Tuesday, 21 May 2013

376 : How to.. Almost kill pedestrians

As puppy is singing on my bed, i shall teach you guys how to almost accidentally cause pedestrian's death. Through personal experiences of course. 

Many years ago when my siblings and I were still young, our family went on a holiday to Penang Island. Having many street vendors selling miscellaneous china products, dad finally gave in to our constant plea and bought us the most "powerful" imaginary cutting tool : The laser pointer, since it was cheap.

The second we got back to the hotel room, we were like cats taking turns to catch the red dot. Naturally when we got bored we started involving the general public. Twenty stories above the ground, we pointed the laser onto the streets below, usually few meters in front of pedestrians.

First guy I remember who saw it just stood and stare at the laser dot a while before moving on with his busy night life. Most pedestrians did the same thing actually. Stop and stare~ A dog that was being walked actually noticed the dot before being pulled by its jogging owner to hurry along.

It was all fun and games seeing each victim's reaction UNTIL we shined the pointer in front of an elderly woman. SHE RAN!! She stood there, saw it was a laser and ran across the road immediately without even looking out for cars. We all panicked! She could have got into a car accident or something...

That lady must have done shit in her life to even think someone would point a sniper gun at her. Anyways, after we realize how it could be mistaken as a death dot, we stopped and never told our parents..

Lame post to sleepy leonut..
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  1. who wouldn't panicked...these days, any crazy student can turn into gunmen to massacre a whole school or shoot pedestrians for fun.