Monday, 1 April 2013

363 : Confession.

Just decided it would be the right time to confess something..

Was talking to puppy the other day via skype.
Lazy boy he was he was dazing off to sleep in his bed.
Yawning away non-stop, as usual he started singing at the top of his lungs.
He was singing Daylight by Maroon 5 when this weird feeling just surged through me.

At that moment it hit me..
I just stared at the guy at the other end of the screen and kept silent..
I just never gave much thought to this and the boy staring right back at me just cleared my fogged thoughts about the whole situation..

Actually told puppy about it and he just called me dumb..
Can't believe he can't see how he is in a similar situation as me..

Any of you same as me?..

Shall get straight to the point..
My confession : 



Happy April Fools! :3


  1. Hahah, that's not really a April Fool prank...

  2. Yea loo, agree with Chen Xing. you so gay, where got prank? =P

  3. Maybe I should do it on fb, people will think it's a prank ; )

  4. haha I'm so gay when I have feelings for someone, I'm just one step away from jumping on to a unicorn with him as my knight in shining armor, and we ride off together along the rainbow as we had to the palace of Care bears and pink cotton candy hahaha!

    Sometimes the gayness goes on in my head.... :P