Monday, 1 July 2013

388 : Fat rant.

"I'm straight skinny but gay fat"
                                       - Anonymous

I can say, I'm extremely self-conscious about my body. 

For as long as in remember, I always had a fat belly which just makes me dread and hate my body. Can say its an unhealthy mentality but as I'm growing older and watching people around me achieve a dead gorgeous model body, I'm just feeling down on my progress. Been going to gym for more than a year, watching my food, only limiting my liquid intake to water, fresh juices and some.. body liquids.., I honestly expected to at least have my belly fat reduced (overall body fat has reduced though..), instead I'm still at square one after such a long time of trying. Adding the mix comments people give all the time :

"Do more running, will help you reduce your tummy"
"Don't run, lift weights, build and tone up and your tummy will disappear"
"You are gonna lose your build and muscles if you run"
"Do abs workout everyday"
"Don't do abs everyday, do alternate days workout"
"Don't do abs when you have a big tummy, you will only harden your fats"

Its just confusing and frustrating for me with all these mix advice. Hiring a PT would just kill my thinning wallet..

It wouldn't be so bad if I was fat all over..
I remember the first time I ever took of my shirt in public, someone actually used the word "disgusting" to describe my body.Remember one of my hookups last year as well, the guy actually said "I thought you gym?" when I took of my shirt.. Even now puppy admitted  ONCE that my body can be improved.. Its just extremely degrading..

Each time the topic of "fat" comes up in conversations everyone goes "Leo! You aren't fat also! You are damn thin!" when I say I don't like my tummy fat. Could be that everyone already assume I am thin that when they actually see my fats they get a shock..

Disproportionate.. Maybe that's the word to describe my body..

Yesterday I was tagged on a picture on Facebook and my tummy was just bulging out so much in those pictures I had to untag them..

Its just really depressing and it gets me down so often.. I'm not saying I want to get a porn star build, right now, I really just want a flat tummy, abs would be a bonus..

Any tips or advice for me?.. =(



  1. I feel for you too! Have the EXACT same problem... my tummy doesn't seem to be going down despite gymming, while the rest of the body is slim....

  2. Make love.

    Sex burns a lot of calories.


    1. make love everyday, sure lose weight wan

  3. Maybe just need some extra work that's all. You'll achieve it soon :)

  4. I get you bro... everyone is telling different things.. I don't even know which to follow

    1. KiddyClub, you mau slim where?!


  5. Please, you're fine. I've always maintained that, the tummy isn't even noticeable if there's a tummy. And I'd ask the guy who used the "disgusting" description to fuck off to be honest.