Friday, 16 November 2012

319 : 2 faced

"Don't get too closed to her, she is going to back stab you and everyone she is close to when she needs to. Be careful"

My heart stopped when i heard a senior told me that.

I KNEW IT!! My manager is the evil warbitch of the underworld that sells people's souls!!

The moment I met my manager I could sense something off about her. The always happy helpful person she is seems unnatural. I knew she was heartless in someway, but i just didn't know how.

I was raised this way.
To be very careful with people, to analyze people and trust only those safe to trust and yesterday, I had the conformation I needed about my manager.

Everyone else seems to be damn close to her. They go out for drinks and clubs with her on a weekly if not daily basis and they tell her everything which just leads to me drifting away from them.
Yes it could be me just being paranoid but you can't be too careful right?
The senior I talked to don't work where i do anymore claiming she had some "issues". I'm willing to bet my hat that my manager back stabbed and got her fired..

So now its just come in, get my work done and leave.

Discoveries of people's 2 face-ness as the awesome Jboy has discovered as well..

Be careful of people you meet!


  1. Yup. And especially when you are in the workplace, always walk in with eyes open wide.


  2. We were raised the same way? Is it the typical mindset that Chinese Malaysian parents instill to their children to be suspicious on everything? Hahaha...
    Maybe watch more hong kong drama will make u learn a few tricks to survive in office politics? Haha