Friday, 29 March 2013

362 : I wanna lick them!

Last Tuesday i got to see Ellen Degeneres live!!
Lined up in line to see thousands of people already lining up more than a block to enter the park where she had her live show.
Unfortunately, I was damn close to entering the park before officials told us to watch from the big screen as they aren't going to allowed anyone else enter the park anymore.

So about two hundred of us stood under the hot sun watching from a big screen while everyone else left. Was it worth it?

They came out to greet us at the end of the show!
Portia was Gorgeous and elegant while Ellen was her typical funny and fun self.

Tony came to say hello!

So close! 

Anyways, Ellen brought her underwear models! Glutinous Maximus!
She also crowned her Melbourne underwear model and brought her Sydney one from the day before! Who do you like best? I like the Sydney one.. hehe


Finally got to see the wonderful Ellen,
Who next?


Thursday, 28 March 2013

361 :Public Display of Affection

Was in the tram today, what i can say as the most unpleasant tram ride ever.

Was standing in the corner of a crowded tram when this couple came in.
Couldn't see the girl's features but the guy was facing me.

Chubby all over, early 20's, big nerd glasses, around 165cm and a stupid primary school nerd combover.
My god.
He was hugging her and trying to kiss her. The whole time he had this horny look on his face. Giggling the whole trip and the girl acting cute. Sorry to say, watching them, i felt extremely disgusted.. Looking at all the glaring eyes at them, i could say i wasn't the only one.

Then the next tram shop, everything got SO MUCH BETTER. This woman in her mid 40's came in with a guy and stood right next to the kissing couple. Sorry to be mean, but she had a really unpleasant look.. Shaved head with only one small patch of hair as a short fringe, crossed eye and raggy oversize summer dress. Kinda sweet la in a way, the guy hugged her from the back in the tram. Then she decided to turn around and hugged him.

So i was standing by the corner in a crowded tram, with my only view of 2 couples eating each other faces.. Not pleasant at all!! Don't even know where to look. Funny thing was when the tram stopped, the hugging couple fell over on to everyone. Dumb ass!

I mean if you both are hot and PDA i guess it would be considered porn? Feel so shallow..

They nasty!!


Tuesday, 26 March 2013

360 : Having "History" Together

XX : "Oh puppy? We have history together"

Me :" WHAT??? How come he never told me about you before?? He told me all his past before and he has never mentioned you."

XX :" You go ask him la.."

Me :"Fine, i will!"

And after much questioning about the mysterious past history puppy had with Mr. XX, I realize just what history they had.

They had history class together in college.
Way to make me feel stupid eh Mr.XX?

Why you so ambiguous??


Monday, 25 March 2013

359 : Changing Nature

Puppy messaged me yesterday..
Undeniably, i knew he was feeling really down from his text tone.
After constant pester on what has been bugging him, he spilled when he was ready..

It was me.
I am the one that ruins his day without fail.

2 years of being the obsessive type, texting almost every min, constant need for their attention (no wonder i always got dumped), my nature changed. I used to get so depressed when I don't get a reply, or when they only reply hours later with short replies. Once bitten, twice shy, I've changed to a person that live my life without the constant need of attention from a beloved anymore. Numb from all the past, over thinking and the countless times the previous guys have made me bleed, I've became exactly like them, short texts and delay replies. I really don't know why I do exactly that but I unconsciously do. I read a text and throw my phone aside and continue with my daily routine, only replying when i get the urge to.

Vicious cycle ain't it? Someone that gets this delay treatment long enough becomes one that replies late to another guy and the cycle continues. I guess its just a brutal defense mechanism to avoid getting hurt anymore. Humans are so complex eh?

Anyways, puppy, I'm sorry I've been so cold to you.
I'm happy you understand that it's my personality and who I am.
I won't change overnight, but i'll try my best.
You wont lose me so easily and hopefully you won't lose your happy nature.

Lots of love,

I'm back. =)

Sunday, 10 March 2013


What do you do when you feel down?
Like in your whole life you will never find true happiness,
Like obstacles are there all the time and you never get to catch a break?

Its frustrating.

"Feel like i'm trap in someone else's master plan,

 go to school, 
get a job, 
get a mortgage. 
All i'm doing is dying."
-I could be the one
The time of happiness is over and long gone.
Faded away and impossible to grasp anymore.
So what am I to do?
With close to 7 billion people in the world, do you feel special?

For now, i'm just going to wank, curl up in bed, fml, and sleep.