel so frustrated I'm like always the one that wants to keep the friendships. End of form 5, everyone goes "Keep in contact k? Will meet up often and all". SUCH A FUCKING LIE!! Seriously, I'm starting to not bother keeping in contact with people already.

So call best friends of high school. I private message them asking how they are and they give me all these one worded answers and then no reply. So that 5 years together was a bloody set up?

Before I came to Australia i called a "close" friend asking her if she could met up with me before i left. Just to catch up and talk. She told me "ohh!! I will call you next week and tell you when okay? Can call the whole gang too! Shall meet up before you leave k?" It dint bloody happened. She dint even bother telling me if she was free.

All this friendship crap is fucking NONSENSE!! I am so bloody frustrated. Why cant you guys be the one that look for me instead of me for you? Am i that insignificant in your life? All the time spent together just down the drain? I feel so stupid even trying to talk to you all when you all obviously don't even put effort into talking to me.

Dont fuck with me with all these "You remember me!" crap when I talk to you.
I'm already bloody down on my relationship status, I dont need you to add on.
My patients to these poppycock shit is drawing very very thin.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

170 : Luck

Do you guys believe in luck?
As in how luck works and all.

To me I believe that you are given a luck quota, like how much luck you will get per life time and per day. Use it up in gambling or something then you will face a miserable life. A believe that drives me to never gamble.

A story that made me think luck runs this way was the story or my brother's and I's birth as well as my sister's birth.

My mum had seriously a lot of problems when she was pregnant with my sister, spiritually and physically. Lots of disturbance by "dirty" stuff she told me. Maybe i shall blog about that one day. Anyways, when my sister was born, my uncle bought the lottery ticket of the room number of my sister's birth for my dad as a congratulatory present . When the jackpot numbers came, not a single number was correct. But! the winning numbers was actually the number tag of on my sister's leg, her identification number. Imagine the key to a few million dollars was actually strapped on her leg. My mum was quite relief that they dint get the number. Somehow I get the feeling that if they actually win the lottery, my sister's life would be filled with hardship and suffering. Its like finishing your luck quota on the first day of your life and you will be always encounter bad luck and all..

Similarly to karma in my believe.

Karma and Luck anyone?


Thursday, 8 March 2012

169 : Penguin

Dear Penguin..

I'm not sure if you will find/found my blog..

I'm still really confuse on what I'm suppose to do now..
When I'm alone and not feeling well, which seems to be really often, i always feel like talking to you..
Not sure if you are busy but i always feel like you are purposely neglecting me..
It really hurts..

In the past week... I walked by about 3 people that looked like you.. Or at least my brain told me they did.. I literally looked back in excitement only to realize how stupid i feel.. I never felt so disorientated before..

You told me our friendship will never die off.. but now.. it feels like it was never there..
Saw you in my dream again today morning..

I've never missed someone so deeply before..

Give me time penguin.. and I'll let you go like you asked.. I really really need time.. :'(

I Cried whenever I listen to this song..

Goodbye my lover.. Goodbye my friend,
You have been the one for me..

Love always and forever,

168 : Whats on your bed?

Do you have something on your bed that makes people go "AWWWW!! So cute!!", snatches it while you beg and plea them to give it back to you?

No, not your boyfriend or "toys". Something you keep on your bed because it reminds you of a sweet memory. Could be a childhood toy you have successfully defended from the wrath of your mother or an extra soft bright pink heart shaped pillow your loved one gave to you.

In my case, its my yellow ducky. he is always on my bed for my to hug to sleep. It may sound weird, but since i brought him around last time, a lot of friends hugged him and refused to let go. Their scent kinda stayed on ducky, which makes me think of home each time i hug him. His contour makes him just so much hug-gable too!

My cute ducky!!

So whats on your bed?


Wednesday, 7 March 2012

167 : Disbelieve

After yesterday's talk with my sister, she still told me she still keeps her stands on how people are gay.

She doesn't believe that being gay is what we are born to be or rather a choice where we can choose who we are attracted to.

I know everyone is going to be like :

"Do you think we choose to be born into a life of discrimination?"

But when I heard what she said, it really opened up eyes to a different prospective of this topic, something that has never crossed my mind before.

Taking celebrities for example, Angelina Jolie, there have been reports that she had turned lesbian, again, and had an affair with her first love, a lesbian supermodel called Jenny Shimizu. Through the years there have also been many reports of men, leaving their spouses for the people of the same gender. I would really love to give examples but I'm really tired to find them.. The way i see all these breakups are the people finally having the courage to come out from their staged life and pursue their happiness but what the public sees is them presumably suddenly became gay. Adding to the perception of being gay is a choice.

So that little fact has been accepted by my sister as the reason being gay is a choice. Anyways, i wouldn't try to change her mind set. Will just let her be at the moment.

