Wednesday, 4 June 2014

420 : The girl who moan.

We had a party few days ago as a pre-exam/farewell party for a few of the dancers that were leaving back to their own countries after completing university.

Being sore from a review run of all the dances, what was initially a potluck party soon became an orgy of massages. Few of them were trying their hand in loosening the knots on Tira's shoulders as well as sampling their skills on each other to earn the title of "best masseur" among our dance club where he or she's glory will be spread across the dance club and respected by many of the senior dancers whose bodies are covered with sores and bruises after trial runs.

So those of us that decided to sit out of it sat by the side talking and finishing up the food. We didn't noticed much.. until we heard loud moans..

"DAMN... This is so good.. Even my boyfriend couldn't even hit that spot yesterday night".

Tira didn't realise what her moan of relief was coming across as, and with her eyes closed, she couldn't see the glaring eyes and the held back laughter by everyone. It was when she opened her eyes after asking it to be 'harder' did she realise what the situation was like..

No amount of explanation could save that innocent girl that night. With her blushing face buried into her knees, it was as if she lost her virginity to everyone in that room who heard what we assume is what she would sound like in bed.

So congrats Jun for making another girl moan like that.
Try me next time?


**Sorry haven't been replying comments everyone (and anon).. Will get to it now..


  1. geeze..u posted about red ears thingy and scared of girls thingy, expecting readers to reply but u don't even bother to read or reply what they're saying...

  2. Sorry.. Having exams at the moment and been neglecting my blog too.. Will check back more often. ><