Tuesday, 19 February 2013

357 : Bye!

Like a math problem I can't understand, the confusion I am having with the combination of everything going on with my life right now sends me into a restless streak. My days aren't exactly bad, been getting out a lot and meeting new people but thinking about my future and everything that just might come with no solution of overcoming it just scares me.

Each time hearing the horror stories of what distance can do to those attempting to start something without a solid base, I've always thought to myself that I wouldn't fall victim to the typical long distance cases but who was I to have thought I was so special? That the rule of thumb wouldn't apply to me and I would be able to overcome all those challenges, but the truth that I am no different from any other out there with the same scenario as me that dared challenged distanced and failed. To those that had found success though, i salute you completely.

I can say i'm not being a pessimist but rather a realist.
Why cloud your vision when you encounter things you don't dare face?

Anyways, I've been brain dead for the past few weeks if you guys noticed.
People said I've changed since they last saw me yet I'm still a very naive boy.
I guess watching adventure time everyday doesn't help as well..

I'm leaving my bloggie alone for now.
Will be back maybe next week, next month, next few month, or even tomorrow depending on where my life take me. Maybe will stop all together?

My turn to go for an adventure! Hazar!

Who knows right?
Take care guys!
Packing my bags and going on an adventure,
Lots of love,

Sunday, 17 February 2013

02-17-2013 05_14_22

Cause I had a dream. It was weird though, I had no idea where I was going but something just lead me towards the beach. Walking along, I walked by a table, seated, it was you and a mutual friend sitting there.  I pulled up a chair and sat next to you. You smiled at me and I smiled back, and the sudden realization you are leaving today hit me and I started crying.  I hugged you with the steady streams flowing down my cheek. Next thing I knew it was pitch black, I was back in reality, still sobbing.. This feeling is terrible..

Thursday, 14 February 2013

355 : Happy Valentines Day with Ass!

Happy Valentines day to all the sexy guys out there!

Regardless if you have your special guy or you are still waiting for one,
Here is a gift of some hot guy's ass for you guys!

Have fun smacking them booty!
Anyone can guess which one i picked?

If you guess all, you are correct.. haha

Saturday, 9 February 2013

354 : Huggies and Happy Chinese New Year!

Quite an interesting day today was.

Waking up to kisses and hugs, my parents were already busy preparing for the arrival of Chinese New Year, mum in the kitchen cooking since 8 while dad cleaning up the prayer altar. I helped out all I could and when it was time, I took the car and made my way out.

Parked and waited for him for a bit. Hop into his car and everything felt so surreal. He drove to a nearby shopping mall and had Nando's, table for 2?

Went back to his place and he gave me a present, a pair of zara jeans! XD
Kisses and hugs end in cuddles.. I think..
Till the 14th!

Mustache fun! Rofl! 

How was reunion dinners for those who celebrate?

Happy Year of the Snake!
May you find prosperity and happiness in the year.

Off to the Snake Temple on the strike of midnight!

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

353 : Retards in the Carpark

I hugged him and as weird as it sounds, everything felt like a Déjà vu. Tipping toe slightly, my chin rested on his shoulder as his hands slowly wrapped around my waist. He tighten his arms as I did the same and could feel his chest pressing against mine, his scent filling my senses like a forgotten drug. That moment felt like it could have lasted forever but the realization of being seen slowly overcome the comfort I felt and I let go.
He looked me in the eye and we exchanged goodbyes. That moment I knew the last string that prevented me from the freedom of fully loving another broke.
I smiled at him, turned around and made my way home with the bittersweet moment in my mind like a fresh wound.
Penguin is no longer penguin anymore.

The entwined ropes are free,
and life goes on.


3 more days.

Monday, 4 February 2013

352 : Titanic - Rose

Was watching titanic again and it really got me wondering a lot of things.
How do you get dry so fast between each water wave?..

But honestly, there is a question i would really appreciate your opinions..

In the story, Rose found the love of her life. Getting painted nude by someone she newly met, *cough*slut*cough* but lost him soon after. I'm sure everyone knows the story.

My question :
Losing the person you know you want to spend your life with, would you get marry to another person?
I mean the thought of never giving your heart completely to the person you love but to give it to someone partially, would you?

I guess staying a 'widow' wouldn't be a good idea as well...


Saturday, 2 February 2013

351 : A perfect fit

How does it feel to be the odd one out?
To have the majority of the world fit in this circle while you just don't.

All my life I've always expected myself to be one of the average person on earth but recently I realize that I don't fit in to the general public, that my body is different. Buying clothes never fit, shirts always look too big on the waist and pants are always too long. I never mind but always wondered what will it feel like to have a mannequin body which you can just buy clothes that fit perfectly.

Last week.. I bought Earpods for the mic to skype.. AND THEY DON'T FIT!!
I read that its meant to fit the majority of the people, and obviously you expect them to fit you perfectly but no, they don't for me. Its generally MORE uncomfortable on my right ear compared to my left ear..
But anyways, fuck it..

For the price i paid for the them, THEY FIT PERFECTLY REGARDLESS!!

When clothes don't fit for me, it doesn't mean its too big, it means I'm too small..
Motivation for myself to bulk up. lol

Love the quality of Earpods though.

Friday, 1 February 2013

350 : Unfortunate fortunate event

Penang Penang, the scorching heat was unbearable honestly, after an eventful morning of doing charity, the car was practically an oven, felt like my ass was on a frying pan after the car seats baked under the sun. Cooked young ass anyone?
Wanted to visit Kek Lok Si, the giant goddess Guan Yin up in the Penang mountains, during the whole trip to the mountain everyone was complaining the aircon wasn't cold, sis nearly fainted in the car. Nevertheless, we continued our journey up the mountain with the constant complains. Half way up the mountain, my mum realize something -the car temperature was off the roof! Found a place to park and found the car cooling water boiling when upon opening the bonnet..
Didn't know how hard was it to find mechanic till you actually need one. One of an Esso woman gave us the wrong directions for a mechanic which sent us on a wild goose chase. 
A funny thing happen though, the wrong directions she gave lead us a place we never planned, my late grandmother's house. It was the moment where we all just stared and smile, with the sense of nostalgia filling each of us. The shops we would always buy those colouring filled chocolate sweets were there selling the exact same things, the buildings had the same faded colour and the row of ancient trees were still there. Nothing changed.
Flashback over, finally found another Esso Mobil station with a mechanic. Stuck here, sweating through my pitts.. Wonder how long more till the car is fixed..
At least the car didn't explode.
Thanks for the welcome Penang!
Written, 4.34pm, 31-1-2013