Thursday, 29 September 2011

80 : The Story

"Lets play hide and seek!", he said to me as we agreed to have lunch together the next day.
"Let's see how long it takes for u to catch me!", he playfully teased me. At that moment, i fell for him a little as he was so cutely childish.  That night i went to sleep with full curiosity and excitement.

The next day, i sat for an exam and at 10 i was free!

11am.  I look at my watch and silently mumbled to myself, "And so the hunt begins.." with a grind on my face. I started scouting the area for him, walking up and down the stair, passing block to block. 10 mins later, he was still no where in sight. At the point of almost giving up i found him. Stupid boy was having consultation and dint tell me! 

We went to a western restaurant nearby. Ate and chat, covering almost every topic a typical gay would cover, i shall cut the details.. but generally, I had so much fun!! About 2 hours in, we were ask if we could leave due to the lack of available tables. So we proceeded to popping my tutti fruitti virginity! haha, another hour of chit chat in tutti fruitti and he had to go. We walked back to the main campus, gave him a hug and i left. <3

Yea, i cut many details but that was the general "date"?.
Haha, the relationship is.. progressing?..
Really not sure what my next step will be.. I'm leaving to Australia next year and all.. :(


Monday, 26 September 2011

79: Distance

Her dance steps were expressive,
Each pop, each lock of the muscles, convey her emotions.
Being her, the strong, tough girl that everyone respects, it hurts to see her dancing like that.
She says she is okay but everyone knew what was wrong.
With the change in mood of the song, her emotions overpowered her.

Today i witness a friend break down.
She sat seiza style in the middle of the studio, with her hands covering her face, tears flowing down her chin.
She was crying uncontrollably.
We stopped everything and sat around her, that was the best we could do.
No matter what we could not bring her boyfriend back from UK, 6000 miles away..

I could feel her emotions, her sadness of a long distance relationship..
Even thinking back now.. i feel like crying..
I really wish such sorrow never existed..  :(

Ps. Wasnt much of a date i guess.. lol, will update soon..

Sunday, 25 September 2011

78: Post incase i go missing

Warning: Another nonsensical post
So recently i expanded my plu circle through a few friends.
During a convo one of them said something that crack me up;

"If 2 bottoms fall in love with each other, is that considered lesbians?"

So anyways, im going out with a guy i met online tomorrow for lunch. Pray everything goes well? haha, Just letting you guys know in case i go missing!!

P/s. To Cyren~ Ray two. hehe


Sunday, 18 September 2011

77 :Fat??

Last week about a group of 5 of us went to McDonald for lunch :
Klx: "hm.. what should i eat... i havent been here for months" (Scans the menu for the least unhealthy thing)
Friend: "Take the burger!"
Klx: "Fat already.. must eat less.."
Friend: "Where got..." (Pokes my tummy fats) "GASP! you are!! "
Klx: -.-''

Apparently according to many people, i give out an illusion that im thin. True.. im awesome like that.. but its true.. lol. Anyone got any techniques on losing tummy fats? Got my damn tummy from 4 years of sleeping right after food..  Hm.. maybe i shall tell people its a beer belly from the time i won the state championship drinking competition. Someone is bound to believe it.. :3

P.s I dont drink.. Yet.. :P

Rants of,

Saturday, 17 September 2011

76 : S.A.D

Happy Malaysian Day everyone!! and happy holiday to everyone else who dint celebrate.
So today my family decided to go to a Restaurant Ping Wah we never been before in Paramount.
The second we were seated, we were greeted by one of the restaurant owner, a women who spoke fluent english, something i never seen before running a chinese coffee shop like restaurant.  She was really friendly and came to check up on the progress of our meal regularly.

Before we left, she was taking to my parent about her son, how he got his degree and all and decided to take over the family restaurant. She mention that he lost 30kg after going on a liquid diet for 6 months. His reason? He was S.A.D.
 Single, Available and Desperate

We laughed so hard!
An simple joke from the most unexpected source that made my day.
The food there is awesome btw. Should go try is some time. :P
Hope you guys had an awesome day!


Thursday, 15 September 2011

75: Excuse me?

"Excuse me"
Just a simple word that should already be a norm to everyone however, 2 people specifically proved me wrong..

