Sunday, 30 October 2011

96 :

I feel this heavy burden on my heart..
I miss you dear..
I really really miss spending time with you..
All i get now a days are sms's during your between times..
When you take a 5 min break from studies, before you sleep..
After my reply, you wont reply till your next break..
I feel very frustrated..
I feel a heartache..

I know you are having exams..
But i really wish i had 10 mins of your day everyday..
Where you wont worry about your exams, where you will talk to me like before..

I dont dare call you.. I dont dare interrupt your studying..
The last time i ask you if you would go for a walk with me..
You told me needed to study..
I understand.. but i died a little inside..

People keep telling me to stop thinking so much..
But im not thinking.. Its how im feeling..
I feel very hurt...
Like you dont love me anymore..

I sure you dont mean it..
I know i should talk to you about this personally,
but i figure writing it here would be the best, when you are reading this, im sure you wont feel so stressed, when your exam is over, and you have free time..
I know, i know.. After your exams..
I just hope this feeling goes away soon...

Good Luck for your exams dear...
Love you..

Saturday, 29 October 2011

95 : Perfect person?

Everyone says that there is no such thing as a perfect person, usually, there is a counter balance in their personality..
A smart person is usually shy,
A jock usually average in studies,
A talented person usually lacking in another field..

Its like playing sims, we were only created with that many points, Add few points to looks, a few to intelligence, a few to outgoing, a few to penis length anything else.
In my case, i think i have lots of points unused..

There is a girl in my class.. Extremely smart girl that gets top marks in all subjects in class. A person like that, you usually expect that person to have some flaw.. But no.. She has tones of friends, a multiple crushes on her, everyone loves her.. Like a perfect person! Smart, beautiful, friendly, charismatic.
The only flaw i've found is that she takes bad photos..

Besides her, there are also a few others like her. Makes me want to scream to the sky!
How i wish i was like them..  Jealousy!

Okay.. this blog post is kinda retarded..
Final exams on the 1st and my brain is going haywire!! >.<


Wednesday, 26 October 2011

94 : ...

I had no idea where i was, it was such a foreign place..
Like an abandon urban jungle, vines were growing everywhere, but, it was full of life..
There were people everywhere, like an urban retreat, lifestyle there was luxurious, a hotel maybe?
Suddenly, i realize i was climbing multiple flights of hanging stairs..
It was towards your direction, i could feel it in my bones! I knew where you where!
There it was! That door!!
I open the door and entered the room to see you waiting for me on one of the three white single sofas in the room.. You look towards me and your warm smile greeted me.
I hug you tightly, gently kiss you on the cheek...
*Bzzzzzz* *Bzzzzzz*
My alarm rang.. a dream..

I woke up, got dressed and it was off to college!
There you were with R studying on the exact table as you were yesterday.
As i walked up to your table filled with books and notes,
I could see you were studying very hard, i felt so proud!
But then a sudden cloud of sadness covered me..

Seem like now-a-days the only time i spent with you, you are studying..
I don't dare interrupt you..
I know this exam is very very important and i sound so selfish saying this.. but..
I miss spending time with you.. When your attention was directed only to me..
I feel neglected.. I dont get much of your time anymore..

There is nothing we can do about this.. An exam is an exam, the date is set, pulling you away to spend time with me would be inappropriate..
After a dream where we spend countless hours together, i guess i was just bumped waking up to the reality constricted by time..

I'll wait for you till the 22nd..

Your teddy bear,

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

93 : Come closer..

Come closer my dear..
That's it.. touch my skin,
Savour it..
Feel around..
Is that the right spot?..
You like that?
Dig in..
We both know you are desperate for it..
Take your time,
Settle down..

Enjoy yourself..
Wait for it..

Wait for it..

 2 more seconds..



My many failed attempts to kill mosquitoes..
Go to the blood bank for god sakes.. I need all the blood i have to get erections sustain my life..

Anyways, Thank you guys so much for the little and big tips you guys gave me!! Im so eager to try them! Scrap books, little notes and little surprises, i shall blow his mind (only his mind?) away!
Will let you guys know!

to everyone!

