Tuesday, 29 January 2013

349 : We are unique

I'm not sure if its only me, but i realize, being gay makes us unique. 

Growing up feeling different, knowing its impossible to fit in to the stereotypical world, of males playing footballs, going gaga over boobs and girls and of cars and vehicles, you kinda tend to find yourself. You grow up unique, some might even say weird. 

I can't think of one up front, but i realize most gay people are the eye catchers of any event. Dress uniquely, with tones of charisma and all. 

Heh.. I'm suffering from a bad writers block and missing someone. 
I'm extremely confuse now.. =(

Here's some pictures from my trip!  

Cold evening when we arrived. 

Street food?

I had to take a pic of this. Armour that takes in account boners during battle! Rofl!

Lotte World!

Anyone can guess what building is this? Kpop fans?

They sell the weirdest sex toys! Can see by the floating dick balloons.. Anyways, there was a chart like the karma sutra by the corner. Interesting indeed.. Anyone can do a handstand? Found a really unique position.. lol

I can say my pictures don't do justice to the beauty of Korea.
But these are the ones without people.. lol

Till my block is over.
Lots of love!

Saturday, 26 January 2013

348 : 2nd Account

(Speaking in general : Not directed to anyone)

I'm only out to a certain group of people, a handful of close friends that I trust with my love life.
Can be said that I am still deep in Narnia, having tea with Azlan everyday by the Stone Table.

But anyways, I realize the numbers of anonymous accounts coming up on facebook. With nothing more than a default display picture or a picture of an animal with not a single face picture in sight, a birthday maybe, and a one line description of their "self". Just curious but why would people accept accounts like these on your main account? To be stalked?

I find it really unfair for the person displaying all their information while the other has nothing on. Practically a free buffet of pictures, friends and details for the anon account. I'm sure they will say they don't have an anon account to stalk but truth be told, would you be able to resist the urge to stalk? Even without an anon account, everyone stalks each other, going through their pictures and profile pictures primarily the second a friend request is accepted. That's when the judging begins,

Another thing that confuses me is when anon accounts add other anon accounts. It looks like 2 Magikarps battle to me, and no, before they learn tackle. Nothing on each other accounts but their liking for hot men on their facebook page.

Don't get me wrong, I love the anon accounts on my Facebook, especially my sis. But it gets really awkward at times. When an anon account( usually with the oddest name) comment or post on my wall, the fear that friends will click on their profile to see the all the hot men in thongs or gay links everywhere, BUSTED!
Used to have a lot of a lot of anon accounts on my facebook few years ago before i did a sweep. Like what people always say "Its common courtesy to have a face pic when talking to people"

Anyways, who am i to say anything.. I have 2nd account to twitter.
I'm retarded..



Friday, 25 January 2013

347 : Hypocrites

Its quite funny actually.
Once in a while a warning comes in.

"Hey! You know XXX??? Try not to get too close to him. I heard bla bla bla... Anyways, just try avoiding him k?"

And the next thing I know I see you guys liking each other's status and post all the time. Could you be anymore hypocritical? If you really don't like someone or deem someone 'dangerous', dafuq you go act so friendly towards them?

Playing with fire? No, just being stupid. You could just keep your opinions to yourself and not give those paranoid 'warnings' to people just because you are scared. I appreciate the warning but i don't appreciate how hypocrite you are about the situation. You want me to reduce my contact to someone but you can keep in contact? Aren't you funny..

Funniest was once when someone warned me about one guy just because he thought i'm going to fall in love with him. I'm not that slutty k?

Another guy once complained i was being cold to him. You should read the messages he reply with. Its impossible to even keep a conversation going with him, all those stupid stupid one word replies, those conversation stoppers or "ntg". Fucking pissing off!!

The whole group of you people..
No comment.


Wednesday, 23 January 2013

346 :

Quote from my friend's status : 

"People today fall in love too easily. The desire of physical comfort is too damn high. Attracted to physical attributes, believe blindly in words, ignoring the facts that people can be manipulative. And when they finally get their heart broken, they complain love sucks. Posting all kind of silly statuses and quotes on Facebook and then behave in the exact same way. Well I'm sorry to break it down, genuine love is healthy in every way, it's you that can't manage it."


Without knowing it, I fell into the exact never ending spiral of the gay community. The desire for physical touch is unbearable while thirst for warmth and attention is unquenchable, resulting in abuse of phone applications.

At least every attempt I had of finding physical satisfaction through my phone failed miserably.

Reading that status just got me thinking alot.. Damn it..
Boi.. Come home faster please...


Sunday, 20 January 2013

345 : The girl I was closed to.

