Saturday, 27 April 2013

372 : Is it proportion?

If someone is really tall, does this mean he has a long dick?
And vice versa?

I'm just really curious because the first thought that pops into your mind when you see a really tall guy would be, LONG DICK. Well.. Sexual thought i mean.

Just asking if its true.

I remember meeting this Malaysian jack'd few months ago that came over from Sydney for a holiday. Cute guy around my height(167cm'ish) but when he told me he was packing, he wasn't kidding. Freaking monster carefully packed into his tighte whities just to surprise his next victim, me.

Similarly, around 2 years ago, meet this guy about half a head taller than me which had a smaller weapon than me.. Nevertheless, disappointing experienced.. (Bitchy much?)

So all you guys or girls(maybe?) that had a much larger share of dicks, is the proportion theory correct or my experiences prove it wrong?

I can say my sibling Jboy has quite a nice outline though it feels like incest looking at it.. LOL


Sunday, 21 April 2013

371 : I'm jealous?

Is this call jealousy?

The sudden frustration I always feel when you mention his name.
The fact that he is spending so much time with you when you guys just met.
Am I allowed to feel annoyed?

Every single day there would be a mention of you by him or him by you, either directly or indirectly.
I know you both have nothing on but its just such a kill joy when you tell me about him. Just the happiness i have when i talk to you disappears completely.

I'm closer to him than you are but...
I don't know what i'm feeling.
I just want to stop talking to both of you when you tell me stuff about him and vice versa.
If you both are so close just talk to each other!

Jealous you all are going out so often and i'm stuck here alone?
That he stopped talking to me and is instead talking to you?
That he is giving you gifts and i'm getting nothing?

What the hell is wrong with me?..
Maybe i'm just this stupid selfish fucker that don't want to be only unhappy one six thousand miles away.
I seriously need to get over this..
I better go back to studying.

Ryan, please don't say anything.
I still want to post things here as an outlet, not as a news report to puppy or anyone i know personally. 

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

370 : Meow~

Why is it that most gay people i know go "meow" when you talk to them??

I'm serious. I'm quite confuse and really don't understand why do gay guys love using the word "meow" in between any possible sentence during conversations . A lot even add them to their Facebook status and tweets too.

So those who love to go meow.
Why do you go meow?

I've only met one guy ever(not puppy) that goes woof to me when i talk to him. 

Really curious,

Monday, 15 April 2013

369 : Cheer you up!

Monday blues?
Woke up feeling so lazy to drag myself out of bed when i found this video on Youtube!

Freaking cute shirtless hulk with the funniest story line i have seen in ages!
Totally made my morning!

Enjoy and happy start of the week!

Ps. Don't scold me if you watched this before. lol

Friday, 12 April 2013

368 : How to get rich

My friend purposed a get rich quick scheme.
She will kill me if she found out I'm spreading it, so keep it harsh harsh k?
Don't want everyone getting the same ideas and ruining her master plan.

Its simple actually.

First, you volunteer at a hospital.
She being herself, she says its best to read story books and poems to old men.
(preferably those alone and close to *ahem*)
Day by day, she plans to wear skimpier clothes and allow physical touch.
And hopefully when they pass, they will leave their fortune with her.

Being gay, i guess that its actually easier for us to gain fortune using this scheme?..

Anyways, this is a joke okay?
Nothing serious and just for laughs.
Work is getting busier.
God, i need a stay home break at least for one day!


Monday, 8 April 2013

367 : It's not okay to be Gay?

I know the documentary is a year old, but do take time to watch?..


I have always gotten emails asking for donations or Signatures to help the Ugandans PLUs, usually with "'Kill the Gays' bill" in its topic. Just giving my support in terms of signatures, i never knew the seriousness of the situation there.

The documentary is an hour long, and i'm sure most people wouldn't want to watch it but when you have the time please do.

Everyone says Malaysia's PLU society has always have it bad, same sex couples can't even hold hands or show the slightest amount of affection without being judge or discriminated by glaring eyes but imagine how we already have it good that we don't have to live in fear we of being found out.

Imagine being gay will get you a life imprisonment or even a death penalty?

Watching the whole documentary gave me a mixture of depression, sympathy and frustration.

that everyone there share the same hatred towards the Gays.I know the documentary wouldn't reflect 100% on what is happening in Uganda but even from the little bit showed, there is no signs of change anytime soon. Just thinking about the people around me, its really obvious that most young adults and teens are okay with gays while the hatred and fear stays with the older generations or the really religious. At least when the older generations "expeires", a new more open minded generations will take over.

