Monday, 26 November 2012

324 : You.

You are the guy i will actually admit I fell for after penguin.
The person i once look forward to talking to every day and night.

But before any proper feelings could develop, you shot me down. You told me "Why? Fell for me dy?".
Just that sentence made me feel like crap. Like i was that desperate little boy going after you..
Maybe i was? I started trying to kill off the feelings yet we still talk often.

We always sounded excited when we planned to meet, at least i was.

First time we plan to meet up.
I was on my way to meet you after uni. My train ticket was already validated since I took the train to uni and i was quite excited to finally meet you after talking about it the day before. I messaged you confirming everything before I boarded the train and you told me you had to cancel since you were busy..

The next time we planned to have dinner together, You agreed you can confirm dinner plans before 6.. I messaged you to confirm and you only replied at 7 something, by which i was already home eating dinner since it felt like you didn't want to confirm it..

Right after we both finished our exams I told you i was free on Friday, you told me you will let me know. The whole exam period you talked to me and sounded excited to finally have a chance to meet.. The whole Thursday and Friday I kept checking my phone for a confirmation reply.. Nothing...

Stood up 3 times..

It sucks how i feel damn stupid yet i'm not angry at all. Could be my own imagination of your affection towards me.
I'm often stood up but coming from you, it just hurt..

Stupid for me to be expecting anything right? You clearly told me no..
People said mean things about you but i know you aren't. You are a really nice loveable person which might just be the reason i fell..

Little more than a week till our paths will never have a chance to cross again and with that said i don't think we will meet at all.. Just.. not meant to be..

Like a friend said, I really give up finding someone. Countless times where I ever really love, I would be left broken while the other walks around undented.. It fucking sucks, it feels like there is something majorly wrong with me, like i'm really meant to be alone.. There must be something about me that kills their emotions, people don't tell you they like/love you and just take it back the next day right? Or do they?..
Nonetheless, I'm pathetic..

You found me through this blog, i wonder would you ever read this..
Missed chance.
Your banana boy,
Leonut. =(

Sunday, 25 November 2012

323 : Picture secrets and others

Lol, exactly how i take most my pictures...
The secret of the friendless and lonely is out!

His accent is just damn cool though.. Lol

Anyways, here are a few more videos that left me laughing.

Ish.. Such a busy week to come before i head to the airport.
Happy Sunday!


Friday, 23 November 2012

322 : Too high expectations?

"Leonut, your expectations are too high There are so many guys in Australia. You sure you can't find one?"

The question is, is there such thing as having a too high expectation?

I mean you are picking someone that you are suppose to love unconditionally throughout your whole life, are you suppose to just pick anyone with no expectations whatsoever for the future?..

Its just something that a lot of people have said that and i'm just wondering if its true.

Anyways, people say people you find attractive and people you date are two different type of people as i've been told..

This post is practically mindless rambling. Damn tired from work and being scolded by my head bitch manager doesn't help either.

Ultimately maybe this is an issue of the "reacher and settler" as HIMYM mentioned where a "reacher" is a person who reaches beyond their level of beauty and a "settler" a person who settles for someone below their level of beauty.

Are you a reacher or a settler?

I'm reaching for the stars million lightyears away. Gonna die not even close to the stars. lol..


Thursday, 22 November 2012

321 : Sleep

Ironically the black one is the fat one.. 
Flipping and tossing, I finally found a position i was comfortable.

One hand under my neck and the other hugging on to me, it was nice to be cuddling in bed yet the only thing i could think about was his arm falling asleep under me and him not moving his arm in-case it would ruin the 'moment'.

Trying to fall alseep on an unfamiliar bed seemed impossible.

Then it hit me..
I can't fall asleep without music..
Its been almost a year I put on a playlist to sleep everyday. Either Christina Perri, Igrid Michealson, The Script, The Wanted, Pink etc..
I was so tempted to turn on music the whole night..
I just hate the unbearable sound of the screeching ringing in my ears in the dead silence.

Waking up in someones arms... :)

I shall call him here Jun from now on.


Sunday, 18 November 2012

320 : I'm not stupid

I'm not stupid my dear colleagues.
Just because i present myself as a hyper and playful person doesn't mean what ever i say is senseless and not important.
As a matter of fact it is the other way around.

I'm stupid in your eyes just because i don't talk about the senseless crap you guys talk about?
Get a life.
Broaden your knowledge about the world and be more open minded about the things you don't know.
Just because your small feeble narrow brain of yours can't comprehend simple general knowledge i talk about doesn't make me the stupid laughing stalk in the whole conversation.
Oh no my dear colleagues.. never.