I have a friend who a lot of mutual friends describe as “不会做人” which in English, directly translate as "don't know how to be human". All the little things she does that make you wonder if there is a part of her brain not working or not existing.

I used to be close to her a while back but on the forth day of being on holidays with her, I was close to punching her in her face and only recently found out, i wasn't the only one. Few things she did that annoyed the shit out of me.

1. She loves to act cute. If she was small size and actually cute fine, i can tolerate normal girls actually acting cute but heck there is not a single angle or part of her that can pass as cute. Look in the mirror my god. Its like an identity crisis which just made my eye twitch each time she tried charming people.

2. She is damn touchy. Not tolerating her acting could be just me overacting but her acting cute leads her to be touchy. Once she decided to reach out and touch my Adam's apple in her attempt to act cute and hell, I was furious! Scolded her so badly. I don't think any guy would ever like or feel comfortable with someone actually touching your Adam's apple. Another time was when we were sitting in the living room, she decided to play footsie with me cause, i quote "the socks i am wearing is so soft right?". Gave her the "the hell is your problem" look yet the next day itself she decided to play fuck off footsie with me again.

3. She invades your privacy. She reads whats on your phone. EVERYTHING ON YOUR PHONE! She asked me if i could help her with something so i whatsapp home asking siblings if they could help. She waited patiently for my reply if i could help out, sitting right next to me, breathing down my neck and READING every single whatsapp message even though my body language made it damn clear i didn't want her too. Before i could even read my whatsapp saying they could help, she already read it over my shoulder and started thanking me. Dafuq? Sitting to her next to the bus as well she was reading my phone.. Thank god i bought a journal case for my phone now.

4. She makes use of people. She always ask if people needed help but there is always a catch. "Do you want a lift to the airport? My mum can send you, but you need to send me home when we get back". Its always like that, you need to agree to help her out before she would help you. We were heading to a 2 day concert together which is an hour away and she kept asking me if she could hitch a ride.It was either you drive there or take a bus. So fine, first day i had transport so i agreed to let her hitch both ways. She told me her mum would fetch me home(only after i agreed to send her) on the second day. But apparently, what she really means is, we would take the bus to and fro and her mum will send me home after when the bus stops 10 mins from my house. Like whats the point?? Felt so conned!

5 She is thick skin and selfish'ish. How would you feel when someone pays you 10 bucks in coins?? She is the exact type of person that does that. She wanted to return 5 dollars in coins of 10cents and 50cents to me once. When i refused she tried giving them to other people. She ended up paying for her purchase with all the coins. The poor cashier and to slowly count everything. Don't bloody pay for things in full coins, don't be retarded, as least use them in a vending machine or something, not in shops. Do you know its not illegal to refuse full coin payments?

Anyways, tits calmed. I can say she isn't a bad person. She is just someone I hate spending time with. What people say is true, when you spend a holiday with someone, you either get close to them, or you wanna hit them..

Pick your travel buddies properly!!

Saturday, 19 January 2013

344 : Well.. that was awkward..

Malaysians being typical Malaysians,
People usually meet at least 20 mins late..

So when people say meet at 5.30pm means everyone will reach at 6pm or 7pm.

Wanting to avoid the after work jam and SHM concert crowd, I was there before 5pm while the last person at 7pm..

M actually came in time so we meet up in front of the restaurant. After around 20 mins of waiting, we decided to get a place before hand. We turned around, walked into the restaurant and towards the door person of the restaurant. That's when it became really awkward.

M walked up to the door person and asked 'Can i have a table for..'.
Before he could even finish, the enthusiastic girl went "Table for TWO???".

It was so damn awkward that she assumed we were a couple. My god, two guys walking in the restaurant doesn't necessarily mean they are a couple. We both looked at each other and laughed.

"Er.. i love this guy la, but not in that way.. Can we have a table for 8 instead?". The waiter didn't react and just showed us to our table.

Hope she didn't make him uncomfortable.. lol

Awkward.. awkward, awkward..

M is straight.. 

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

343 : Black sheep

Similar to the situation above (Yes.. I'm also the annoying one in the group), apparently i'm the most unattractive person in my group of friends..

During the holiday, the guys i traveled with made people turn heads all the time.. You should see the number of girls staring at them as they walk around the streets, with me tailing behind. Emo nemo..
Sadly, I've developed an immunity towards all of them. M, the guy girls go gaga over shared a queen bed with me, sleeping in nothing much a singlet and boxers even knowing I'm gay. Not to mention the morning 'salute' surprise i had when he woke up,  no feelings or urges at all. D-e-a-d. What monstrosity right??

