Sunday, 12 May 2013

374 : Mother's day run.

A 8 km marathon was organized this morning as an appreciation towards mums.
Naturally, the "mother's day run", was interpreted as "Run for your mother" by many of us as a joke for laughs, unknowing the consequences.

Yesterday before dance practice, few of us was sitting together at the back of the dance studio. A close friend of ours, Tsu took out the marathon route map after distributing the marathon number tags to a few friends she collected before hand.

One friend made a joke "Hey, why are you running for your mum? Is she in danger or something?". (Okay, i know it may sound brutal here but the way he said it it purely joking and all of us understood the joke).

We laughed it off but she just stared..

"You know i don't have a mother".

My heart sank just hearing those words! I totally forgot about her situation and most people didn't knew, its not a topic often brought up. Her eyes started tearing and she excused herself to go wash up. We all felt so bad. We just sat there not saying a word..

Apparently her mum passed away 3 years ago, suffering from several cancers, brain cancer ultimately claimed her. Nobody saw Tsu for more than a month during that period of time. I just can't imagine the tears and pain someone feels when they see their mum on the sickbed or worst.. Even i can't bare to see my mum sick with a cough or anything, (Except her morning sneeze fit, that is something in common I share with her and is both entertaining and hilarious to watch.)

I really admire how strong Tsu is honestly. She came back few mins later and she was her old joking self again. Even this mother's day run, she actually organized a group page and manage to persuade many to join the run. Initially I didn't understand why she did it (she isn't a part of the organizers or anything), but I finally see her true intentions.

R.I.P, Tsu's Mother, and Tsu, stay strong always and keep dancing! 

For those of you who can visit your mum, please do. Even if you aren't in good terms with her. I know most people say you should appreciate your mum everyday regardless of what day is that, its true and all, but taking this day to see your mum would just make it all the more special no?

As for my mama back home, I'm going out today to get you the nail polish colour you really wanted. Till we meet again during the holidays mama!

Lots of love,
Your retarded son, 

P.s. She pushed you out of her virgina, please love her.
How you got in there in the first place.. Happy Father's day.

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