Sunday, 29 July 2012

264 : The Right type of Motivation II

If you guys remember the instructor that I've posted about in  The Right Type of Motivation, as promised, here yea go! The motivation to my exercise..

Charming eh? My type la.. lol

Happy Sunday everyone!
Hope you have a great day!


Thursday, 26 July 2012

Acting on impulse, losing control of my emotions..
My fault..
Shouldn't be poking around the fire..

Hope the person that it was intended for did not read it..
If he did..
I'm sorry..

I don't mean it..
It just..
I'm really losing control of myself lately..
Been feeling so tired and frustrated with everything..

I wish i can just disappear from the world a while..
I think i should start meditating before sleep again..

I'm sorry..
Hope you feel better soon.. :'(

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

262 : Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas in July guys!
Apparently its kinda a Christmas Celebration held in July for countries such as New Zealand and Australia to get the "cold winter" feel for Christmas instead of the blazing sun in December.

Day started off horrible though..
8 hours of sleep and still i was so tired throughout the day which made me grumpy..
Wasted 3 hours in the afternoon just to get into a class which the teacher just sucks.

Computer work today and he didn't even stop to take a breath,
clicking away and expecting us to follow every single step,
worst thing was he scolded the class for talking when he was "teaching" when everyone was actually asking each other what was the next step,
the whole class didn't even know what was going on..

Went to the gym to cheer myself up and i ended up leaving the class halfway through.
Felt so annoyed somehow..

It was quite random but Mrs. Claus came in during another class and gave out coupons for a luck draw.
Kinda brighten up my day.
The whole gym was lighten up with laughter and jokes when she came in.
She was the head coordinator for all classes. LOL
Didn't win anything though. >.<

Was in the locker room today when a couple was using the locker beside me.
"Eh.. i buy you protein la.. Become nice and strong for me."
"Yerr.. I don't want.."
"People say its good wor.."
"Aiyo, people say you believe ah? Lets go la."

They were too cute la.. lol

Just remembered there are no such thing as bad days la..
Mrs. Claus and the couple really cheered me up.

Merry Christmas guys!

Sunday, 22 July 2012

261 : The Right Type of Motivation

Everything you do, when lacking of motivation,
You just need to find the right spark to keep the roaring fire within burning alive.

The long awaited Sundays has arrived!
Wasn't easy, but i manage to ditch my friend for an hour and a half.
Made my way to my class with the cute ass instructor!
My usual spot was taken so i had no choice but to stand right in front of the instructor's platform.
And the cardio class began.

The whole time during class i was practically few steps away from him,
Damn, the view was awesome..

Half way through the first track he lead forward,
Making eye contact, he said :
"Com'on! Work for it!". (WOOT!)

At one point when we were in a circle facing the middle,
I so happen to be where he was standing.. (or plotted to be >:3)
Legs tired and hurting, my energy level was dead low..
Then unexpectedly, running on the spot next to me, he looked at me.
"How are you feeling? Good? Well, You and I, to the center! Lets go!"
Happy screaming boy within me, motivation boost X1000!
High knee run all the way throughout the rest of the way.

After the whole workout, i manage to catch him after his bath..
Sexiness, only in a pair short shorts and walking out wet..
Nice big chest, rock hard abs and pointy nipples...
Lol, cloud 9..

My point is..
Someone hot can be such a motivational boost sometimes..
or rather always?

Can't wait for next week!


Saturday, 21 July 2012


I know I'm going to sound like a sore loser..
But just once i really want to celebrate my birthday with friends..

Every year and everyday i see people posting pictures of birthday parties they get on their birthdays,
or at least going for outings and dinner with friends..
Just once i really want to have something like that..

This year on my birthday, i didn't even get to see anyone of the people i love..
I didn't get a wish from the guy i gave my heart to,
nor any presents..

Just like that, at the end of the day, without friends or family,
I looked to my twin brother and said,
"There goes our special day.. Happy birthday bro.."
and it was over..
I understood the little smile he gave me,
expressing how pathetic our birthdays were..

Yea, i know.
I'm not popular, I'm not good looking, I don't have close friends..
Maybe that's just my life..
I'm just a whining baby..
I sound so stupid..

Enjoy your birthdays everyone.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

259 : Virginity

Your virginity.
Does it or did it matter to you?

Some group takes it as a symbol of purity.
A Symbol of their self control and patients in waiting for the right guy..
One day, their prince will come and they will surrender themselves completely without the slightest of hesitation.

In the other hand,
Another group of people says your virgitny is nothing.
That it isn't important and wouldn't matter if you had it or not.
That it's stupid to be holding out on something so good..

Recently, I made my choice on what it meant to me.

What does it mean to you?


Monday, 16 July 2012

258 : Bitches be bitches

Bitches be bitches.
Slapping their way to victory.

Khai sent me a link today.
I clicked it, press play and laughed my ass off..
Never in my life i have played such a nonsensically game and yet it was tastefully done.

If you guys are bored and not horny you should try it out.
>>> Rosecamellia

Have fun!

Thursday, 12 July 2012

257 : Grimm

Holidays really takes that sanity away from someone.

Before holidays everyone is like :
"I can't wait!"

During holidays everyone goes :
"Why the hell did I even look forward to this??"
Anyways, downloaded the books by the Grimm Brothers.
Its really how Disney has modified the stories.

