Thursday, 27 June 2013

387 : Chubby fetish

I have a friend that against all gay social stereotype norms, actually loves chubby guys. The chubbier the better. Who am I to question his type but I'm getting more and more annoyed with him.

Most guys in the gay circle are aiming for or have lean, muscular build to impress. Only a handful or guys are actually chubby (correct me if I'm wrong), making him somewhat desperate. He always bugs people online, using anonymous accounts with fake names to add guys to "disturb" them. At first, I was kinda tolerant to his childish behavior, but the more times he tells me he did this and that, the more I got annoyed.

He keeps talking about my brother and a handful of my chubby friends, asking me if he could add them on Facebook. I know my brother is fucking adorable penguin/panda looking but i told him to do whatever he wanted, I just don't want to get involve. But today.. He crossed the line.

He decided to add my brother using an anonymous account on Facebook. My brother naturally accepted his friend request but deleted him right after seeing no pictures or details whatsoever on the page (as i assume, i would too). That being bad enough, he went and message my brother, telling him he is cute and he is gay. Like DA FUCK? Fucking gay stalker go message my brother?? My brother blocked him immediately. He actually thinks is funny my brother acted that way, yet couldn't understand why my brother would block him. Seriously?

Told him off today. Telling him how stupid and immature he is for his age. The retarded thing is that he messages guys, gay and STRAIGHT just because they caught his eyes. Not scolding him specifically. but guys that do this random messaging asking for sex, you guys are just creating a worst impression for the gay society by straight community. At least pick your targets properly.

My brother doesn't know I know what happen, and hopefully both of us will forget this stupid event.
I really, don't want to view my brother in that way.

I'm falling sick..
Short post before I go back to sleep.. like 4 hours nap isn't enough..


Tuesday, 25 June 2013

386 : Disowned.

L  : "Mum, I'm free on Friday night so I can make it for Uncle's dinner."
M : "You really want to go?"
L  : "Yea, why not?"
M : "Never mind, I already told him(uncle), you have work on that day already."
L : "Whyy????"

So apparently I've been temporary disowned by my family.

Since my mum came over to Melbourne to spend time with us, my uncle decided to organize a little family dinner before my mum fly back to Malaysia. She better appreciate the clean air we have here, gonna have a hard time adapting back to the haze.. Anyways, everyone is invited but when I told my mum I have no plans on that day i got that reply.

I'm not allowed to see my uncles, aunts and cousins and definitely not my grandfather. Why?

I got a new piercing in February.. and now my mum is hiding me!

Industrial Piercing fun!
My grandfather nearly slapped one of my working cousin because he shaved his side burns away and forced him to shave the top as well.. Soooo.. If he finds out about the added holes on me, he will kill me.. If any relatives find out the news are gonna spread like wildfire. Everyone in my family is a goodie two shoes, or appears to be : no colour hair, no fancy piercing or tattoos etc. So I'm already an extreme.

Only person that actually approves of it is my grandma.. She actually pulled me aside when i took my earring off my lobe piercing to hide it. She actually likes it but after this industrial, she will kill me if i get another.

Until my industrial piercing heals and I can actually take the jewelry out, i'm forbidden to see relatives. Hopefully i don't bump into them too.. lol


Friday, 21 June 2013

385 : Bored.

So exams ended yesterday.
Came home and realize I have absolutely NOTHING to do.

At least when i was doing nothing the day before exam, it was called procrastinating. Now its just.. Sitting there.. lol? Curse the fact all my hobbies can't be done at home. I see my brother sewing away toys and pillows when he is bored, sister has her make up, and i have.. porn?.. I don't know.

Haven't fap in ages too. Libido died.
Longest dick in the world is 13.5 inches. Distance from Malaysia to Melbourne is 6000km away.
Bf's dick ain't gonna stretch that long. Furthest shooter is 18ft? Imagine getting shot by white fluid 18ft away..

Anyways, someone suggested I posted pictures and open my blog..
Unanoymousfy my blog.
I think if I did i'm gonna lose the remaining few of you that actually reads this little blogspot..


Fried > Bake > Mash potatoes..
Grill fits somewhere in there.. Potato gun beats everything else.

