Sunday, 8 June 2014

422: interlock.

Our hearts are interlock, as much as I never admit..

Heart, and soul.
I don't know how it happened but it just did, maybe its how we found each other.
Both young, naive. directionless.
Finding a support pillar so strong, even in a different country we still found dependence in each other, to hold up each other through rough times always.

You are forgiving, and apparently I'm not.
I'm still angry from the day your parents won and you didn't step foot on that plane.
I'm still pissed that I felt I was lead on like that, given false hope and then crushed. Yea I know its not your fault, but who am I suppose to blame?

Yea, we are all selfish.
No matter how selfless I am, there is one thing I will always be selfish of, which is you. I'm not sharing you.
I know if you were reading this you would go "what fucking bullshit is that??" right?
I don't know..

I'm more baby than you think dear..
At least you know what you want, I'm only throwing fits at everything you say.
What a little bitch huh?

Right now.. I'm gonna prioritise the thing that is costing me 35 thousand AUD a year.
Fuck all this work and money for a piece of paper at the end of 3 years..

Exam stress..

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  1. Sorry for not commenting about this post but I just gotta say that is one hell of a f*cking hot pic you got there as the header pic. Love how the books are put and your sexy back! Pheewwiitt!!! :p