First Story..
It was break time between classes so i decided to step out of class for a moment as usual. Since everyone's class periods ends at the same time, there were alot of traffic on the corridors. So i just stood by the door and look out. One of my class mates grabbed both my shoulders and literally pulled and shove me away from the door. So i thought she might be in a rush but all she did was look outside for 2 seconds, turn around and walk back into class. I was so shock by how rude she was i just blabbed out "What the fuck?!?". Then only she heard me and went "Ohh, i dint realize, sorry ahh."*stupid lala face*.  Few days later another of my friend complained to me as she fell victim to another shoving..Stupid rude bitch..

Second Story
I was standing beside my seat at the isle in class today and one of the class guys casually used both hands to push me aside just to pass. Like what the hell?? Cant say excuse me? 18 years of your life and no one told you how to say excuse me? Later that day he did the same thing again!! I was so annoyed! Right after he pushed me he asked if i can lend him my sunglasses. FAT NO and he was like "walaooo, friends for so long, econs partner etc" Stupid shit.. Just so pissed at him!!

I think im just really not used to this type of people. No matter how "cool" you think you are i think you should at least have some basic manners.. Argh!!

Ranting of,

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

74 : Bi curious?

As i've stated in my last post, im crushing on another straight friend.
My usual thoughts told me its just a fling, enjoy what i can and move on but somehow this toke a weird twist.
I was online one day when i heard the usual facebook buzz rang. It has him.
"Eh ck! i just notice your profile, its complicated?"
"Damn long time ago la.. lazy to change, later got all the comments and all"
"Lol, i want change and see what i get."
"Then when you change i change with you"
Me, Him

2 seconds later, Please confirm relationship status with *****.
All i could say is Wtfffff... lol *click accept* :P

So now im in a fictional relationship with the guy im crushing on.
Kinda bittersweet dont yea think? So far im getting lots of commnets but heh, as long as im "with" him.

Yes, i am confirm he is straight
What wonders me is do you think he is bi curious? . Seldom see guys willing to expose themselves to others as being gay.

Ahhh... <3 you!

Friday, 9 September 2011

73 : Heart's direction

Being the usual insecure person, my heart is indecisive.
Like a compass, it points to any magnets that it gets too close to..
Currently i just feel so frustrated with myself, frustrated for being who i am, frustrated for liking all the wrong people.
Whyyyyyyyy?? I keep asking myself as i spend time with my heart's new target.
Dejavu.. Seems like i've blogged the same content before but the emotion roller coaster I'm ridding seems to have made a stop at horror land again.
Currently someone stole him away as i was teaching him a dance and im feeling loneliness..

Thursday, 8 September 2011

72: Irony

The most ironic thing happened..
Like a miracle, the passion i felt toward the man i had fancy for the pass weeks just faded.
Poof! Gone!
People says absence makes the heart grow fonder but not my case, guess the week i spent in Australia really cleared my thoughts, allowing me to see without the distraction of my eye.

Ironically, the second i realize my crush is over, i had opportunities to spend time with him. Taking today as an example, i spend almost the whole day with him, literally most of the time RIGHT BESIDE him. In his car, i set in the passenger sit, why? I have no idea, 4 people in his car, everyone automatically sat at the back.What happen to people liking to call shotgun?. During walking leisure time, dinner time, all beside him! He even ordered that same food and we shared drinks. WHYYYY!!! Evil evil life.. teasing me.

I came to realize through people's conversations, many people still dont accept us for who we are. So far, i've heard a few close friends including my sister's boyfriend dissing on us.
As much as i want to stand up for us, i somehow just kept quite.
I need their support, i cherish their presence..
So now what do i do?
I really want a boyfriend and such but currently, i think between a hot boyfriend and friends, i think i would choose friends if it means coming out and losing my friends.. Im just not ready.. My friends make me how i am today.. Sounds so stupid huh? Im sure im going to get comments like they arent friends if they cant accept you etc but i really dont know..

Thursday, 1 September 2011

71: Untitted

Im too lazy to give a title to my nonsensical posts anymore. So i shall just label them by numbers.

Coming to aussie to check out the lifestyle here, i thought i would stop thinking about the damn crush. Which was true, i did forget about crushing over him, until i go to sleep.. So far i had 2 dreams about spending time with him. Isn't it weird how realistic dreams can feel? The touch, the smell, the warmth, everything can be felt as though as i was with there with him.  Typically, the memory of the dream just fades, leaving only the thought that i had spend time with him..

Looking forward to come home,