Saturday, 27 April 2013

372 : Is it proportion?

If someone is really tall, does this mean he has a long dick?
And vice versa?

I'm just really curious because the first thought that pops into your mind when you see a really tall guy would be, LONG DICK. Well.. Sexual thought i mean.

Just asking if its true.

I remember meeting this Malaysian jack'd few months ago that came over from Sydney for a holiday. Cute guy around my height(167cm'ish) but when he told me he was packing, he wasn't kidding. Freaking monster carefully packed into his tighte whities just to surprise his next victim, me.

Similarly, around 2 years ago, meet this guy about half a head taller than me which had a smaller weapon than me.. Nevertheless, disappointing experienced.. (Bitchy much?)

So all you guys or girls(maybe?) that had a much larger share of dicks, is the proportion theory correct or my experiences prove it wrong?

I can say my sibling Jboy has quite a nice outline though it feels like incest looking at it.. LOL



  1. I haven't really heard of this proportion theory. Usually the one that I hear is tall guys = small dick, short guys = large dick. ANYWAY, I think its all made up to make people feel better about themselves. Obviously there is little to no truth to it. Anyone whose watched his/her fair share of porn videos can tell you that in a heartbeat.

  2. Nahhh. It's a myth as Chen Xing pointed out.

    A cock length formula was presented by a Taiwanese doctor, and according to the formula, GENERALLY, taller guys have longer cocks. This is because cock, an organ, is also proportionate to height just like other organs are.

    However, the 'tall guy = small dick' may be an optical illusion because his height causes his cock to look smaller.

    After all, I need to say that only exact measurement tells the truth.

  3. Remember Mini-me from Auatin Powers? I read an interview where he was asked about his size and apparently it's proportional to his height. So I guess in general the theory holds true but there's no doubt exceptions to very rule

  4. not really. its all about genetic.

  5. Don't think it's about the person's height.. I have heard other theories.. like the size is same as the size of the palm... I think it's dunno which finger until the wrist....

    Or as I have told you, ahem.... phone length hahahahahahaha :P

  6. I thought so too, but through experience. It's not. I guess fingers are the best bet.m

  7. i <3 penis so i don't care how big it is as long as it fits nicely in my mouth and ehem.