Sympathy seeing how badly the gays got in there. Being gay loses you your family and friends immediately. Pity them after seeing their living conditions and their fear.

If you watched the documentary till the around the 44th min, tell me if you get frustrated. Just speechless and annoyed seeing how their mentality is fixed towards the gays. They even have newspapers that publish names  of gay people. Imagine seeing your name on the newspaper with the word "gay" plastered on your face?..

Okay. I shall stop ranting now..

If you are reading this just take a moment and appreciate what you have.
Love what you got. =D


Saturday, 6 April 2013

366 : Happy Birthday Puppy!

People guessed puppy is called puppy cause :
"He sticks out his tongue"
"Puppy eyes"
"Fluffy and cute" or
"He likes doggy style"

But here is the reason why, 
There are a few reasons why and none of them involves him in liking the doggy style or even licking (okay maybe the licking). There is actually a list why he's my puppy.
1. He is cute, fluffy and cuddly. Just being able to wrap my arms around his waist and hug him as tightly I want to! He's exactly like a Pomeranian to me.
2. He is strong, protective and supportive. I feel so safe when I'm in his arms. These traits are like a Rottweiler. My personal bodyguard 
3. He is also kind and nice. Exactly like a Golden Retriever.
4. He is also noisy and loud at the same time. He blabs all day long without getting tired just like a chihuahua. He never shuts up.
That basically sums up why he's my puppy. He's fluffy at the right places which makes him so huggable, he's protective and nice at the same time and his noise just brings joyful sounds to my life.


Truth be told, that was written by puppy. Forced him to write this cause he wanted a more romantic reason. Hehe. I can say most of those are true. I freaking miss hugging and cuddling him. He is always damn supportive to me, nice and kind to me even though i'm in a bad mood, and he is very, very loud (Sings to me most of the time XD).

Anyways.. The real reason why i call him puppy is short and sweet.
I called him a bitch and he didn't like it so i cushion it by calling him puppy..


Bring you makan ice cream again soon! 
Love you lots!

Thursday, 4 April 2013

365 : Happy Monthsary!

Happy Monthsary Puppy!

Like you said, been hell of a ride.
Arguments about *ehem* topics and all.. My bad.. >.<
Glad you still kept me eh?

Being over 6000 km apart is hard but we gonna stay strong k?
One month down, plenty to come!

Sending a video a day to each other gonna keep us stuck like glue.
Love you!
I'll get to hold your hand while you drive me around again soon!  XD

Anyone can guess why his name is puppy?

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

364 : BOOBS!

I'm starting to get curious about how boobs feels like..

Saw a picture posted by a friend of a boyfriend cuddling her to sleep while she was wearing a tank top and I thought to myself.. If I cuddled a girl to sleep I would sure to be up all night poking her boobs.. #justsaying

I'm the gay guy that has only felt elbow boobs before and they feel soft! LOL

Watch a facebook video about this girl promoting her "V bra", she actually exposed her boobs and my face went  :

Omg.. why does it look like that???

Her nipples were so big and it was scary.. Can't believe i'm actually so naive..
Anyways, first time i saw boobs in person was when I was working in a restaurant. This couple came in with their child. When i was about to walk up to them to take their order, the mom whipped out her boobs to breastfeed her child. I just froze there.. OMG!! Turn around and run!

"Nura!! Nura!!! Can you take their order???? Her boobs are out and its just so akward!! Go go!"

My friend gave me the "omg you retard face and walked away.. "

My bad!
I'm definitely gay..
Only balls down under turn me on apparently..


Monday, 1 April 2013

363 : Confession.

Just decided it would be the right time to confess something..

Was talking to puppy the other day via skype.
Lazy boy he was he was dazing off to sleep in his bed.
Yawning away non-stop, as usual he started singing at the top of his lungs.
He was singing Daylight by Maroon 5 when this weird feeling just surged through me.

At that moment it hit me..
I just stared at the guy at the other end of the screen and kept silent..
I just never gave much thought to this and the boy staring right back at me just cleared my fogged thoughts about the whole situation..

Actually told puppy about it and he just called me dumb..
Can't believe he can't see how he is in a similar situation as me..

Any of you same as me?..

Shall get straight to the point..
My confession : 



Happy April Fools! :3