Tuesday, 5 November 2013

408 : Slow dancing.

Procrastinating from studies, I went on to Youtube in search of those sappy love videos that would make any emotional victim tear like a fat kid who dropped his ice cream; for a person like me however, I envy their lives, fictional or not.

I envy the story (quite almost any other couple actually), I envy watching the dates they go on, the romantic gestures they have for each other, even the pictures they take together. I'm jealous that all I the 'romantic gestures I can do are all limited to my Whatsapp chat or a Skype screen. I'm bored. With the same messages like "How was your day?" or "Have you eaten?" repeating everyday for the past eight months. It makes me wonder is there anything more for a long distance like this. The change from 2 hours to 3 hours between us doesn't help either.

I've been so busy with dance, work and studies that I'm often left drained of energy by the end of the day, leaving one final question, do I wait up for him to have his dinner and Skype him later or crash and recharge energy for the next day's hectic schedule? The days I decide to stay up till 2 or 3am talking to him usually gives birth to a walking zombie the next day, resulting in missed schedules in the morning or just a really cranky Leonut. The effects snowballs, with the question at the end of my day being do I wait up or go to sleep way earlier to recover my sleep debt?

It makes me feel like a horrible person. He always replies with "So early?.. okay.. Goodnights.. Love you..".
What am I to do?

Bringing back to the videos I was watching, it was funny seeing one where the couple tried slow dancing together for the first time, they made it look so romantic. When I taught Puppy to dance however, it was a tragic disaster. The clueless little boy staring at me wondering what the hell is he suppose to do next as I push him around asking him to follow my lead. Yea.. Latin dancing isn't everybody's thing. I can say dancing with him gave a feeling that I never felt before partnering anyone else. Standing in a closed hold position, I could feel his warmth, his scent, and his complains much clearer. Overall it made me love him even more.

I need things like this to remind me all the time, how much I love this little boy I call puppy, and how I manage to last in an eight months long distance. It also gives me things to look forward doing with him when i get back.

That said, I'm gonna log off and continue my studies. If I procrastinate more, I'm gonna fail tomorrow's paper..



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  1. Go STARDY!!!

    Totally get the LDR thing. Sometimes we really have to MAKE topics up just for us to talk more. And the sleeping late part, maybe during the normal schedules but when test comes in, man that's going to kill.

    I do wish there are things we can do more as , well, a pair. Maybe when we are in closer proximity like next april or august. Until now, I guess airmailed presents will do?