She did mention that she hopes in 5 or 10 years i can actually hold my boyfriend's(If i do have one) hand in public in Malaysia. Imagine in about 5 years ago, phones were only used for sms and calls, now its touch screen with facebook and twitter. Who knows about the future?

Pray for the best,
Love always,

166 : My Sister

"Eh.. Come~", I said to my Sister while waving my hand, urging her to come with me.

"Whyyyyy??", she replied.

I had to drag her out of her bed and push her to my room. Where it happened.

I hugged her tightly and broke down crying.. I couldn't bare it anymore. I really needed someone to talk to about what I'm going through. I really needed a hug.

I told her about B., about how its not working out. She told me she knew all along. She found my blog a while back but never read it which explains a missing post now. She knew about me and B. We had a really personal talk in general. I told her everything, from the start till the present, about KL which she also knew, about what im going through, about my fears for the future.

Basically a lot of emotions was in the air. My eyes flowed like a burst pipe and she was there with me. We just talked.. for almost 2 hours.

Really glad she accepted it well. She gave me some advice and i was trembling from the crying..
Feeling much better now.. Glad to know i can turn to her when i really need help. She even offered to go to a gay club with me if i wanted to.. lol!

Thanks Sister. Love you!

But sis.. WTF WEI!! You knew about everything. Seriously???? Even KL??? WHAT???????

Your dumbass brother,

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

165 : Gayzoned?

Everyone seems to be using the term Friendzoned now, thanks to a certain popular website...
But what do you call a gay person who fell for a straight guy? Shall we make up a name for this?

I've talked about this guy named S before, since he is reoccurring on my blog, I shall give him a proper name, Sam.

While back ago, I fell for Sam but of course him being straight I kinda let go pretty quickly. Sam is a really fun type of guy, sporting in his own unique way, making him really cute, not to mention he does have looks and the body.. The bloody hot lean muscular body..

Anyways, I just wanted to ask you guys, have you been gayzoned before??

In my case, Sam really gayzoned me.. Not to say I love him in a relationship way but he is the type of person that makes me feel happy when i am around him. Always cracking jokes and all to me. He tells me all his problems and vice versa. I've told him i am gay and he is still so cool about it. He still hugs me when he sees me, and he does the stupiest actions to entertain me.. Example, when i was skyping him, he, being shirtless decided to show me how he can flex his pecs and make them dance.. hot...   Nice to have a friend which is so cool about who i am la.. Not many straight guys accept the "I'm gay" sentence very well..

This tend to lead me being bias towards him. He joined a dancing competition a few days ago. Before I left to Australia, i used to pull him aside from everyone else in the dance studio and gave him dance techniques and pointers so he would win.. and he did.. First place. Proud of him.

So in a way, Sam gayzoned me. I kinda always love him in a way. If he was gay i would tackle him already.

I've asked a Powerful blogger if he would turn Sam gay already. Hopefully he can la.. Or not i will go find a bomoh maybe?..

So my question, Have you guys been gayzoned before? Or any better names for "gayzoned"? We shall make it an official term.


Monday, 5 March 2012

164 : Can't Wait!

I can't wait!! I've never been so excited before!
The day i have been waiting for has finally came!

Called Wing early in the morning if everything is going smoothly.

"Eh!! Got invite out anot??? What he say??", I asked wing with totally disbelieve its finally going to happen.

"Harr?.... Yea.. he says okay la.. Will meet in Sunway at 12 for lunch..", Wing replied, obviously still dazed and sleep deprived from the early call.

"Thank you!!~~~~ Okay!! Go back to sleep la!!~~ BYE!!!!", I hung up and jumped out of bed.

Went through my closet and pulled out a shirt that I've only wore for a few special occasion. It was a "Dude & The Duchess" shirt, a crisp slim fit white shirt with the right sleeved striped with several tones of blue and purple, extending all the way to the back of the shirt forming an arrow across the back. The shirt was special, unique and one of a kind, perfect for the occasion.

Toke my bath, styled my hair, wore my usual pair of jeans with a key chain hanging from the belt loop, shirt on, sprayed some perfume and i was ready as ever, i was on top of the world!! Left the house around 10.30am and made my way towards Sunway Pyramid. As usual, parking was easy to find since it was still early.

"Damn.. too early as usual.. need to wait again..", I thought to myself as I recalled this bad habit of mine. Went browsing around Sunway again, seeing all the changes and doing the usual window shopping at the usual shops around.

*Bzzz.. Bzzz*. My ringtone sets. The usual panic rush to get my handphone out of my tight pocket goes on as i battle with my jeans to let go of my phone before the other side hangs up. Ah! It was Wing.

"Yesh??!", I answered.

