Tuesday, 29 January 2013

349 : We are unique

I'm not sure if its only me, but i realize, being gay makes us unique. 

Growing up feeling different, knowing its impossible to fit in to the stereotypical world, of males playing footballs, going gaga over boobs and girls and of cars and vehicles, you kinda tend to find yourself. You grow up unique, some might even say weird. 

I can't think of one up front, but i realize most gay people are the eye catchers of any event. Dress uniquely, with tones of charisma and all. 

Heh.. I'm suffering from a bad writers block and missing someone. 
I'm extremely confuse now.. =(

Here's some pictures from my trip!  

Cold evening when we arrived. 

Street food?

I had to take a pic of this. Armour that takes in account boners during battle! Rofl!

Lotte World!

Anyone can guess what building is this? Kpop fans?

They sell the weirdest sex toys! Can see by the floating dick balloons.. Anyways, there was a chart like the karma sutra by the corner. Interesting indeed.. Anyone can do a handstand? Found a really unique position.. lol

I can say my pictures don't do justice to the beauty of Korea.
But these are the ones without people.. lol

Till my block is over.
Lots of love!


  1. Haha, that's a very long "tag/label" you have there.

  2. reset the router thingy!!

    and that condom looks super cute! the one pasted on the window!

  3. Because we can't hide the gifts and talents we have..hahaha

    Love the first pic!! =) You didn't go inside the condom shop? ; )

  4. we are unique? of cos we are! we are special. we are the rainbow people. we are gorgeous. we are fabulous. we are happy. we are gay. and oh, about the armour picture... haven't you heard of this phrase - die cock standing?


    be happy!

    and gay of course!

  5. Oh korea, I want to visit there some day as well. No pics of the guys???