Saturday, 28 January 2012

148 : Why secret?

I went for an open house at my friend's place yesterday. Among the crowd was a few mutual college friends and his own high school friends. Naturally, there was a division of gangs, having two separate tables each gambling with their own rates, leaving the host frantic to entertain both groups.

Not gambling, a few of us sat around and talked, catching up on each others lives. Then suddenly my friend called me with a very unique tone..

"Eh.. Your twitter.. "
"NO!!! What ever your question is, the answer is no!"

I picked up on where she was going with the question.. "Who is the girl??", "why so emo?". Never once had it occur to me that tweeting every emotional thought of missing someone would put me in a tight spot. Just went denying everything and a friend of mine just dismissed everything saying its just general tweets. Thanks Ed!! =DD

Anyways. Went to a corner to answer a phone call when suddenly a friend of mine grabbed me by the neck. His usual stern face stared me down as i finished my phone call.

"Eh.. seriously la.. you like guy or girl?"

Caught of guard.. i just stared at him, speechless..

"Can tell me one.."

In my mind i just wanted the seriousness to end.. So i flashed my phone wallpaper to him.. A picture of me with B...


He turned around and screamed to the rest. "Aiya!! I lose laa!! Owe you all 50 bucks!!"

When i got home.. I messaged him online asking him to keep the secret.. Turns out he bet that i was gay with our friends.. And he lied and say he lost the bet..  Then he asked me something that really made me smile..

" y secret anyway
its normal wat"

A question i never ever expected to be asked..
If only there were more people like him..


Friday, 27 January 2012

147 : First encounter

4 people to a hotel room.
A friend of mine, originally assigned to our room, pulled out last minute, leaving us with a comfortable 3 people to our room, Jason, Leon and I. Was being envied by others that had to cramp together, some even had to share room with strangers.

The room was quite classy and homey despite it being a new hotel. We put our luggages aside and i jumped on one of the 2 single beds provided. Lying on the bed, trying to absorb as much comfort as possible, a change from the many hours of bus chairs, something unexpected happened. Leon jumped onto me, both legs clamped onto the sides of my body and hands firmly gripping onto my wrist, pushing them down. I was powerless, he was shirtless.. Turned on? Of course.. Imagine the angle i opened my eyes to.

Natural instinct? Spit on him.. Right on his chest.. Which led to a wrestling match. The full body contact of proving each others strength dint last long though, we had to get ready to met the rest of the group. Jason was in the toilet.. lol?

Got back to the hotel quite late after all the activities.. Leon had to go for a meeting with a few others and told us to go to bed first. Tired, Jason and I pushed the 2 single beds together, freshened up and went to sleep. Jason toke one bed and i toke another, Leon was suppose to sleep in the middle.. Leon came back about an hour later.  He must have been making a ruckus for me to have awoke.. Still in a daze, i saw him slowly climbing between Jason and I to sleep. Unconsciously, i pulled him to bed. Guess what? I was actually lying on his chest while sleeping.

Im sure you guys are like "How do you know? You were sleeping!"

Something woke me up in the middle of the night.. Someone was groping me repeatedly, it was Leon! Couldn't tell if i was hard, everything was so surreal. I told myself to keep calm, but damn i was excited..
Suddenly he whispered to me "Do you want me to continue?"
I kissed him on the cheek as a reply. My hand reached over under the blanket and slowly traveled down to his already hard member. Stroking each other through the fabric of our pants, Leon aid me by removing his pants while i did the same.. Both naked from the waist down, we were jerking each other under the blankets with sleeping Jason oblivious to what ever was happening. Fondling with each others balls, and pinching nipples, i couldn't hold it any longer and cumed on his hand while moaning softly.. 

I continued stroking Leon. "Im close" he whispered to me as i increase my momentum, Stroking him till he climaxed onto my hand while releasing a moan..

We wiped the cum off our hands and pulled our pants up..

"Good night Leon" i told him. He giggled and we both went to sleep together..

Well.. This happened when i was in Form 4 in a club trip. Kinda the point in my life where i was like "Oh, i am gay!". Nothing like someone grabbing your dick and giving you your first handjob to reinforce the feelings huh?
Happy now calvin?? Haha, you wanted this story and so here yea go!

