Sunday, 29 May 2011

17: Dance

*video removed*

Had this performance last week. Dope choreography by 4 awesome dancers. What'cha guys think?

p.s false start due to technical errors but it was fun. XP
p.s.s Can you guess which one is me?
p.s.s.s If you can.. dont share the video.. im not out yet.. lol

Friday, 27 May 2011

16: Now what?

Exams are over,
2 weeks holiday,
now what??

Im damn bored i feel like there nothing anything to do...
Anyone got any suggestions?

Btw, how many times have this happened to you?
*Searching through facebook*
*click pictures*
Wahhh!!   *next*      wah!! *next*       yerr... *yeerrrrrrr not cute already*
*close tab.*

The king of procrastination,

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

15: Censorship

You know the feeling of studying a topic and failing miserably trying to memorize it, later on dismissing it thinking that it wouldn't be tested in the exam? I mean what are the odds right?
Wonderful.. I lost 10 marks on the first question of the exam because of that. Thank you human rights convention for being so complex. lol

Anyways. Don't you get annoyed with censoring on TV and Radio?
I mean show like How i met your mother or Glee, the censoring just knocks you off the storyline.
Take Glee for example. If someone dint search up what happened to Kurt you wont even know about the bully dude kissed Kurt.

One of the censoring im most disappointed with is "Born This Way".Yes, i know its been a while since the song was released and censored but the song is still constantly played on radio. Malaysia banned the lyrics "no matter gay, straight or bi, lesbian, transgender life, im on the right track, baby" because it was deemed taboo and offensive.. Offensive because the lyrics says its okay?

Just hope one day Malaysia will be more opened minded about LGBT issues.

Anyways, watched Lilo and Stitch 2 today. Aww!! Stitch is WAY WAY CUTE!! XP


Monday, 23 May 2011

14: 4 days to freedom!

1 paper down, 3 to go!!
Damn exam has to have a break on Thursday.
Till then!!
*muaks!* :3


Sunday, 22 May 2011

13: 3 Wishes

Anyone else besides me have thought of what will you wish for if you had 3 wishes?
Of course, the "i wish i have 3 more wishes" wish would be a no no. lol
Be a pessimist, so when your genie says "no, you can't" you wont be so disappointed. XP
Haha, i guess this would be my 3 wishes.

1. A sexy body that will never go "unsexy". Hahaha, who wouldn't want a hot bod and can eat whatever you want?. haha , thought about a sexy face too but nah! XP

2. The power to meet any celebrity, like the power to make an mental appointment with the celebrity and they will have to urge to visit a place where they will "bump" into me. This wish is mainly for Big Bang!! Love Kang Dae Sung! Damn cute fellaw, would love to met him personally. He has a damn hot body too. XP

3. A working gaydar.. My gaydar is broken. It points to every guy i see. Then when i am done with my personal use, i will started a gypsy service for gaydar service. LOL

Ah.. but wishes do change as time go buy. Wishes to me are kinda like objectives to me. Work out to get fit, go for a big bang concert and find someone special.

Of course to achive our goals we have to work for it. Dreaming alone won't bring us any closer to them. Got to go study for exams now. haha

Nites love,

Thursday, 19 May 2011

12: College

I really don't like it here.. I feel awfully lonely..
Everyone found their own cliques.. I'm their third party.
I'm alone..
I miss my high school friends, i miss my best friends.
Im drifting away from them.
I'm stranded on an island with strangers and i see my friends sailing away.
Slowly, painfully, the friendship bonds are fading.
I really don't like it here.. I feel awfully lonely


Wednesday, 18 May 2011

11: Tired yet hyper! XP

OMG! I am so tired!! Had dance practice from 4- 9pm today, AWESOMEEE!! Yes, i am having exams but im having performance on Friday too!! Based on the picture above, we were practically at the extremely hyper stage. We started turning on random songs and dancing to them. Slut dancing was the main dance we did. Haha! 4 guys and 4 girls going crazy to slut songs, impromptu dancing and slut dancing everywhere!! Had a grinding train consisting of 4 guys dancing to blow by KedollarsignHa(Glee) haha!! Too much info? Best dance was a happy choreo danced to Accidentally in Love. Will upload a video for you guys if we complete out choreography! Damn cute choreography! XP  Going to turn in early for tomorrow's exam. Love you guys!

haha, the guy is damn cute!! 

Nights loves,

1.49min, nosebleed!! XD
I love this video. Inspiring and touching! I wanna go!! XP

Monday, 16 May 2011

10: Scrutinizing

Do you guys scrutinize your friends, especially your close friends? Their looks, their attitude, their personality, their fashion? I realize i don't notice alot of things that everyone else notices. lol

Once, i went for an exchange trip with  30 people around my age. We spent 1 week together for a "camp" touring around the country while the other 2 weeks with our respective host parent. It was fun and all, but on the last day of our 3 weeks stay, few "lucky" ones were chosen to stay in the airport hotel for a night due to our host staying too far from the airport. The lucky few of us naturally started talking about the wonderful time we had. Unknowingly everyone automatically turn on bitchy mood. LOL, i was so surprised. they started bitching about the other exchangies that were not with us lucky ones. They started talking about how one girl made another cry because she thought they were after the same guy, how people "backstep (tuls 2011)" each other. OMFG i was so oblivious to everything!! I dint know anything and everything that went on, who is secretly bitch, who used who to get to who, who everyone thought was weird.

Today, i went for deserts around college with my dance club friend. I had a Lamigton!! :P. We sat down together and started to talk. Same thing!! I had no idea what was going on!! lol

The fact is that I'm very easily influenced by words. When you tell me something bad about someone, the little info prints a deep impression in my thoughts. I actually never judge friends or rather not have opinions on them especially close friends except for the occasional "omg.. he is damn weird.." :P What do you guys think? Is that a good trait to have to not scrutinize people? or a bad one? I have found a few friends that people told me to stay away from cause of the high tendency of being used or backstabbed by them.

p.s For all you bored people out there,


9: Anti-Bullying.