Ariel dies in Little Mermaid, the prince in Rapunzel was blinded, there are 8 godmothers in Sleeping Beauty, Snow White is a dumb bitch, and so on...

Makes me go "My life is a lie!!". 
I guess Disney can't have children crying at the end of the movie.. lol.

I think I'm Sleeping Beauty.. Rather then sleeping, its rather being single for 100 years. lol
But i have faith!
Though there aren't any dragons in the Original Sleeping Beauty,
My prince is fighting the dragon now.

He better fucking hurry up..

Where is your prince?

"I don't want a happy ending. In fact, i don't want an ending at all. I want the happy middle parts."

Fairy Tales,

Monday, 9 July 2012

256 : The Right Way.

Was walking on a street with a dance friend today.
Walking by a place, he mentioned to me that there was a gay protest that happened there some time back.

Its always awkward when he talks about gay stuff to me, he knows I am but we still talk like when he doesn't? Like once a group of us talked about how he kissed a guy when he was drunk, we laughed but he gave me a look which gave me a "i know you are gay" message.. lol

Anyways, there was a protest held and he said at one point of the protest, 3 gay couples stood on the platform and started making out. He said it was just disturbing.

Honestly, i can't blame him and i felt ashamed.

They mean well and all but isn't a point of a protest to make someone understand? I really don't think making people force to see what they can't accept will do any good. It would just make the homophobic people have more against us and become more spiteful.

I know I don't have authority to comment on this but there is always a good way to do something and a bad way to do something.. Don't make the bad choice that would just have a reverse effect...

Just my two cents.

Friday, 6 July 2012

255 : Heart vs Brain vs Penis

Never ending battle between them 3.
 Lust, Love and The Right Thing to do?

Was quite down since the previous post and some how I was convinced i loved the guy, that my rejection was a mistake. We talked more then usual after that, skyping each other few hours at a time in the afternoon and night.  Sending each other cheeky messages and all and planning trips when i get back.

It was all good. Until..

I decided to wank..

Right after that everything felt so wrong!! I was like "OMG!! WHAT HAVE I DONE??" (The feeling of love and leading him on.. Not wanking.. Wanking never feels wrong.. :3)

What people say its true. If you still love that person after ejaculation, you are in love. If not its just lust.

Thinking with my dick again..

So far there has only been 3 people that I said/ could say "i love you" after. But heh.. Oh wells.

Got to go straighten things out before it goes futher.


Thursday, 5 July 2012

254 : Ironic

It's really ironic..
I rejected a guy last week and now i'm feeling like crap..

He went out with someone he just met today.
They had a movie and lunch together,
Made out in the cinema and sharing drinks together.

He told me that they are just friends and all but..
I just can't help but feel jealous..

I'm not suppose to be..
I rejected the guy right?..

I really don't understand my heart..
That day he asked me do i have any feelings for him and i couldn't answer..
But i answered "no" anyway and i think i broke his heart..

Even if i said yes it wouldn't work out right?
People just get bored of me fast always.
Saving myself a heart break..
Adding distance to the equation..

I don't know..
I just feel so fucked up..  :(

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

253 : Horror Movie

I was browsing through tumblr and someone recommended a movie. It's called White: The Melody of the Curse.

Intelligent me, i decided to watch it at night, alone, in my room, with only one dim table lamp. WORST IDEA EVER!!

The second the horror started i was in a state of panic.. My room being almost full mirror doesn't help either.. That's when i gave in and went to my brother for help..

L : Eh... can i watch a movie in your room?..
K : Huh? Why?
L : It's a horror movie.. and I'm scared..
K : O.o
L : It's Korean..
K : Oh.. Okays.. But face your laptop away from me and plug in ear phones!
L : Okay..

Half way through i took off my earphones and watched the whole movie without sound..

At the end of the movie I didn't dare to go outside my bro's room because it was pitch dark, had to side walk to the light switch..

I ended up Skype calling my friend and taking him where ever i go, to the toilet, to the living room just so I didn't feel i was going to get killed any moment..

Going back from the toilet..
L : Okays.. I can do this.. I can do this.. Just a switch and run..
(Flicks the living room switch off)

Besides giving my friend a good laugh i guess I'm okay..
I'm still quite jumpy now..
I'm not good at horror movies..
How bout you guys?


Monday, 2 July 2012

252 : Speechless

I'm utterly speechless..
No words can describe my excitement when i watched this trailer!!
I don't think I'm going to a cinema to watch this movie, I bet it would be swamp with girls or gay guys?..
Well at least not alone.. Shall drag a friend along. Tehee!!

Magic Mike Anyone?


Sunday, 1 July 2012

251 : You a couple?

I was at an event a few days back.
I was sitting in the corner with my longkang brother and 2 girl friends.

A girl came and introduced herself as K.C. to us. We were talking when suddenly she asked us something.

"Are you two a couple?", while pointing to him and me. I was just baffled..

He rejected her statement before i went couldn't catch my train of thought with a "NOOO!!!!! We are just best friends from a same college".

Am i that obvious?.. He is straight thought.

P/s. It's damn funny to tell drunk Malaysians in Melbourne "Want to go Mamak later?.." and see them nod so happily. LOL