Like a simple German dish called the Pork Knuckle. Yes, it is the knuckle of a swine. People eat that. The moment i was laughed at for eating a so call "weird and disgusting" thing just made me realize how dumb all you guys are.

An arm full of tattoos is call a tattoo sleeve. Use its proper name rather then using 5 sentences that could be replaced with one simple common word. Telling me "yea, whatever, the arm tattoo things"? Yup, my respect for all of you just dropped even lower.

Been 4 months since i started working with you guys and with each passing day i worked with you all, it brought me closer to the realization that the whole group of you are just plain dumb. I'm happy i have reduced my work shifts every week yet somewhat sad to see the whole group of you "popular" kids rubbing your stupidity onto others, dumbing them down to your level.

I do prefer to sit by myself far from your lunch table because i find it completely pointless to talk to you all. Listening to you guys talk about how you get piss drunk everyday and your "adventures" to get home in your intoxicated state every night doesn't amuse me.

Don't tease and call me anti-social.

I choose not to be laughed at every word i say. Taking yesterday as another example, you guys were talking about cartilage piercings and I was laughed at for saying "industrial piercing" because non of them heard of it before. Yes dumb fucks, there are such things.

Knowledge is power, not a big mouth and narrow brain.
THINK before talking. Impression on people is key to a success.
As i dig a hole and bury my respect for you guys 6 feet under, I'm happy you guys are such a close gang knowing monkeys travel in packs.

Till the head chimp backstabs you all dumb ignorant fucks,
Lots of Love,
Leonut :)

Friday, 16 November 2012

319 : 2 faced

"Don't get too closed to her, she is going to back stab you and everyone she is close to when she needs to. Be careful"

My heart stopped when i heard a senior told me that.

I KNEW IT!! My manager is the evil warbitch of the underworld that sells people's souls!!

The moment I met my manager I could sense something off about her. The always happy helpful person she is seems unnatural. I knew she was heartless in someway, but i just didn't know how.

I was raised this way.
To be very careful with people, to analyze people and trust only those safe to trust and yesterday, I had the conformation I needed about my manager.

Everyone else seems to be damn close to her. They go out for drinks and clubs with her on a weekly if not daily basis and they tell her everything which just leads to me drifting away from them.
Yes it could be me just being paranoid but you can't be too careful right?
The senior I talked to don't work where i do anymore claiming she had some "issues". I'm willing to bet my hat that my manager back stabbed and got her fired..

So now its just come in, get my work done and leave.

Discoveries of people's 2 face-ness as the awesome Jboy has discovered as well..

Be careful of people you meet!

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

318 : Describe this 8==D O:

I was talking to my close friend yesterday.
She had her first sexual experience last week.
Sitting out in the balcony at night, it was one of the best and juiciest gossip session i ever had despite not feeling my fingers due to the freezing cold wind.

Half way in through, she manage to gather all the courage she had and asked me this..

"How does a blowjob feel like? Does it feel that good??" 

So the people of the blogsphere with a penis! Beside going "err.. it's.. different", how would you describe a blowjob?

I was very much speechless..
Best description gets a blowjob! LOL


Monday, 12 November 2012

317 : Beautiful

Simply beautiful..
I just love this song so much.
Beautifully written and meaningful lyrics.
It actually made me shed a tear. >.<


"I can't change, 
even if i tried,
even if i wanted to.
My love, my love, my love, 
She keeps me warm."

"No freedom until we are equal, damn right i support it"

"World so hateful, some would rather die than be who they are"

"No laws are gonna change us, we have to change us"

"Love is patients, love is kind"



Sunday, 11 November 2012

316 : Hot!!

I very seldom post up pictures but i just couldn't resist posting this..
Browsing the internet(9gag, teehee!) a few days ago, i saw this picture on titled 
Fashion Show Nowadays..

Is it me.. Or he is BLOODY SEXY
Get my pun?.. Bloody as in blood.. sexy because he is sex-able.. lols.... I think i need friends.. haha

Halloween costume next year done! 

Happy Sunday!

Friday, 9 November 2012

315 : Allergies

Do you guys have any allergies?
So far I don't or rather have not developed any allergies.

Was at a restaurant where my friend worked one day.
There were a group of Caucasians sitting on the table next to mine where my friend was taking their order. Everything was normal until the girl sitting closest to us told my friend her allergies.

