Thursday, 27 June 2013

387 : Chubby fetish

I have a friend that against all gay social stereotype norms, actually loves chubby guys. The chubbier the better. Who am I to question his type but I'm getting more and more annoyed with him.

Most guys in the gay circle are aiming for or have lean, muscular build to impress. Only a handful or guys are actually chubby (correct me if I'm wrong), making him somewhat desperate. He always bugs people online, using anonymous accounts with fake names to add guys to "disturb" them. At first, I was kinda tolerant to his childish behavior, but the more times he tells me he did this and that, the more I got annoyed.

He keeps talking about my brother and a handful of my chubby friends, asking me if he could add them on Facebook. I know my brother is fucking adorable penguin/panda looking but i told him to do whatever he wanted, I just don't want to get involve. But today.. He crossed the line.

He decided to add my brother using an anonymous account on Facebook. My brother naturally accepted his friend request but deleted him right after seeing no pictures or details whatsoever on the page (as i assume, i would too). That being bad enough, he went and message my brother, telling him he is cute and he is gay. Like DA FUCK? Fucking gay stalker go message my brother?? My brother blocked him immediately. He actually thinks is funny my brother acted that way, yet couldn't understand why my brother would block him. Seriously?

Told him off today. Telling him how stupid and immature he is for his age. The retarded thing is that he messages guys, gay and STRAIGHT just because they caught his eyes. Not scolding him specifically. but guys that do this random messaging asking for sex, you guys are just creating a worst impression for the gay society by straight community. At least pick your targets properly.

My brother doesn't know I know what happen, and hopefully both of us will forget this stupid event.
I really, don't want to view my brother in that way.

I'm falling sick..
Short post before I go back to sleep.. like 4 hours nap isn't enough..



  1. Some people are just nuts when it comes to sex. It kills when he become insane and suddenly don't understand the common civilization.

  2. please take care. crazy weather...

  3. what a desperate fucktard! he definitely crossed the line. if i were you, this guy will never be in my life again, period!

  4. He likes bear... we have plenty here!!!

  5. seriously enough Keith has a chubby friend and his bf is fucking hot! like sizzling hot kinda hot. like those that i would fall for kinda guy but too bad he is a chub chaser.. no luck for me LOLLLL...