Tuesday, 26 March 2013

360 : Having "History" Together

XX : "Oh puppy? We have history together"

Me :" WHAT??? How come he never told me about you before?? He told me all his past before and he has never mentioned you."

XX :" You go ask him la.."

Me :"Fine, i will!"

And after much questioning about the mysterious past history puppy had with Mr. XX, I realize just what history they had.

They had history class together in college.
Way to make me feel stupid eh Mr.XX?

Why you so ambiguous??



  1. it reminded me of how one of my fat female colleague of mine who had gone for an overseas work trip with me telling people she and i had gone overseas together and slept beside one another... hmmm... technically she was not wrong cos we fell asleep in the company car while sitting beside one another.

    and all my colleagues were like: errrrrrrrr....


    1. HAHAHAHA! Words eh? lol
      So suggestive..