P.s, the camp was for 3 days 2 nights.. =P

146 : Movie!

A friend of mine sent me a link to a movie trailer, "You Should Meet My Son!".
Wont spoil too much but just letting you guys know its a short gay themed movie about a gay single son's mother and aunt accepting his sexuality and himself, accepting who he is.
Downloaded and watched the movie.
Laughed my ass off!! Such a pick me up from my depressing day.

If you guys have nothing to do, do go download the movie. =D

Here is the trailer.


If you guys download and watch the movie, do let me know what you guys think of the movie.

Till next time,

p.s. To calvin, you nak me post about that, you slowly wait till i got mood the write.. =P

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

145 : Ugly people problems.

Totally not my post.. Taken off Ugly people problems. Something i felt very true and relate-able.. Life is so saddddd~~~ 

I relate so well to #305, #673, #659, #647, #646, #622..
If you are hot.. This post is not for you.. lol

Monday, 23 January 2012

144 : Official

He calls you baby.
He invites you out,
He greets you in the cutest way,
He hugs your waist when you walk over to him while he is sitting down, and says "I miss you!"
He puts his arms around your shoulder when you walk.
He tugs you closer when going down an empty escalator, just to kiss your forehead.
He gives you a sudden peck on your cheek without warning when sitting alone.
He fondles with your fingers knowing he cant hold your hand in public.
He holds your hand when no one is around.
He always says his goodbye with the sweetest smile while waving his hand.

My question..
When do you categorize yourself as being official with a guy?
Some people take it as holding hands,
For Some the first kiss,
Others the breathtaking question.


Sunday, 22 January 2012

143 : The Internet.

Recently there have been pictures of this couple circulating in facebook.. Im surprise how many people are actually sharing it..  Straight people especially.

I find them super cute!! The chinese!! HOT!~~ haha

【史上最帅的2个同性恋,要结婚了!】一对帅气难当的年青情侣备受人瞩目,他们6月相识,不久后宣布婚讯..他们一个来自中国,一个来自乌克兰,被网友誉为史上最帅男同志~~ 《转载微博》
Original Captions from the picture i've saved of facebook. Google translate it.. Im too lazy to translate..

Someone actually zoomed it in.. lol

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!!
Lots of Love,

Saturday, 21 January 2012

142 : Benefits

My sister dragged me around shopping yesterday..
Going into every female boutiques including Lasenza..
Upon seeing guys carrying bags for their girlfriend as their girlfriends raid the clothes rack i realize something..
Im quite happy being gay for a few reason..

1. Shopping.
We get to go shopping with our partner FROM THE SAME SHOPS! We don't have to go wait around for them to browse clothes we will never wear. I felt so restless waiting for my sister to try on her clothes. Another point is I share different opinions with her on clothes, I'm not really sure what looks good and all for female fashion and couldn't give her proper opinions on the clothes she was interest in...
Oh. and when you get the buy 1 free 1 offers. Both of us can buy one and split the bill.. Haha!

2. Clothes
Hehe.. Similar to the first point. We get to share clothes, provided you and your partner share the same size clothes.. but usually they do right?.. Usually see couples with about the same body sizes..
Couple tees are easier to buy too.

3. Understanding.

Enough Said?
 Okay. Just a joke. People kept saying how complicated it is to have a girlfriend in terms of understanding them. Not saying its very easy to understand guys, I'm having a hard time reading B currently too.. At least we can understand each other better being the same gender and all..

4. Quality Time

We get to spend quality time together that straight couples don't get..
We share can enter the same toilet... Gym.. Sauna.. *wink*

5. Versatile
If both are versatile.. You both get to "help" each other?... lol..

Anyways.. That is the 5 reasons i can think of.. Care to add on to what makes you proud!

ps. There is a guy working in Zara midvalley's guys section.. HOT!!! If anyone if going there anytime soon and manages to get a picture of him.. can send it to me?.. haha

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

141 : Woke up.

Today i woke up with a heavy heart..
A feeling i can't describe..
My blog is becoming emotional again..

I'm steering up a heart break..
Each day i spend with him just depends the feeling..
I told myself,
Just enjoy the remaining time i have left here,
Don't take things seriously, just have fun..

