Thursday, 5 June 2014

421 : Strengthen your heart.

Strengthen your heart and soul.

Be more selfless, do things you know is good.
Think before your actions, if you think what you are doing is going to disappoint people you love, or not right in your heart, don't do it. Don't give it to temptations so easily.

When you done something wrong, seek forgiveness.
Don't be a coward. Don't mentally forgive yourself or presume god forgives you just like that. This isn't heaven. Don't get pissed off when someone reveals your demons. Don't shoot the messenger.

If you did nothing wrong, there will not be a single thing to be revealed. Don't blame others for protecting others. If you see your close friend being cheated on, will you not warn him? Its selfish of you to just sit and watch, saying they will sort it out themselves. You are leaving a ticking time bomb for your friend to find. That shit mentality of yours. If you were a real friend you would actually protect him, not saying you will never intervene into people's "true love" and break couples up just cause you see they are "getting better". If they really got better, there shouldn't be secrets. Don't say all relationships have their own secrets. There is a shit way to love someone with so much secrets and still call it love. Love with honesty, thats genuine love. Selfish shit. Think of your partner when you keep secrets.

Another thing.
Don't even say "why bring up the past that will ruin the present.".
Exactly like before, don't forgive yourself and expect everything to be okay. Every action has consequences. Don't think you are off the hook just cause you hid and buried your secrets, don't get pissed when someone dug them up.

The mentality I hate the most right there. Selfish, naive, a coward.

When being confronted you push the blame to others, example, the messenger that protected someone. Thats all you do. Your heart is so weak that you see a need to defend it at all cost instead of facing the consequences. Such a coward..

Be someone people will be proud of. People look down and ask whats the point in being selfless. Honestly being selfless makes you happy. Doing charity or helping strangers on the road, it lifts your soul. It strengthens you as a person and negativity just bounces of you.

Love more, THINK more, help others more, and stop expecting physical returns when you help people.

Your mentality is shit,


  1. you poor boy! lemme give you a big hug. now, would you gimme a BJ?

  2. All seriousness of this post aside, nice blog header haha! Someone showing off sexy back hahaha :P

  3. wah giving life advice arh! hahahaha = ) btw i have to agree with J-boy, sexayyyyyyyy cover photo