 I can hear the happy fireworks outside already!
Enjoy!~ <3


Monday, 24 October 2011

92 : Tips?

Anyone got some boyfriend tips?
I'm still not really sure what a boyfriend suppose to do..
Any hidden secrets or things that you do specially for your boyfriend?
Just wanted some opinions.


Sunday, 23 October 2011

91 : Princess Blows-alot



After countless annoying "fhus" , i turned my head to see this girl, acting all princessy, blowing every single spec of dust and dirt off the table. MY GOD!! USE YOUR HANDS AND WIPE LA!! There is a sink and tissue only a min away!! She spent almost 10 mins blowing every corner of the table. With every single blow, my tolerance just thinned. She dint had to blow so loud right? Inconsiderate woman.. Its the study lounge for god sakes and everyone is studying.
When she was done with the table.. She went on to the chair....
It toke her a good 15 mins before she was pleased with her blowing action and actually sat down. If she was hot i would pardon her hiao'ness but she wasnt.. short chubby girl..

Funniest thing was her friend came over 2 mins later, talked abit, and she packed her stuffed and moved to another table.. Oh god.. here we go again..

Easily Annoyed,

Thursday, 20 October 2011

90 : Tease!!

KL was such a tease!!
Was waiting for him in the morning today, he was running late so i sat in the lounge...
Few minutes later, i felt a presence, i looked up, OMFG!~ He was in formal wear!!
I have a formal wear fetish you see.. as of many people, and he knows too.
He looked oh so very sexy!!

KL: "You very turned on now ah??"
CK: "Yes..."

Was very very turned on indeed..
Could have raped him..
Too bad he had exams to study for and i had class..
Hahaha, i love his presence!

Dear.. You are such a tease.. haha

Monday, 17 October 2011

89 : Time..

Was actually blogging about something else today then something happened..
Was talking to a few friends today then jokingly i talk about 2012.
My friend's replied just crushed me..
"If the world is going to end, why you go Aussie for?? Stay here with KL la.."
I started crying..
I still don't know what i am going to do.. How Im preparing to brace myself for it.. How will i react on that day..
I just really scared...

Im just so retarded.. only a few post back i blogged about never wanting to see people break down from long distance relationship and here i am going to experience it soon..

I really dont want time to run..
I want time to stop while im hugging you..
when im with you..
but the clock is still ticking..
Second by second...
Time is running..

Sunday, 16 October 2011

88 : Cursed!!

I have been cursed!! A Chasity Cursed!!
Since a few days ago, each time i masturbate  "reach maximum excitement level", i tend to get a splitting headache that totally overshadows the pleasure and kills the mood..
The headache only last for about 2 mins but it seriously sucks!!
Anyone knows whats wrong with me?? Is it temporary? Like a midlife crisis where you get it once a lifetime?

Who ever cursed me... you are an evil bitch..

Ck. >.<!!

Thursday, 13 October 2011

87 : Cake

Have anyone heard of RT Pastry Hse?
Its a small bakery in a row of SS15 bakery shops.
They sell one of the most wonderful tasting bread and cakes that i've ever eaten!!
Today, i bought a cake with the cutes strawberries coated with powder sugar to share with my dear, KL, as he shall hence-forth be known as.

He came late!!~ The bloody hot weather killed the cake, no cake taste good when warm.. :(

So anyways, ate the cake together, yedah yedah.. and then!~

Ck : "Eh dear, i want to go to the toilet, want to follow me?"
KL: "Hm?.."
Ck: "Come come~"
KL: "Okay!"

We went to the cafeteria's toilet. Its clean, dry and odourless btw, not some crappy public toilet thing .. The best part is there is a a stall that is extra big, haha putting ma plan into action!!
As we entered the toilet, there were 2 other guys in the toilet, so while waiting for them to leave i proceeded to "wash my hands", KL proceeded and went into a stall. "He doesnt suspect a thing!!" I thought to myself, "The second they leave i shall pull him into the stall!!". And then it happened, they left! "Time to make my move.." Just that moment, another guy came in to used the loo. "DAMN!!" I think i wasted a good litter or 2 pretending to wash my hands..