Just wanted to share a inspiring short film about anti homosexual bullying.

Exams coming up this week. Good luck to everyone!


Saturday, 14 May 2011

8: Hugs!!

Woke up feeling bitter today. I realize i haven't have a proper hug in ages!! A hug that will tell you that everything is alright, to tell you that people care and you are loved.

Hugs, everyone loves hugs. Hugs are not as personal as a kiss but can be shared by almost anybody, anywhere, anytime. :P Scientifically proven to increase your health, when you hug someone, especially your loved one, your body releases a "bonding" hormone called oxytocin aka, the love hormone. So, hug someone!! :)

I used to get a hug almost everyday from my close friends. I love giving hugs as much as receiving one. I love the comforting feeling when you hug someone, the body contact and all.. Since form one i had someone that i always share a hug with, however in form 3, he transferred to another school. Naturally, being a hugging slut i am.. I somehow had another friend that i shared a hug with almost everyday. He used to give me the biggest and tightest hugs!! Ahh!! I miss him so much!!
Now in college, i made another friend that love giving hugs. It was fine for the first few months however, I suspect he knows my sexuality though.. So i stopped with the hugs, just exchanging hi's and bye's now. Im soooo deprived of a proper hug now. lol..

P.s To all the plu's out there.. Do you find the feeling of hugging a girl weird?.. When you feel the "body" contact that turns on most guys.. lol


Thursday, 12 May 2011

7: Making use of people?

It sucks when people make use of you.
Boohoo for you if you are making use of people.

It sucks lar!! Few months ago i sent a friend home from dance practice.
Her mum refused to pick her up due to the fact the practice lasted till around 12am.
Seeing she stays close by, Why not? A 5 minutes detour wont hurt anyone.
So, sent her home, she said thanks, end of story.

Recently, in 2 separated occasions, I asked her if she could fetch me for dance practices since i had no transport.
I can drive, but my parent banned me from driving out alone.. Trust issues.. LOL
Anyways!! She told me she couldn't, her parents wanted to go somewhere afterwards, dinner or some event. Fine~ okay.. just dance practice, i can catch up with the choreography.

Today, i asked her if she could sent me home after a party, party ends at 11 something.
I just received a message from her saying, her transport, her sister, wants to go somewhere after fetching her.
GO WHERE!?!?! My friend is underage to go clubbing!! WHERE DO YOU WANT TO GO???
Feel so WTF.. At least return the favor for sending you when your mum refuse to fetch you home.

Yes, i know she could be telling the truth but still..
So now, im not going for dance classes that my friend will be teaching, not going for a dance club party which is going to be dope and i have to cook my own dinner when i get my usual transport home..
Im still close to her, she is a nice person and all but i feel like i was used, no more transport for you!

There are many other times i was used but thats a story for another day.

Nites love,

6: Human Steps

Omg, its 1.35am and i just woke up. got to get my work done before i get back to sleep.. :P
Few minutes ago I've watched a video by Lalala Human Steps (Lol!), OMFG awesomeness!!
Their techniques are crazy!! Simply, breathtaking.

Another video nearly made a cry the first time i watch it.
Thought of you by Ryan Woodward

Haha, yes i am some crazy dance freak. XP

"Dance is the hidden language of the soul."
- Martha Graham

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

5: Loser Like Me!

Okay, I'm sure anyone who watches Glee would agree that the storyline for Glee just spiraling into weirdness.. Kurt finally gets together with Blaine (Awwwww :3) BUT Britney and Santana lesbians?!?
Good effort for promoting LGBT awareness but What The....

Anyways, in a recent episode, the cast sang an original song called "Loser Like Me". The lyrics are epic!
"Push me up against the lockers,
and hey, 
all i do is shake it off,
I'll get you back when I'm your boss

I'm not thinkin' 'bout you haters,
cause hey,
I could be a superstar,
I'll see you when you wash me car."


Monday, 9 May 2011

4: Exams!

Exams are coming, assignments due,
The question now would be :
"To dance, or not to dance?"
So many dance events going on.
PRAY for the will power to refrain from dancing. :P

3: Why?

Why you would keep insisting you know my sexuality?
Why would you say "Oh c'mon, everyone knows"
Are you joking? Do you want me to come out to you?
If i do, would you continue to be my friend?
Would you continue to give me a hug each time you see me?
Do you know how hurt i would be if i lose you as a friend, how much i would miss you?

If you "do know" my sexuality, why do you still hang out with me once in a while? I know you are 100% straight.
Do you know it hurts when you say that?

I guess I'll stay away from dance club for the time being..

2: Expect the Unexpected

Friend : Hey K, i want to ask you something.
K : Em.. ok...
Friend: Do you.. have anyone in mind.... (long pause)
Friend: As a permanent dance partner?
K : -.-''

Haha, just thought it was kinda funny since i suspect my friend as a plu.. :P
This teaches me not to flatter myself.. lol

I get moody when the weather is hot.. lol

Sunday, 8 May 2011

1: Friendship or the truth?

When you asked me the question today,
the same question that most teenagers ask each other,
"Who do you like?",
"Eh, whose your target?",
"You got anyone in mind ah?",
Its just so awkward for me..

How am i suppose to answer your question?
Telling you his name would just scare you away,
Shattering our friendship, forever leaving a scar between us.

I was lucky something came up and you got distracted,
forgetting the question.
What happens if I'm not so lucky next time?..

Anyone developed their own way in Shrugging of the question?
Care to share? :)