Monday, 2 September 2013

398 : Fucker of a male and a female + Dance

My bro.
Is damn naive and stupid.

I don't know how being twins, he doesn't mature and is still childish as hell at this age.

My brother's friends, lets name them X and Y.
Y is a local Australian, his EX- girlfriend, X, is singaporean.
So as implied, they broke up.

Who comes to the rescue? My brother.
Nothing wrong with that, its an admirable trait to help friends in need. I do that all the time too, especially during a breakup of a steady relationship. Whats different? My brother has never had a relationship or anything before, what the fuck advice is he giving to them?

That, i don't really care, but my brother has offered Y a place to stay during their break up since staying together now is obviously a big no-no. Did he ask the other 3 housmates? Big fucking NONO. He TOLD us.

"Hey! My friend is coming over to stay tonight".

Where is the question in that sentence???

So fine. He stays over. The next day, without any approval, he stays over again.
The day after, X comes and stays over. And this goes on for almost 4 weeks now, with X staying over few days a week without fail. Best thing is i only found out her name 2 days ago. Such a pain to talk to, she only mumbles to herself when you talk to her. All she does is sits there and watch tv. At least if she talked to us or something that would be better but she is just there. Makes living in your own home awkward if you know what i mean.

Y's parent's home is 2 hours away by train, so he has no choice but to stay at the home he and X rented together.

X however, has a sister here staying a close distance away. So instead of staying with her sister during her "emo" phase, she chooses to stay at my place. Why? Because if she stays with her sister, she has to sleep on a sofa, and she doesn't like that. You got to be fucking kidding me..

Its just annoying that you can't even do anything in your house anymore. Feels like an intruder in your home. My brother actually goes out, leaving her alone with my sis and I. Then she just sits there in the living room watching tv..

Overstaying your welcome bitch.

Was having dinner alone today while watching tv, my bro came home with her duffle bag filled with her toothbrush, clothes, towel and all her shit, i got so pissed i just went back to my room and slammed the door.. My brother knows i'm pissed, he knows my sister is pissed, that girl seems oblivious though..

Don't assume people will be nice to you if you break up. After a month and you haven't picked yourself up, seriously. Suck it up and stand strong. Don't expect to be spoonfed sympathy. I'm that close to banning you from coming over to stay. And to my brother, have respect, if you don't want to respect me fine, but ask sis if your friends can stay over. She is older after all and she takes care of us, don't give stupid excuses and disrespect her.

Freaking overstaying your welcome..


Lol.. go missing for a few weeks and come back with another ranting post..
I shall tell you guys about my restaurant stalker soon.

Here's a recent performance I did in conjunction with Merdeka.

Don't really care who recognize me now.. I'm nothing much anyways. =D

Recognize me? (My dance starts at 4.00.. =3 )



  1. Hmm..I can totally understand that. My situation may not be similar, but it is awkward. I'm renting with 2 PLU guys, they're friends and I'm always left out. It hurts cuz hey, it's my house too and I pay the rent why am i always singled out? I am just a mere flatmate who pays the bills and help with the house chores for all they care. Is it too much of asking for flatmates bonding? After all, we all <3 penis and queer. Sigh. Always awkward when we're home cuz I'm always left out of the conversation, like I don't even exist :-(

    1. Lol, sounds like you are asking for a threesome.. ><

      But in your case at least they are in love. The bitch outside has no relation to us whatsoever.. -.-

    2. err no..I never even thought of a threesome, all I'm asking for is friendship since we're flatmates. Now that you mentioned they are in love, I think you may be right. I never saw it that way.

    3. Well, i'm experiencing a similar situation just from a different field meaning to say we have a new housemate moving in two months ago and its been awkward because 1st) For more than half a year its us and an empty single room, 2) both me and my room mate we are best friends, 3) we have known each other like forever, 4) we are both gamers 5) both of our hometowns are elsewhere and we don't have much friends in this city. So based on these points you can see we have our own reasons to stick to each other most of the time. On the plus side we've already known each others schedule well. Now about the other guy, he came of course we welcomed him and invited him out for dinner a couple of times for the 1st month but most of the time he will just settle it outside with colleagues or friends and came back late - it's either we are in the middle of a co-op game or we are doing our own stuff and being comfortable with that - so considering that situation, mumbled greetings and minimal contacts are expected. What more, he's always away staying over somewhere during the weekends. Perhaps I'm wrong but aren't the signs strong that he's not interested to bond with us and we are just socially different (we are both introverts by the way)? or I can assume that he's the type that think of housemates as housemates; not friends and anything more than that will be overstepping the boundary??

      Well the moral of this sharing is "to assume is to make an ass out of you and me" so said Stephen King, this applies to me as well because I might be wrong.

      Hope this will provide you another perspective and do try to make your intention known (always be the 1st to take the steps) and they will soon acknowledge it. IF not forget it and move on.

  2. are you the cutie in the black jacket on the left front row or you're the one with the white pants?

    1. Lol, not white. Beige.

      Someone awesome bought it for me. =D

    2. Is that the pants that I think it is? ;)

  3. danced so well, make you look hot ;) By the way, may I have the white t-shirt guy's no. that danced with you? LOLLL xD

  4. woots.. you're really cute :3