Mangoes or Banana?

I think i'm gonna start sleeping at 9pm again..


Friday, 14 June 2013

384 : Love Byte!

Love byte! (not love bite)

For all the couples out there! 

So not long ago my friend reminded me to celebrate the 100th day anniversary. 
After complaining on how lazy I am of calculating dates, he asked me to use a smart phone app called "Love Byte".

So basically you download it, sign up for the app for both you and your partner and you are started! 
Its honestly a really cute app with a chat system for only you both, including a passcode lock too, for those paranoid your phone will be used by friends. 

So this is the main page.
It counts the date for you! hahahaha! Pardon the retarded editing.
The cover is Stitch cause he made it so.. lol,
The fun part is you can change his profile picture too..
*cue evil laugh*  

They allow you to post pictures, notes, dates etc and all recorded with a date. So its kinda nice you can review the dates etc. The only complain i have is that you can't post pictures in notes and dates, has to be posted separated. Ah well!  

My favourite feature! Scratchcards!! You can send scratchcards of your choice to your partner and they can "scratch" them. When you are done it counts as a "date". Get kinky and creative? Lol.
I introduced the App to my sister and all they use the scratch cards for is to ask each other to wake up.. -.-'' 

Anyways, I really recommend this app to anyone. Especially for people like me that is on an LDR. Better way to keep connected.  

Need to rush for work now.
See yea!

2 papers down, 2 more to go!


Friday, 7 June 2013

383 : The stars decided?

I'm sitting in front of my laptop just refreshing pages and websites continuously. Only after a while did i realize how easily socially deprived i am.

My nights usually consist of eating dinner, going through the usual websites(occasionally porn), and then before long, Puppy will be online and we would talk for hours but this day is different. Puppy is busy and i'm left here alone. I always knew i don't have close friends but it never hit me till now. I have no one to talk to.

There are people that I used to talk to almost everyday, but as the days or weeks go by, I kinda get a cold shoulder from them. Few worded messages compared to the long ones we used to have, conversation topics would get dull and never seem to last, I would just feel so cold and distant that most times talking to them I would feel like a burden or I'm annoying them.. and we just stop talking completely.

Its tragic really.. Whats more pathetic than being in my current state of social deprivation and restlessness would be the fact I'm actually blogging about it to the whole world which would now know how friendless and sad my life really is.

A friend of mine is a really strong believer of horoscopes. She would read her year forecast(is that the right term?), month, week and often day forecasts as well. She uses them as a guideline for her current situation, but i'm shall not go into it tonight.. Well when she passed me my horoscope, I was quite stunned on how it actually describes my person as a whole.

An Aquarius. The page I read about my life mentioned I would have many friends, but non close friends. If i would actually manage to get a close friend, the chances are that they would rarely stay through my life. Most people would say "bullshit", but it was true. Through out primary and secondary school, I was actually hard for me to actually have a best friend. Through secondary school itself i had 3 different "best friend". That so, I was never their "top" friend. Pitiful? More like Pathetic. Maybe i'm just bad in making friends but among all 3 of them, non of them I'm still in contact with. Messages to them would be replied half a day or more than a day later, with replies which are impossible to reply to..

So my twinkle twinkle stars? Am i cursed with the failure you have decided? Yes I am.

Good nights.

Feel blessed if you have a friend to share everything with, wonder if this is what I will go through for the rest of my life.. I fucking hate this..

Saturday, 1 June 2013

382 : Leading him on~

Finally all my activities have came to a halt till the next semester. Today alone marks the first time I actually ate dinner at home in 2 weeks.. Busy busy schedule.
Anyways, exams are on its way in two weeks!
Come at me bro!

I didn't ask puppy's permission to post pictures.. lol

Puppy ccame over for 10 days and I lead him to the typical tourist attractions.
Only manage to take a few pictures among all the places we went.
Didn't want to attract attention from the public by holding hands in crowded areas..

Kinda like a parody of "the girl who lead her boyfriend around the world".

"Stitch leading puppy around Melbourne."
-the failed parody.

Anyone can name the places?

One of the pictures is of puppy. =D