Friday, 12 April 2013

368 : How to get rich

My friend purposed a get rich quick scheme.
She will kill me if she found out I'm spreading it, so keep it harsh harsh k?
Don't want everyone getting the same ideas and ruining her master plan.

Its simple actually.

First, you volunteer at a hospital.
She being herself, she says its best to read story books and poems to old men.
(preferably those alone and close to *ahem*)
Day by day, she plans to wear skimpier clothes and allow physical touch.
And hopefully when they pass, they will leave their fortune with her.

Being gay, i guess that its actually easier for us to gain fortune using this scheme?..

Anyways, this is a joke okay?
Nothing serious and just for laughs.
Work is getting busier.
God, i need a stay home break at least for one day!



  1. I saw this trick before used in some Hong Kong movies. Did she learn from it too? Hehehe...

  2. I shall resign, and start applying as a nurse in hospital.