Thursday, 31 October 2013

406 : Halloween Special!

So its Halloween! Time to post up kinky costume pictures ghost stories!

What better way to celebrate Halloween than having paranormal stories that aren't from a friend's cousin's neighbor's uncle but directly from friends?

I initially wanted to write about my mum's stories but I guess those stories are meant for another time. 

Up to you to believe it or not but there are people that have the ability to see the paranormal. What people say is true though, people who can usually look tired, or just admits a different aura from them. So happens my work place has two staff which posses this ability, both working in the back kitchen.

Gonna cut all the suspense off since I'm too lazy to write about them..

Work Place Horror.
-          Hernie do get the duty of locking the doors at night after the restaurant closes for the night. Its usually the waitstaff who leaves first after clearing up the front of house, followed by the kitchen hands who can leave after cleaning up their respective areas. The kitchen supervisors though, have to ensure everything is in order, type out a report before closing up, which in time would be around 12am in the morning. Countless times, she have reported seeing a shadow sitting on the tables closest to the front door. Being used to seeing all "them", she just does her work and leave.

-          Once a customer left his phone in the restaurant after dinner. The next morning he came over asking if anyone picked up his phone. Our manager conveniently went and check the CCTV. What she shocked the whole group watching the CCTV footage together. Seeing a ghostly figure walking around the restaurant around 5am.. WTF?? FASTFORWARD!!

-          Lots of weird stuff happened to the restaurant. A friend of mine poured drinks and places the cup on the table. Few seconds later the cups just exploded and shattered into pieces without anyone touching them. Another was during morning shift, a workmate came in to see glasses pieces all around the counter. Apparently more than 10 cups just shattered overnight.

-          This happened around 2 months ago. Apparently no one knows except for a few of us (Thats how much i'm a gossip that news like this would reach me..). One of the chefs were organizing the kitchen store room when he heard children in the kitchen. When he turned around, he saw little kids running about the store room and ran out to the kitchen. Shocked he asked the kitchen hand if he saw anything. Confused kitchen hand he was, Hernie came over and said nothing happened and asked everyone to get back to work..

When I asked him what he saw he described the place as a kindergarten. Kids running around, screaming and playing. Hernie saw them too and shurg it off, asking everyone to get back to work. Words from them "NOBODY CAN EVER KNOW!! Will ruin the whole restaurant reputation". But from what they say is that, "they" are actually everywhere. That's why we don't talk about them, you'll never know if they are beside you. Thing about seeing them.. They describe the feeling as eerie, that the moment you see them your natural instinct would be to look away and not to take a second look. Their faces are blurred and you just know they aren't natural..

So much for that, i'm telling everyone of you.. But to those that actually know where I work, I do urge you to keep shush about this.. lol

I'm suppose to be studying and my singaporean friend is giving me death stares thus the crappy written post.. Heh.

Happy Halloween!

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  1. yea they are everywhere,inside your house,by the roadside etc... different place have different 'species'

    would add to your'll never know if they are inside you