Thursday, 1 November 2012

312 : So much for that.

In high school I had a best friend which i used to sit next to in form 5. He was more to the feminine side, but being in a Christian School, nobody talk about homosexuality and the thought of him being gay was quickly dismissed by almost everyone.
We used to be part of the rebellious group who sat at the back of the class along with few others, making smart remarks at the teachers, eating food and never finished our homework for subjects like moral and math.

After high school, all of us split up, each going to a different college for our foundation year.

You know that best friend you have, where even after months or even years of not talking to each other, the moment you guys meet again, you will be talking to each other like you guys just talked the day before?

We bloody didn't have that.

We used to talk to each other over facebook once in a while during college but it was progressively lesser and conversations were cold. Besides the new friends being made, the different schedules were also one of the reasons our friendship drifted.

Then one day, when i decided to talk to him on facebook he asked me.
"You seemed close to xxx huh?.. How did you meet him?"

That time i was actually dating xxx but I told him i was just friends with him. Without me actually knowing how, we were on the topic of homosexuality. I outted to him and him to me.


Our friendship died.. After that day, i have no idea why in the world, he stop replying my messages and all. Friendship totally DIED, buried 10 feet under the pyramids or something.

So much for sticking together right? And i thought both of us being gay would strengthen our friendship..

And today, something similar happened again..
Lol, i think i shall keep my sexuality down down down low from now on..
So much for that.

P.s. Sorry Jboy, Aiden and Soul232. Your comments a while back went into spam( I don't know why) and i didn't notice till now. I didn't delete them.. ><
P.s. Congratulations to the soon to be uncle! Haha
*monkey cover eyes* * monkey cover ears* *monkey cover mouth*


  1. Really a big WHY for me. Did you try to find out why?

    1. Nope.. If he doesn't want to be friends.. just let it be i guess..

  2. Who is that uncle ?

    As for me, am still with my high school gang.


    1. Haha, a nun sister of mine. =P
      Good la.. I drifted from most of them dy.. =(

  3. Guy tend to behave like that... I dono why...

    I have almost 0 guy best friend, be it straight or gay...

    only girls~

    girls are easier to understand =.=

    1. Is this really a norm for gays? I also have very very few guy friends (don't know why). For girls...whole bunch of them in my social circle..mostly the only guy in the group. =.=

    2. may be he just doesn't think you're the right 'click'?
      i happen to know many ex-schoolmates and ex-college mates who are now batting on my team, but i don't intend to make them my click. as far as they are concerned, i'm just a less than average looking hetero guy.
      do i feel i'm at loss here? quite honestly, no.
      i don't think just cuz we're all on the same boat we would be clicking right away.
      so, all i can say is, you don't need to think about it much, just let it be.

    3. To Joker and S.Y : Do they? Most of all my close guy friends are straight, only 1 or 2 of them are gay.. So I really don't know.

      To Anon : True.. but i just thought having that similar edge would actually glue back the friendship that we used to have. but like you said guess i'm not in a loss and same boats doesn't necessarily mean we have to click.. Haha, thank you! Something for me to think about. =DD

  4. Well if people can't accept something its their lost not yours. Smile =D
    So far I've only got one bestie from Standard 1 & we still meet up till now. :)

    1. Oh thats really good.. Haha, jealous. My lost a bestie a while back. lol, never knew it was possible till it happened..

  5. Are you sure your old friend is gay? Might not be... But I do know what you mean, you change as your grow older, so do your friends so we don't keep the same group of friends as we mature.