Thursday, 30 June 2011

40: Pride Month

Today is the last day of pride month! Did you guys do anything special this month? The month passed like any other month for me.
On the last day of pride month (Today..) I got invited into an event : Wear a rainbow day XD. Haha, such a cute event, i had to join!! So yesterday i started digging my wardrobe and all i could find was silicon bands.. haha. I did my best to wear a rainbow! Was a very happy day for me. :P

Not very rainbowish right? haha.


Tuesday, 28 June 2011

39: Who am i?....

I have no idea what my personality is now. Im a totally different person when talking to a plu, generally happier and more relaxed. A normal conversation with someone straight now seems tense compared to when with a plu. Does this mean that when i come out i will change completely being generally more relaxed around people? Am i living a lie now?.. Im dying to come out but i know its not the right time... :(

38: Personal Space, Follow the rules

Dear _______,

1. Im sure you understand the term "personal space". I can tell you are not an observant person as my body language when i so call "hug" you back, clearly indicates that i am unwilling to do so. Yes, it is clear that i am a hugging whore but that too, only applies to a hand full of girls and every guy. You, my dear friend, is not in the list of girls im happy to hug. I don't like the feeling of your boobs pressing on  against me, its frankly not a feeling a gay man want to feel and its the most uncomfortable feeling i've felt so far. The way you hug me just enforces my sexuality and reminds me why i prefer men. Yes i know i seem close to you but frankly this hugging events that i'm forced to go through has caused my feeling towards you as a friend to deteriorate. When i hug you with only one hand cause i'm unwilling, you have no bitch right in the world to tell me "i want a proper hug, not some shit stupid one handed hug". My dear, i don't owe you anything and my tolerance towards you is reaching critical. One day, when i tell you off, i know our friendship will end but i really don't mind now, you have brought me nothing but discomfort and you have even used me before.

2. When you do not pass an audition for a dance, it clearly means you are not good enough to participate in the dance. Do you feel pathetic going around joining other auditions just so you can join the event? We are all give only 3 audition styles to pick, 3, that's the rules. Three.  You are at your 5th audition style and only made it into 1, your FIFTH. The worst thing is you ask for an audition for the next dance style immediately after you find out you dint make it. Do you have any pride left? You broke the rules and so far no many has noticed. I've failed you in your 4th audition dance style for this as another main reason. Don't have high hopes of getting in your 5th dance style, I will work towards it with others to stop your attention whoring. Yes, i know i may seem evil, but dear, you are not that good as you think you are. Step down from your pedestal you put yourself on.


Sunday, 26 June 2011

37: B2ST dance competition

Today i went to support my friend that joined the Beast dance competition. Got a few lengzais dancing but mostly this guy caught my eye the most. :P haha, im a sucker for a guy with long legs. Maybe cause im a bit vertically challenged? lol


36: Dear special person,

I know you are out there..
You can't hide forever.
One day, when i find you,
I'll catch you,
and never let go. <3