Eventually, he left. Guess who pulled who into the stall?.. lol, the more experienced one becomes the predator.. i fell prey.. XD. Guess he saw through me plot long ago.. lol, The door locked and i gave him the warmest hugged ever!

Thought out the whole thing he was so cute!! He was so scared that people heard us, the slightest sound and he panicked!! haha, the more he panicked the more i wanted to make a sound!! XD The whole thing proceeded with neck kisses, a little groping, little nipple play, non stop hugging and  my first kiss! (I am that "pure".. lol).

Dear ah.. sorry i was so sucky at kissing la.. i dunno how to kiss that well... lol, give me lessons can anot? XD


 ♥ F.L.Y To The SKY~

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

86 : Found a place...

(Walking up the stairs, already late for class)
Ck: (Playfully) Eh dear, you know over there is like the perfect make out spot?
K : Where?
Ck: There.. behind the library there, nobody goes there de. >.<
K : Really meh?
(Looks around for a while)
K : Really wor..
Ck: (HUGSSS!!) Love you dear!

Such a waste i was late for class, all i got was a peck on the lips. Ahahaha, till next time~ :3


Monday, 10 October 2011

85: Moon Halo

Friend : "Check the Moon!!"
Me : "Why?..." (Damn lazy to go out)
Friend : "Quick before the halo disappears"
Me : "HALO??" (Runs outside)

OMG!~~ SO PRETTY!! Rainbow halo around the moon! Make a wish?

Anyone else went moon gazing?
Such an amazing sight! <3

<The familiar 22° halo around the Sun or Moon occurs because of refraction in tiny hexagonal ice crystals in the air.>


Thursday, 6 October 2011

84 : Oops

He grabbed a pen and scribbled 4 letters on the back of my hand.
"Alex"?  I thought to myself as i tried to make out what he had written..
Then it hit me..
"OMG!! IT SAID KLEX, he found my blog, dieeeeeeee"
I was so embarrassed, i was practically speechless...  Oops?

So now my dear has found my blog.. lol.. Now must be careful to what extend of detail i can blog about.. haha

Besides the unconscious blushing, the rest of the day went well. :)
Snowflake, then to the bank...  lol.

Love you dear, *MUACKS*

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

83 : PDA

PDA: Public Display Of Affection

Im sure this post is considered a lag for almost everyone out there ,but hey, im new to this.
I wonder how long would it be before we can properly hold hands in public or something in Malaysia.
Its quite frustrating to see straight couples, holding hands, giving a peck or cuddling in public and no one says anything.
Just walk close to another guy and people talk. Words spread like wild fire and for all you know you will be a target for bullies.
For now, its only holding hands and little massage under the table.. haha.

Love you dear.
Ck (Klex)

82 : Attached

Hm.. how do i start this..
I'm attached, that is undeniable...
I really love him dearly.. but..
I have this deep feeling that it wont work..
Am i horrible for having this feeling?
I really don't know why im feeling this..
Im just confused...

3 days after we first met, we got together.. Today is our weekersary i suppose?
Is the relationship too rush?... Is there such thing??
I realize when thinking what to buy for him as a birthday present that i dont know alot about him and I'm positive its a mutual thing.

Today he applied to go to Australia for a uni choice just because I'm going to Australia next year.
My pessimistic thinking just kicked in.. What if we break up? I already told him i don't want to be a factor influencing his uni choice but he said he wanted to.

GAH!! I just lost the purpose of this post..

Love you dear..

Sunday, 2 October 2011

81 : Happy Birthday!

Lady Gaga CD, painfully wrapped. Lol
Happy Birthday Dear!!
I feel bad that we havent been able to build anything sentimental for me to get you something really personal, its only been one week only. >.<
Anyways, despite what happened in the morning, i hope you can have a wonderful birthday!
See you tomorrow dear!!
Love you!!