Saturday, 26 April 2014

415 : Single

Today, I broke up with puppy..

1 Year, 1 month and 23 days, to be taken as a lesson..

Trust is crucial especially for an LDR.. Once broken, everything goes down hill from there..

Take care,


  1. Oh... Sorry to hear that.... Ur another will come soon..

    Cheer up...


  2. hmm...does this mean i have a shot now?

  3. sorry to hear. Take care

  4. ei, i think i very bo sim, or maybe im stupid or something, i didnt even realize youre together with someone...*i think i heard someone tergolek on the ground*... anyway, every relationship teaches you something, well, most of the time, so dont fret so much about it, take it positively and move on, find someone or something else to occupy your time for now till the next one comes along! :) muacks!

  5. I'm still an amateur in relationships so I have no idea how to react. But, LDR is hard enough to begin with.

    Just don't take too long in tolling yourself into the grieving part; and move on when it is necessary, I guess?

  6. everything under control?