Monday, 29 September 2014

426 : Whats wrong?

Post deleted.


  1. Make sure u record it! I miss watching Flare live =(

    On a different note, health wise, u sure u dont want to go check all those symptoms? it doesn't seem normal for u =.=

  2. omgosh i wanna have sex with your back!!! nice pic!! makes me so wanna do one now that i have a belly! :)

  3. I think it just comes down to having too much on your plate... Uni is one of the best times to explore and do all sorts of crazy and exciting things, you feel like there's so much you wanna try and do, one can quickly forget that the primary goal is still studies....

    OMG I sound like such a retarded OLD person for saying that, but it's true hahaha... Just be careful with how you balance everything and I hope it works out!! <3

  4. deleted your post and i still wanna sex your back regardless! lol...