"Here's the thing, i have a lot of allergies. I'm severely allergic to garlic. Anything with garlic in it, cooked, minced, or even in the sauced, I can't eat it. I know its troublesome but can you talk to the chef about it? Maybe you can remove the garlic. Oh and everything has to be cooked and can't be raw as well."

You should have seen my friend's face.
Its not exactly an inconvenience or something but working in the food business, its really really scary when someone tells you they have an allergy, especially those allergies such as to nuts which are so severe that their life can be taken by it.
One false move, one bad order and everything goes horribly wrong.

She got her order in the end, a plate of fried rice without garlic or anything raw.
My friend however, was stressing out as she watch her eat.
Even our table were edge of our seat wondering what would happen if her allergic reaction kicked in.

But anyways, i've been told people with severe nut allergies can't even be close to the kitchen when peanut oil is being used to cook as they will feel suffocated or something. I remember reading an article where a girl died when her boyfriend kissed her after eating a peanut butter sandwich when i was young too.. Scary huh?..

The stupidest person i've seen with allergies is this extremely spoiled bitchy girl. Her family and I shared a table for an association event, ate fish and scolded her parents because her body started itching. ITS A SEAFOOD RESTAURANT!! I think she expects to go there and 'see-food' only. Lol, get my pun?..

No wonder i have no friends.. lol..

For those people living with severe or non-severe allergies, i SALUTE you guys for being so strong and careful. Its never easy  when it comes to food.

That aside, thank you guys for the exam wishes, i still sucked at it, but oh well.. hope I get a good grade!
Have an awesome weekend! =D


Wednesday, 7 November 2012

314 : Cliché

Most cliché line I ever used :


"Aren't you suppose to be studying?"

"Yea, I told my sister I was going uni to study"

"Then what you doing here?"

"Studying Biology - Human Anatomy"

"LOLOL! Extra subject??"


Yea, after i got home, i recalled it and my face went  -_____-. Couldn't believe i actually used such a cliché line as 'study biology' on someone. I'm studying business yo! Hahaha!

It was Melbourne Cup yesterday, seeing all the different type of facinator hats worn was really cool!
Exams tomorrow!
Wish me luck!


Obama won! =D

Monday, 5 November 2012

313 : Finding Purpose.

I find myself unable to find a purpose.
If it were not for money to sustain life, would you work?

The thought of growing old just haunts me. I can't imagine myself old yet, to be unable to function properly, to be waiting for the due time.

So what is our purpose of life?
Nature made it that we can't reproduce.
Most type of work in the world now kills the earth..
Most of us will just lead an average life,
and Unfortunate enough, A lot of us will grow old and die alone.

Few years time, I'm gonna be joining the full time workforce.
Everyone has already a path set out to follow, to be exactly what they want to be when they grow up.
I still have no idea..
I mean i roughly have an idea which sector but there are so many brunches of a sector one can do..



Thursday, 1 November 2012

312 : So much for that.

In high school I had a best friend which i used to sit next to in form 5. He was more to the feminine side, but being in a Christian School, nobody talk about homosexuality and the thought of him being gay was quickly dismissed by almost everyone.
We used to be part of the rebellious group who sat at the back of the class along with few others, making smart remarks at the teachers, eating food and never finished our homework for subjects like moral and math.

After high school, all of us split up, each going to a different college for our foundation year.

You know that best friend you have, where even after months or even years of not talking to each other, the moment you guys meet again, you will be talking to each other like you guys just talked the day before?

We bloody didn't have that.

We used to talk to each other over facebook once in a while during college but it was progressively lesser and conversations were cold. Besides the new friends being made, the different schedules were also one of the reasons our friendship drifted.

Then one day, when i decided to talk to him on facebook he asked me.
"You seemed close to xxx huh?.. How did you meet him?"

That time i was actually dating xxx but I told him i was just friends with him. Without me actually knowing how, we were on the topic of homosexuality. I outted to him and him to me.


Our friendship died.. After that day, i have no idea why in the world, he stop replying my messages and all. Friendship totally DIED, buried 10 feet under the pyramids or something.

So much for sticking together right? And i thought both of us being gay would strengthen our friendship..

And today, something similar happened again..
Lol, i think i shall keep my sexuality down down down low from now on..
So much for that.

P.s. Sorry Jboy, Aiden and Soul232. Your comments a while back went into spam( I don't know why) and i didn't notice till now. I didn't delete them.. ><
P.s. Congratulations to the soon to be uncle! Haha
*monkey cover eyes* * monkey cover ears* *monkey cover mouth*