I should have known.
I'm suppose to already be familiar how my emotions work..

Time hit me again..
I got less then 25 days left..
Im tearing up..
I'm missing him so much and i cant do anything about it..

What will my next move be?...
Staying away from him seems like the best idea now..

"Can give me a kiss?"..
I did..


Monday, 16 January 2012

140 : Languages of Love 2

Few post ago i posted Languages of Love, talking about the 5 languages a person posses to show his or her loved ones.

Here is a little test for your guys to occupy your time :

This test is made specially " For Singles". So all you couples go away!! lol?
You can choose other test too, for husbands, for wives etc.

Here are my results..

Physical touch pula.. Care to share your results?


Friday, 13 January 2012

139 : Arms.

Just been feeling down this few days..

"I never thought you would be the one,
To hold my heart."
"You put your arms around me,
and i believe,
That its easier for you to let me go..
You put your arms around me and i'm home."
"The world is coming down on me,
and i cant find a reason for me to be loved.
I never wanna leave you,
but i cant make you bleed if im alone."

I'm in a conflict,
With myself and others around me.
A dilemma.
As usual, telling myself "dont take this too seriously" just fails oh so miserably.

Some friends are telling me let go before i get hurt..
Some friends are telling me enjoy the time..

Rawr~~ Gonna catch hold on my friend and rant everything tomorrow.

Happy Friday the 13th everyone!

Thursday, 12 January 2012

138 : Plesent surprise.

Recently someone found me on facebook in the funniest way.

I was flabbergasted, never expected that to happened.. lol
Besides leaving our mutual friend totally confuse,
it was nice meeting meeting a blogger! =D


Gym with B was fun! First time going to gym and it was with him too!
No, we dint do anything.. Everyone starts thinking we did notti stuff..

Did nothing notti,
Just enjoyed each others company.
Miss you..

Till next time,

  Ps. The new "reply" system sucks.. I dont think im going to use it.. Just adds on to the unnecessary number of comments.. Will stick to the usual replying style. 

Monday, 9 January 2012

137 : Can i?...

Walking in Suria Klcc.. When suddenly.. :

B : Can i hold your hand?..

K : Er.. not here..

B : Okay...

Few seconds later..

B : Can i NOT hold your hand?..

K : *thinking for a while..*... Yes.. haha!

B : Okay...

Lol, freaking cute la he..
He did hold my hand in the end though..
Got 2 pecks on my cheek when i wasnt paying attention too..

Gah!! Why are you making it harder for me to leave to aussie?...
I really like you alot...

Might be going gym with him tomorrow..
Cant wait!


Sunday, 8 January 2012

136 : Short and Sweet..

Just a very short post of a funny scene that happened during the last Christmas party.
Like my friend says, a speech must always be like a mini skirt.
Long enough to cover the important stuff,
But short enough to keep it interesting. haha

During the last party, when people were starting to become drunk, a few tipsy people including me and a guy and his girlfriend were outside savaging the remainder of the food left outside.. We were kept well entertain until the food finished.. Then... out of boredom.. 



Guy : *Shocked* Er.. dear...

Girl : Who wants to make out with me?????

Guy : Dear.. I was joking.. Its not really..

Girl : Nic!! LETS GO MAKE OUT!~

Guy : Dear.. no..

Girl : *Grabs nic's arm pulls her in the house*

Guy : Er... *runs in after her*

Haha, they dint make out at the end.. Tipsy people.. lol!
Just something i thought was funny for you guys.

Hope you guys had an awesome day!
My day just got better as the guy i was talking about in my last post invited me out for tomorrow and booked me to watch wong fu productions in Malaysia in Feb..
Happy Birthday My Dear!

Lots of love,

135 : Rants


 Im just going to type of anything okay?..
Dont hold is against me.. its just my thoughts and feelings..

I feel so frustrated with myself..
Restlessness and Boredom often occupy most of my day
I just feel so annoyed..

This guy..
I cant read him at all!!
He makes me freaking confuse!!
He tells me he likes me.. He made my first day of new year feel like a fairy tale..
But when he is online on facebook..
He never pm's me..
He never sms's me..
I mean if you like someone wouldnt you be talking non stop on facebook and stuff?..

