Thursday, 5 September 2013

400 : Creepy.. Plain Creepy.

Gonna be a long post about a restaurant customer people call my stalker.. lol

Working in a F&B industry, I can honestly say you get to meet some of the nicest people, the worst type people, the best looking and also, who can forget, the weirdest of people.

Have you seen someone want his food modified to vegetarian and then add a piece of fried chicken?

This few weeks I've been working almost everyday. One particular table with a family of 6 had a really really friendly guy.. Too friendly that it just creeps everyone out. First time I actually noticed this man he was talking to my friend, Izzy, that moment, no one expected us to gain a peculiar regular customer.

He tapped my arm when i walked by his table.
"Hey! Whats your name?"
"Er.. Leo..?."
"Hello! Are you from Malaysia?"
"Yea, Malaysia PJ."
"Oh! Me too! Do you know where Izzy is from?"
"I'm not particularly sure actually"
"Why not? She is your co-working?"
"Oh, she just joined us about a month ago, I haven't got to know her well"
"I see, I see"
*Awkward smile, RUN AWAY* 

Few mins later walking by that table when Izzy was clearing their plates.
"Hey Izzy, I heard you are new here!"
Should see Izzy's face.. My god.. She was so creeped out.

2."Hey Leo! Do you know your name (my real name), can stand for *censored*, or *censored*?? (referring to a superhero) Its so funny! Are you a superhero then??
"Err.. haha.. I got to go"
*It was so lame.. I had nothing to say..*


"Leo!! Beberapa Umur?? (How old are you in Malay)
"Dua-puluh" (20)
"Oh! Hahaha, I'm twice your age! 44! Imagine that!
"Wow.. Okay.. I'll just go.."

"Hey Leo! My name is Micheal by the way.

I didn't ask. but okay.. 

That was the highlights of the first day, with lots of mini creepy things he did..
He came in alone for lunch 2 days later.

"Hey Leo!! Nice to see you again! Are you free now? Can i ask you a few IQ questions?"
"Yea I am." (He came in so early, he was the only 3 tables having lunch"
"Okay! Can i have your middle finger?
*Clips my middle finger using his thumb and index*
"Okay! *Gesturing to difference places of his arm*, White house, blue house, green house, Red house, Where is the white house?"

"Right here?"
"WRONG! White house is in Woshington DC! haha"
"Oh! hahaha! wtf fucking lame..""Second question~ *Something lame where i got wrong*
*Puts his hand near my face* "Am i touching you?"

"Wrong! I'm touching your finger"
*Proceed to get the next question wrong*

"Okay, last question! Whats the first question i asked you?""The white hou.."
"WRONG! Can i ask you a few IQ question!" 
"Oh! haha! I got all wrong".
"Yea you did!"
"Okay, I can stand here for too long, I'm going to go walk around"

The whole time I was smiling cause I really didn't know what to do.. The questions were so lame!! Especially coming from him!

"Hey Leo! Do you have a pen and paper? I can write all the questions down for you so you can test your friends!"
"Oh its okay! Don't worry about it!"
"You sure?? Its not a hassle, I can write it down for you"
"Nah, I mean all these are quite common, there are plenty in the internet"
"Really? I got this all the way from Singapore! I never heard any like this before"
"Nah its really okay."
"Awww.. Okay, but anytime you want it you can just ask me!"
"Sure! *quickly pretend i'm busy and walk away*

"Hey leo! Can we be friends?"
"Lets exchange email address?"
"O.o.... I don't use email!" *Panic mode*
"What?? You don't?"
"Yea! I don't! Its like i only use it once a week to check my work roster then i just turn it off!"
"So you don't check your mail?"
"Oh nope! haha! These days everyone just uses their phone!" 
"Yea i know. Too bad I don't know how to use all of those"
"Aww.. Generation Gap i guess."
"Yea its the generation gap"

The whole day that day i just really don't know what to feel.. Felt so creeped out by this creepy looking friendly asian man.. Other staff just stand and laugh at me, even the kitchen laughed at me.


Was talking to my friend the next day about how creepy the day before was.
Everyone was laughing at it, before we knew it, looked at the door and he came in!
I just ran and hid behind the counter..

Refused to walk near his table.
He actually grabbed hold of my friend and ask him for his name.When my friend told him what his name was, his reply was "Hey Vincent, Do you know i know Leo?"
The whole day he did make small talk to me when i walked by. The kitchen actually allowed me to NOT send food to his table.. Basically, everyone was laughing, everyone was scared to be his next victim and i was deemed to be attractive to older men.. lol

400th post dedicated to Micheal.
The way you creep me out like no other.

I'm feel like sleeping every moment i'm free..

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

399 : Straight crush?

All American boy. =D
So many gay guys having straight crushes.
As always, straight guys giving wrong signals, or rather just them being them, touchiness and friendliness interpreted wrongly by our active minds.

Love this song and music video.
Kinda like the best and worst that can happen.

Share a kiss?

Monday, 2 September 2013

398 : Fucker of a male and a female + Dance

My bro.
Is damn naive and stupid.

I don't know how being twins, he doesn't mature and is still childish as hell at this age.

My brother's friends, lets name them X and Y.
Y is a local Australian, his EX- girlfriend, X, is singaporean.
So as implied, they broke up.

Who comes to the rescue? My brother.
Nothing wrong with that, its an admirable trait to help friends in need. I do that all the time too, especially during a breakup of a steady relationship. Whats different? My brother has never had a relationship or anything before, what the fuck advice is he giving to them?

That, i don't really care, but my brother has offered Y a place to stay during their break up since staying together now is obviously a big no-no. Did he ask the other 3 housmates? Big fucking NONO. He TOLD us.

"Hey! My friend is coming over to stay tonight".

Where is the question in that sentence???

So fine. He stays over. The next day, without any approval, he stays over again.
The day after, X comes and stays over. And this goes on for almost 4 weeks now, with X staying over few days a week without fail. Best thing is i only found out her name 2 days ago. Such a pain to talk to, she only mumbles to herself when you talk to her. All she does is sits there and watch tv. At least if she talked to us or something that would be better but she is just there. Makes living in your own home awkward if you know what i mean.

Y's parent's home is 2 hours away by train, so he has no choice but to stay at the home he and X rented together.

X however, has a sister here staying a close distance away. So instead of staying with her sister during her "emo" phase, she chooses to stay at my place. Why? Because if she stays with her sister, she has to sleep on a sofa, and she doesn't like that. You got to be fucking kidding me..

Its just annoying that you can't even do anything in your house anymore. Feels like an intruder in your home. My brother actually goes out, leaving her alone with my sis and I. Then she just sits there in the living room watching tv..

Overstaying your welcome bitch.

Was having dinner alone today while watching tv, my bro came home with her duffle bag filled with her toothbrush, clothes, towel and all her shit, i got so pissed i just went back to my room and slammed the door.. My brother knows i'm pissed, he knows my sister is pissed, that girl seems oblivious though..

Don't assume people will be nice to you if you break up. After a month and you haven't picked yourself up, seriously. Suck it up and stand strong. Don't expect to be spoonfed sympathy. I'm that close to banning you from coming over to stay. And to my brother, have respect, if you don't want to respect me fine, but ask sis if your friends can stay over. She is older after all and she takes care of us, don't give stupid excuses and disrespect her.

Freaking overstaying your welcome..


Lol.. go missing for a few weeks and come back with another ranting post..
I shall tell you guys about my restaurant stalker soon.

Here's a recent performance I did in conjunction with Merdeka.

Don't really care who recognize me now.. I'm nothing much anyways. =D

Recognize me? (My dance starts at 4.00.. =3 )