Anyways, the manager of the guest house we stayed at was gossiping to her other friend without knowing some of us understand their mother tongue.. Apparently she likes M, found him really good looking. Obviously, we used that to our advantage.. =]

Another event was when all the guys were lining up for a theme park ride. We weren't aware that a group of 15 girls, all around 10 years old were lining up behind us. Could see the girls had a crush on my friends. Chuckling uncontrollably when we noticed their eyes staring at one guy in particular. They than proceeded to playfully poke my friends and also throw each other at them. Not me..Of course my friend's didn't mind.. They loved the attention. lol

Generally, those who have my facebook.. You can see what i'm talking about.
Black sheep among the group..



Sunday, 13 January 2013

342 : How old would you go?

An interesting topic came up with friends a while back.
Shin Y covered this a while back though.

 The rule of thumb for... Dating Age!

Apparently its your age divide your age by 2 and add 7(for male) to get the minimum age you can date before being a awkward age gap..

So lets say you are a youthful age of 25. The youngest you can ever date is...

25/2 + 7 = 19.5..  so...

The answer is 20?

Which actually seems really reasonable.

When i'm 23 i wouldn't mind dating someone who is 32..
I would love the sense of maturity. Lol

Its the maximum/minimum age depending on who you prefer an older or younger partner.
But anyways, this one is a straight couple thing so i'm not sure if it applies for gay couples.

Any agreements or disagreements? =P

**In a way this doesn't say how old you can date. It says how old before people will give you the awkward face. Like when you tell someone "i'm dating someone which is 55" people give you the weird eye type..*

Saturday, 12 January 2013

341 : I'm back!

The moment he walked in the plane, veined muscled arms, an amazing chest, sharp features and not to mention a body hugging tight shirt, he instantly caught the attention of the girls in the group, sparking gossip and jokes in the plane. 

Like normal flights, I would usually sleep through or at least try my best to sleep through the flight. This retarded Dora the explorer mix the boy from up girl sitting I front of me just annoyed the hell of me. Her stupid chuckle would last what sounds like ages, piercing into my dream bubble each time, bringing me back to reality from my fantasy cuddle hot guy land.  Child's innocent laughs? More like a troll cooking her next meal. 

Surprisingly the thing that made me woke up fully wasn't her, but was a crowd of air steward in tight clothes rushing to the attention of the guy behind me- Mr. Hot muscles. 

He was on the verge of fainting in the plane. Air stewards brought him those over priced 3 ringgit mineral water bottle as well as paged for a doctor in the plane while his girlfriend fan him constantly. Apparently he is prone to light headedness, having fainted once before and often have the feeling of dizziness. 

Quite unexpected that the hot guy walking form the isle with full confidence and a commanding aura would have an Achillies' Heel like this. Goes to show no matter how sexy and yummy you are in the outside, it's what it's on the inside that counts. .

As he gets upgraded to premium class, I shall enjoy what my money would allow me to eat, a hot cup. 

3 hours left when i typed this and i'm home now. =)

Night nights. 

Friday, 4 January 2013

340 : i. m. y

That night, the last skype call we had..
I told you i had something to talk to you about and you instantly knew where the conversation was heading..

The moment you told me "i miss you", it struck me..
It stuck me that this feeling of miss and deprivation will never go away.
It will never be satisfied and the warmth of your hug can't be felt through the screen.
That we both have to bare this distress feeling for another year without being quenched..

New years day i was excited you were finally back..
I could skype you again!
Second I got home around 3am, I turned on skype, restless and eager to talk to you again, but you weren't on..
Waited till 5am but you didn't reply..
Sucky way to start the year.. :(

I'm just scared..
Did i make a mistake that day we stopped skyping?...

I miss you...
And i'm sorry...

Should be flying by the time you read this..
Talk to you in a week..
Two weddings and a funeral. Can you hug me like this when we meet?.. 

Written on 02-01-2013

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

339 : New Year Resolution

I won't remember nuts about my new years resolution 2 weeks from now so i shall make it them really simple ones..

2013 resolutions :
1. Get fit.
As every other resolution made by anyone there, get fit.
I been carrying baby fats on my tummy since I can remember. It ain't funny when your belly jumps when you jump as well..
Its just really mild belly but sigh..
I'm almost to my 6 pacs, so close yet so far!
Getting fatter everyday since i got back.. -.-

2. Pass all my papers
Don't screw up exams.
Retaking ain't cheap..

3. Potato
(Edit :My favorite words.. lol.. I use them alot..) 

Yups.. Thats all.
Short and sweet.
Anything else will come as the year goes by. No point planning every step of the year huh?

Have a great year!
See you guys in a week(Or more)!