"He bbm me dy, asking me where i am. Told him I was by the skating ring outside Sakae Sushi like you told me to. You have fun la.. I go back to sleep dulu.", Wing replied my enthusiastic answer.

"Okays! Thank you so much! Good nights! Haha!", I said before hanging up the phone.

Powerwalk time!! Find the nearest way towards the skating ring! "Any direction will do la!! Sunway is a square anyways", I thought to myself as i randomly walked one direction.

And there i was..

At the skating ring, the correct floor, i see Sakae Sushi's signiture green and the cartoon frog that proudly holds the name of the restaurant. And infront a guy, both elbows leaning towards the railing, phone in hand and looking down towards the people ice skating below.

I calm myself.. Slowly walked over towards him.

With a swift motion, swung my arms around his waist from the back and said with the most retarded tone due to the excitement,

"Penguin! I missed you so much!"


A fantasy of mine of when i get to see penguin again..


Friday, 2 March 2012

162 : Sexist???

Why is it that girls can hold hands on public and guys cant?

All the time in Malaysia and now in Australia, i see girls holding hands walking around and no one stares or says anything. Even when it is clearly a lesbian couple, having one tomboy and one taking on the girl role, no one really bothers and take a second look.

Having 2 guys hold hands and people will stare and talk. Words will fly and a scene will begin followed by look backs and glaring eyes at the couple.

Couples in Australia hold hands and kiss in public all the time. Something you dont see really often in Malaysia.

During Valantines Day this year, i saw this 2 guys holding hands walking around the city with a rose on one of the other hand. Felt quite happy seeing how sweet the couple was. Just made me wish I could hold the hand of someone special during that day.

Anyways, I still salute on how brave the couple was. Guess when you are really with someone that makes you happy, you wont care what people thinks. Heh. I wish i can hold penguins hand again..

My point is, i feel that its unfair that society looks at gay couples and lesbian couples so differently. At least from what i see...



Thursday, 1 March 2012


"Where are you???", he asked me with a playful tone that instantly put a smile on my face.

 "Do you see the line of people lining up? Walk along the line till you find me la", I teased him.

Looking along the back of the queue, I saw a blur looking boy in a subtle blue shirt, holding his phone in his hand and looking at everyone on the queue. His face lighten up as he saw me and I greeted him with an informal one handed hug on his stomach due to the number of friends around and also due to the little factor called the height.

I left my friends at the queue and took a walk around campus with him. Went to his locker and he told me he had something for me. I got him something too actually, a hershey's cookie and cream Giant bar since he liked white chocolate. Racist little boy only likes white..

"Yoorr.. I forgot to remove the price tag.. Turn around, don't see!!". The sound of plastic bag rustling filled the corridor as he struggle to remove the price tag.

"Nahhh.. Something for you", he handed me a little package . It was a keychain, a little wooden carving hanging by the chain with a leaf at the ring. It was his surname "林".

"You keep mine and I'll keep yours", he said as he flashed another keychain with my surname on it. "That way we can keep a part of each other when you are in Australia." I smiled as I kept the keychain.  "Come, hold hands", he reached out his hand to me. We held hands for a while and went to the merchandise booth together.

Bought an awkward turtle, and 2 'nice guys' shirts which one I gave to him later. I still remember how cute he looked when he hugged the turtle plush toy tightly against his chest cause he thought it was cute.

 He stayed behind as I went with friends for the meet and greet session. I got to shake hands with Phillip and Wesley! Received a text from him after the session. He was queuing up at the entrance already(it was free sitting).Sat with him second in line to enter.

We chat, we laughed, I blushed. Resting my forehead on his shoulder, I could feel the warmth and his sweet scent. Often when no one was noticing, he would place his cheek close to mine, close enough for the heat to radiate to me. Told him I was hungry and he bought snacks for me while I stayed in line.  Soon, the doors open and we manage to get a sit the closes to the stage our tickets would allow us, behind the VIP line. It was nicer though, a good 3 meter walk way/foot space for us.

Was quite funny though.. Each time we held hands between the sits something would pop up.
First attempt. We were almost holding hands between the chairs, but he had his ticket on that hand. When he kept his ticket and held hands for few seconds, someone asked us to take a picture.. Failllll...
 Second attempt. During the band performance his hands slowly crept closer to mine. The second we held hands, boom!! The lead singer asked everyone to clap our hands. Failllllllllll..

Dint hold hands after that.. Just finger wars sometimes, tugging on each others fingers when we both folded our arms.  When the whole event ended, we hugged in the hall. I followed him to the car park and I gave him the tightest hug ever.. It was the last time I would get to see him.. We said our goodbyes and we parted.

Concluding one of the most bittersweet day, my last time with him: 
Wongfu productions with penguin.

I still wear it around where ever i go.. Makes me happy seeing it. :D
 A recalled memory,