I like him too..
And everyday i wait for him to pm me.. but he never happens..
He replies are slow too for smses and pm's when i pm him..
Adding the fact he had a few ex's before me that some of my friends labelled him as dangerous..
A sweet talker and he knows he is hot and alot of people likes him..

I feel like i am one of the few people that he keeps hanging on just for attention..
Maybe he just likes me giving him attention?..
Maybe he replies me slowly because he is talking to other guys?..
I am so confuse!!!
I might be just thinking too much..

I miss him hanging out with him..

My friend is calling me desperate..
I always denied it but talking to my friend minutes ago just made me realize alot of things..
Im bloody desperate i guess..
Im desperate for someone to fill the emptiness i am feeling..
It is such a horrible feeling..

I hate my ex..
I farking hate him for what he did to me..
He created a hole in my heart and left it there..
A hole that was always filled..
Im desperately trying to fill it..
But i am scared..
Terrified of what people might do to me..
I cant afford to be hurt again..
I really cant..

I hate this feeling..
I hate this feeling of not being able to control myself..
I want to be in control.. I need to be in control..
Of my emotions.. of my thoughts.. of my actions..

I feel like just talking to someone..
To tell that person literally everything..

God i sound like such an attention whore..
I just..
Dont know what to do...


Wednesday, 4 January 2012

134 : Languages of Love

There are basically 5 languages of love that people speak.

     Here are the 5 languages of love:
     · Quality time: For a person who speaks this language, things like eye contact, deep and meaningful   conversations and shared activities are needed to feel loved. Bonding time with their partner is what is most important to them.

     · Receiving gifts: When you are with a partner who love little gifts and surprises, this is precisely what you will get. You will constantly be showered with new clothes, flowers or even chocolates. This is how they want to be loved, so this is exactly what they do for their partners. Giving the gift of self is also an important symbol of love to these people.

     · Words of affection: This works by giving your partner constant compliments, sweet love notes and lots of encouragement. This is important because those who speak this language are sensitive people and don’t take criticism as well as others. They may illustrate their frustrations by using sharp words or even by harassing you.

     · Physical touch: If this is the language of your partner they will be very affectionate or, as some like to call it, touchy-feely. Sex to them means much more than just an orgasm - it is a way to connect. If you deny someone who speaks this love language sex, they may feel unloved.

     · Acts of service: Some people find pleasure in doing things for others. This may mean that they will feel loved when their partners help out with chores or doing things for them. However, acts of service should be done out of love, not obligation.
Copied from

Found this out when i was with a close friend.
She concluded i speak the language of Gifts..
Well i guess i do.. I very rarely receive gifts but i rather really love giving handmade gifts..

Guess everyone does speak every of the 5 languages but one in particular excels more then the other.
I mean i love getting physical touches, i am a hugging whore after all. Anyone care to give me a warm hug? haha.

Anyways, which of the 5 do you speak?

Love, CK

Monday, 2 January 2012

133 : "The only thing stopping me"

Lying with him..
He pulled me closer towards him.
Slowly wrapping his arms around me. 
Burying my face into his chest,
Snuggling and inhaling, 
Taking in his addictive scent..
His warmth could be felt as he hug me tighter..
Comforting me as i fall asleep in his arms..


I was awaken by the sound of a door slamming..
Could be the wind or one of my family members..

I looked around.
I was alone on my bed..
It was a dream..

"The only thing stopping me"
These words echo in my mind as i recalled yesterday..

He exhaled loudly during dinner..
Followed by a sigh..
He talked about me leaving for studies,
Snapping me back from my fantasy to reality.
Reminding me of my departure in 38 days..

"You going to Australia is the only thing stopping me now",
He told me.

My heart sank...
But i just smile..
Ensuring him that they are plenty more out there for him.
And quickly changing the topic.

We enjoyed and finish our dinner,
And i sent him off..

I would love to stay here with you but i cant..

Spending the first day of a new year with you means alot to me.
I miss you my dear..

Going to Australia is the only thing stopping me too..
For now we will just stay friend i guess..

Ck =(