Tuesday, 6 August 2013

396 : Study..

Just feel so stressed..
Its only second week of uni and I have friends hardcore studying already and I'm just sitting here..

Honestly i'm not sure why but no matter how hard i try to study, i never have the patience for it. I would read two lines and my brain just turns off completely. Always gave myself the excuse that I'm a nocturnal person and I work better "under pressure". Who am i kidding? The big fat fail i got last semester obviously proves how much of a joke that was.

Just feel like I'm so behind everyone. Everyone is speeding ahead in life, studying, getting high distinction average, looking for internship. Basically everyone has their foundation build up for their life and i got nothing.. Wasting my life everyday. Reading general knowledge articles online just hit me on how much a waste of time it is.

Its depressing..

Why can't i change?.. 


  1. Totally feeling you. I think both of us must figure out some cure really fast.

  2. Pressure will always be there...but so long you know how to deal with it in the end, matters most.


    *Gosh, I miss my colleague/uni days. Hehe.

  3. everyone goes through that stage a lot. What you need is really, a target. Once you've got one, you will work towards it. If you ain't a reader, write em down. Make notes, even at the very last house. At least it goes in.

    And last but not least, some self control. Unplug things if necessary. Lock them away, go out of the room and spend time in coffee shops or library. Take yourself out of comfort zone.

    Hope these help!

  4. Organize a study group with your peers. Get those who are class toppers. That would make you feel pressured to excel and perform up to par with them.

    Uni life will be 3 to 4 of the best years of your life, but make sure you don't let your CGPA slip at the end of every term. They're your crucial foundation blocks & pillars to your first steps in building your career.