Saturday, 2 February 2013

351 : A perfect fit

How does it feel to be the odd one out?
To have the majority of the world fit in this circle while you just don't.

All my life I've always expected myself to be one of the average person on earth but recently I realize that I don't fit in to the general public, that my body is different. Buying clothes never fit, shirts always look too big on the waist and pants are always too long. I never mind but always wondered what will it feel like to have a mannequin body which you can just buy clothes that fit perfectly.

Last week.. I bought Earpods for the mic to skype.. AND THEY DON'T FIT!!
I read that its meant to fit the majority of the people, and obviously you expect them to fit you perfectly but no, they don't for me. Its generally MORE uncomfortable on my right ear compared to my left ear..
But anyways, fuck it..

For the price i paid for the them, THEY FIT PERFECTLY REGARDLESS!!

When clothes don't fit for me, it doesn't mean its too big, it means I'm too small..
Motivation for myself to bulk up. lol

Love the quality of Earpods though.


  1. I was honestly impressed by the earpods as well!

  2. When it comes to clothing, it's how you wear it.

    If it looks a little big, layer it with cardigan. This will at least help in putting on slightly a little "weight" to your body.