Friday, 1 February 2013

350 : Unfortunate fortunate event

Penang Penang, the scorching heat was unbearable honestly, after an eventful morning of doing charity, the car was practically an oven, felt like my ass was on a frying pan after the car seats baked under the sun. Cooked young ass anyone?
Wanted to visit Kek Lok Si, the giant goddess Guan Yin up in the Penang mountains, during the whole trip to the mountain everyone was complaining the aircon wasn't cold, sis nearly fainted in the car. Nevertheless, we continued our journey up the mountain with the constant complains. Half way up the mountain, my mum realize something -the car temperature was off the roof! Found a place to park and found the car cooling water boiling when upon opening the bonnet..
Didn't know how hard was it to find mechanic till you actually need one. One of an Esso woman gave us the wrong directions for a mechanic which sent us on a wild goose chase. 
A funny thing happen though, the wrong directions she gave lead us a place we never planned, my late grandmother's house. It was the moment where we all just stared and smile, with the sense of nostalgia filling each of us. The shops we would always buy those colouring filled chocolate sweets were there selling the exact same things, the buildings had the same faded colour and the row of ancient trees were still there. Nothing changed.
Flashback over, finally found another Esso Mobil station with a mechanic. Stuck here, sweating through my pitts.. Wonder how long more till the car is fixed..
At least the car didn't explode.
Thanks for the welcome Penang!
Written, 4.34pm, 31-1-2013


  1. =D

    Hope you have a pleasant trip for the remaining of your journey =)

    1. Haha, thanks joker!
      Very pleasant fat trip indeed! haha

  2. It's okay..coming up will full of fun and happiness :)

    My current location now cloud at all...Hot hot!! Of couse hot guys make it even worse ; )

  3. I experienced something similar years ago. My family was on our way back from Cameron Highlands, the water was boiling, and the whole journey back was f*cking hot and we had to wind down the windows.... We only fixed the car after we reached home, thank goodness it didn't go ka-boom!! :P

    1. Wah! Damn scary right??
      Another time i was coming back from Klang when the similar thing happen. We bought candles and all the candles in the trunk actually melted... LOL!

  4. Hey, you are in Penang. My hometwon.


    1. Really ah?? Next time you going to balik, take me along can?.. haha

    2. Come, this Wednesday evening.