Saturday, 31 May 2014

419 : Red Ears.

A friend pointed out to me in the mids of dance rehearsals that a lot of guys she see have their ears glowing red and she was really curious on why is that.

I didn't even realise my ears was red till I touched it and felt the warmth.

Walking around I noticed that most guys DO have their ears red but not girls. Curiously, no one could really answer why their ears was blushing red, as they don't feel their ears were red either.
Maybe it was from dancing or the room was a little warm from all the body heat..

I know there would be an answer online but heck, i'm too tired to check right now, or rather just lazy? Anyways, the only theory i can come up with would be :

' The blood is in our ears BECAUSE its not down there.. If you see someone with pale ears, his probably having a boner at that moment. ' 

So guys, test my hypothesis tonight! Does your ears go pale when you wank?
You get to cum and I get a sample group. Haha

Anyone got theories on why your ears are red?

Bullshit level up,
Leonut <3


  1. hahaha. my ears get red when I'm stressed and whenever I shower

    1. You actually notice? lol, i never did until my friend pointed out. I should look in the mirror more often.. haha

  2. well leonut, boner or not, i have this to say - the small head will always be red... or shades of it! lol! and yes, the bullshit level is very high.


    1. Do tell more in detail.. Which head? =P