Thursday, 1 August 2013

395 : Guilty.

 "For a relationship to last, the love between both individuals should not be 50/50
 but rather 60/40. 
Both individuals should believe their love for each other is less
strive to make up for it. "

I stumble upon this little quote (or at least what i remembered of it) a while ago and it has been stuck in my mind ever since.


I'm guilty of not even reaching 50% yet alone 60%. Is distance a factor or an excuse?..
I just feel so terrible towards Puppy.. The days I made him cry when i'm cold towards him.
Every single day I wake up i would see a good morning message with a smiley face from him, and the days i oversleep or have something on, he would buzz me or call me to make sure i wake up. Every moment of the day he is there for me, and cares for me. How do i repay him?

Being a bitch so often. I honestly don't mean to be cold to him but sometimes i just don't feel like talking, like everything in my life is wrong and want to just shut off.. I am guilty of not making him feel loved every moment of the day.. He does so much for me and I feel like i don't do anything for him.. Why am I so passive in this relationship..

Simple thing as replying messages as well. He replies almost immediately and I take ages..

Ish.. I'm actually writing a post about how i'm a an awful person. Nothing more attractive than a self loathing person eh?

Better change before puppy walks out on me..
I'm lucky to have him... 


  1. Sometimes, the other half expects the same kind of treatment on how he/she treats the partner.

    Yup, just a little more effort and I think Puppy will be smiling.


  2. Erm..I'm exactly like your bf, feel a bit down when my bf reply late. Sometimes I tried to just wait, see he would msg me first. If he does, I'm happy for week.

    Just do simple thing, like before sleep text.."Glad to have you".

    1. Yea.. I do tell him once in a while.. but guess not enough..

  3. But are you sure you like him ke? Seems like he doesn't excite you pun?

  4. Errrrrr.... The day you start or try to quantify a relationship is the day the relationship will go downwards. Ok, not cursing you, but rather, to highlight the point that between 2 persons, the key thing is respect, give and take and communicate.

    Not calculate...

    "Can't take it! He/ she is so calculative!"

    Sounds familiar? The list goes on...

    Take care my friend!

    1. Thanks peace! Always giving me advice that changes my mindset for the better. =)