Sunday, 18 August 2013

397 : Mirrors.

Walked in the room and i could sense the heaviness in the air.
Mellow music playing in the background and puppy sitting on the extra mattress on the floor.

I stared at him and him at me. That brief moment of locking eyes sent a burst of emotional waves through my whole body, before i knew it, I was tearing up. He hugged me in a tight embrace, assuring me everything was going to be okay, that I cannot or rather must not cry.

Hypocrite he was, I knew he was crying when he hugged me. Pushing out, I could see his face and his signature adorable frown. Thinking of how much i would miss him made the flood gates open. We just stood in the center of the room, rocking our bodies from side to side, twirling around slowly in each other's arms while the music playing over.

Just taking in the warmth, the hypnotizing scent of his, the tightest of his grip, everything felt so comfortable like I was in another dimension. That moment felt like it could last forever.. That was, until i opened my mouth..

L : Baby..
P : Yea?..
L : I need to ask you something..
P : Hmm?...
L : WTF IS THIS SONG?? Its like going on forever and ever!! Not sickening meh??
P : WHAT?? Its Mirrors by JT.
L : Why so long?
P : It's 8 mins..
L : WHY??
P : Stupid la you..

And that's when the moment of sweetness just died off, hugging stopped, tears dried up instantly and we were laughing again.


the destroyer of sweet moments,
 not only once, 
but countless times....
Which pisses puppy off sometimes.. 


Don't know why I suddenly had the urge to write out this memory of our last day together in Melbourne. Just miss his freaking cute frown.. Sounds odd right?.. Like a boyfriend that likes seeing the other sad.. Just makes me want to hug him to make him smile again.

I can't listen to Mirrors without that moment playing in my mind anymore. The song became our couple song without us really knowing. Always cry when i hear that song now.  Sob Sob..

Busy week ahead!


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  1. Ya, why is that song 8 minutes long...

    Anyway, busy week will at least keeps you occupied right ?