Friday, 14 June 2013

384 : Love Byte!

Love byte! (not love bite)

For all the couples out there! 

So not long ago my friend reminded me to celebrate the 100th day anniversary. 
After complaining on how lazy I am of calculating dates, he asked me to use a smart phone app called "Love Byte".

So basically you download it, sign up for the app for both you and your partner and you are started! 
Its honestly a really cute app with a chat system for only you both, including a passcode lock too, for those paranoid your phone will be used by friends. 

So this is the main page.
It counts the date for you! hahahaha! Pardon the retarded editing.
The cover is Stitch cause he made it so.. lol,
The fun part is you can change his profile picture too..
*cue evil laugh*  

They allow you to post pictures, notes, dates etc and all recorded with a date. So its kinda nice you can review the dates etc. The only complain i have is that you can't post pictures in notes and dates, has to be posted separated. Ah well!  

My favourite feature! Scratchcards!! You can send scratchcards of your choice to your partner and they can "scratch" them. When you are done it counts as a "date". Get kinky and creative? Lol.
I introduced the App to my sister and all they use the scratch cards for is to ask each other to wake up.. -.-'' 

Anyways, I really recommend this app to anyone. Especially for people like me that is on an LDR. Better way to keep connected.  

Need to rush for work now.
See yea!

2 papers down, 2 more to go!



  1. Haha, adding fun to the relationship.


  2. nice apps! thanks!! i'll let him download it.. hehehe

  3. aww, so cute, need to find someone soon, hahaha

  4. awwww i used between instead LOL. didn't know lovebyte is nice and cute as well. might try that