Tuesday, 19 February 2013

357 : Bye!

Like a math problem I can't understand, the confusion I am having with the combination of everything going on with my life right now sends me into a restless streak. My days aren't exactly bad, been getting out a lot and meeting new people but thinking about my future and everything that just might come with no solution of overcoming it just scares me.

Each time hearing the horror stories of what distance can do to those attempting to start something without a solid base, I've always thought to myself that I wouldn't fall victim to the typical long distance cases but who was I to have thought I was so special? That the rule of thumb wouldn't apply to me and I would be able to overcome all those challenges, but the truth that I am no different from any other out there with the same scenario as me that dared challenged distanced and failed. To those that had found success though, i salute you completely.

I can say i'm not being a pessimist but rather a realist.
Why cloud your vision when you encounter things you don't dare face?

Anyways, I've been brain dead for the past few weeks if you guys noticed.
People said I've changed since they last saw me yet I'm still a very naive boy.
I guess watching adventure time everyday doesn't help as well..

I'm leaving my bloggie alone for now.
Will be back maybe next week, next month, next few month, or even tomorrow depending on where my life take me. Maybe will stop all together?

My turn to go for an adventure! Hazar!

Who knows right?
Take care guys!
Packing my bags and going on an adventure,
Lots of love,


  1. drama betul... i like!!! you ikut rentakku ke? lolllllllll..

    have fun in your adventure la!!:)

  2. Have a blast journey, and make sure to cherish the experience the adventure brings.