Tuesday, 25 June 2013

386 : Disowned.

L  : "Mum, I'm free on Friday night so I can make it for Uncle's dinner."
M : "You really want to go?"
L  : "Yea, why not?"
M : "Never mind, I already told him(uncle), you have work on that day already."
L : "Whyy????"

So apparently I've been temporary disowned by my family.

Since my mum came over to Melbourne to spend time with us, my uncle decided to organize a little family dinner before my mum fly back to Malaysia. She better appreciate the clean air we have here, gonna have a hard time adapting back to the haze.. Anyways, everyone is invited but when I told my mum I have no plans on that day i got that reply.

I'm not allowed to see my uncles, aunts and cousins and definitely not my grandfather. Why?

I got a new piercing in February.. and now my mum is hiding me!

Industrial Piercing fun!
My grandfather nearly slapped one of my working cousin because he shaved his side burns away and forced him to shave the top as well.. Soooo.. If he finds out about the added holes on me, he will kill me.. If any relatives find out the news are gonna spread like wildfire. Everyone in my family is a goodie two shoes, or appears to be : no colour hair, no fancy piercing or tattoos etc. So I'm already an extreme.

Only person that actually approves of it is my grandma.. She actually pulled me aside when i took my earring off my lobe piercing to hide it. She actually likes it but after this industrial, she will kill me if i get another.

Until my industrial piercing heals and I can actually take the jewelry out, i'm forbidden to see relatives. Hopefully i don't bump into them too.. lol



  1. I see..Rebellion boy in the family ; )

    Family is important but don't stop yourself be what you want to =)

  2. Hmm, but the piercing doesn't change who you are.

    You are still the same person...

  3. I would say my mum was pretty supportive when I had my ear poked. She actually encourage me to get it since my bro had it. Hahaha.

  4. well at least your family did not threaten to send you to Islamic rehab for being gay...sucks being gay muslim in malaysia.
    i'd like to have that piercing too but am too chicken to let my ears get poked.

  5. how rebellious of you mate!