Wednesday, 7 November 2012

314 : Cliché

Most cliché line I ever used :


"Aren't you suppose to be studying?"

"Yea, I told my sister I was going uni to study"

"Then what you doing here?"

"Studying Biology - Human Anatomy"

"LOLOL! Extra subject??"


Yea, after i got home, i recalled it and my face went  -_____-. Couldn't believe i actually used such a cliché line as 'study biology' on someone. I'm studying business yo! Hahaha!

It was Melbourne Cup yesterday, seeing all the different type of facinator hats worn was really cool!
Exams tomorrow!
Wish me luck!


Obama won! =D


  1. Biology? Lol. Well good luck for the exam :)

  2.'s a long life subject we need to study ; ) Good luck for the exam too

  3. is it too late to wish u? lol

  4. And what sports do they play in Melbourne Cup ?

  5. yes, i do enjoy Melbourne Cup! the atmosphere is just great! and hey, good luck for your business exams tomorrow, and oh, please don't start drawing human parts ya... keep writing!


  6. Who knows, biology might come in handy for business paper~


    All the best =D