Thursday, 15 August 2013

396 : Worked to the bone

My manager is the King, she and her Queen rule the whole of my workplace.

The queen, obviously, can do what ever shit she wants, as many mistakes she wants or the worst drinks her unfortunate ability allows her to do, and no one can say anything in the fear the King might make life a living hell.

The King, trying to cut cost, has implemented the stupidest rules I have ever faced in my life. Several shifts I have even felt like crying seeing how bullshit the rules are.

Water is free in Australia, you can go to any restaurant and they will give you table water (Tap water in a big 1L glass bottle), so a table of 3 will have 3 cups on their table, and if they order drinks, you will have 6 cups. Each shift, only one staff is assigned to make drinks for the whole restaurant, that makes up almost 40 tables. You can say its only drinks, how hard is it right? 


Shit lot of work just to make a cup of hot drink. Fastest I can make the signature drink takes about 30 seconds with the recipes and all. So imagine during busy periods, where one min can have orders for almost 15 drinks accumulated from different tables, how long would that take to clear? and the orders keep coming in with the high table turn over. However, making drinks is part of the job, getting to make drinks takes the trust from the King that you can actually perform before she will train you. Can be proud to be selected to make drinks.

What fuckery am i complaining about then? The King has decided we can cut labour cost if we eliminate the staff that suppose to be washing the cups for you. So the person making the drinks have to manage the whole restaurant AND wash cups and fill water bottles.

The whole sink just fills up in 30 mins during busy hours even though its a deep sink and the side of the sink piled up with glass bottles to be filled. Once it took my friend 45 mins just to clear the whole sink of cups and bottles after shift. So now, we are suppose to do everything alone.Damn bullshit. Last Sunday i nearly cried during shift. After 2 hours of making drinks non stop, i turned around just to see more than 20 empty bottles and 2 sinks filled with cups to be washed. Worst part is, the cups and bottles continue to come in, table for 2 brings in 4 cups, table for 4, 8 cups. 

After everyone complained, fucker manager decided to send a proposal to make a bigger sink. Like her brain is in use right? When her stupid proposal failed, she decided to improvise. Now, when it gets really busy, we will take all the cups and bottles, put them in big buckets and then push them to the back so "the sink will be clear and we can put more cups and bottles, and then you can wash them later"

How stupid can she be???

Everyone that does drinks just learns to swear 10 times more. 

Underpaid and overworked..

Rant rant rant!


  1. The place i used to work in had a dishwasher. Just a really simple one for the glasses and cups only. So I only had to load and unload them.

  2. tell everyone to wash their own cups, make it a habit