Saturday, 14 June 2014

423 : Loser!

SL is a fucking loser.
I don't know how it happened, but SL just bitter all the time.
I don't think its healthy how he is always comparing himself with Pup.

He gets angry at Pup when he goes out with friends. Obviously there is nothing wrong with going out with friends but SL just gets annoyed and easily pissed at Pup. Maybe its because his life is so boring, filled with stress and exams that he gets jealous seeing pup is going out everyday with friends and having fun.

Another thing is when Pup gets gifts. So often we can see how SL is just jealous on how Pup gets everything he wants and SL gets nothing, even for his birthday SL gets nothing while Pup is showered with expensive gifts from everyone. Why is it that Pup is so lucky while SL has to work just to buy anything he wants? Remembered how SL worked a month just to buy a GoPro as a gift to himself.

SL.. You pathetic SORE LOSER.

Why can't you be happy?

Is life that sad for you? Even simple things like Instagram. You start posting more often just so you can get more followers and not lose to Pup? Or just to get more likes than him?
Yea so what if Pup loves to boast? Most of the time he doesn't even realise he is boasting cause of his brain of his. But why can't you just be happy for him?

Life isn't fair. People are born with a silver spoon. Why can't you be happy you work for things you want? Not everyone is so lucky. If you aren't lucky enough to always get what you want, isn't this the next best thing for you? Don't be such a loser and get bitter over faith written in the stars.

You bitter person. Just because of your jealously, you refuse to help the more fortunate than you. That mentality of yours that tell yourself 'they are already getting what they want all the time, why do I have to help them?'. Why should you? Not like you helping them all the time will make you happier, just means that they will get more things they want leaving you with nothing.

You purposely becoming the road block on their straight road? Perfect example of a sore loser.

SL.. You are an embarrassment to yourself.

Get slap yourself please.

Fuck you,
Letter to myself,
Leonut the SORE LOSER

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  1. Good thing you'd noticed. But its fine. It happens. just learn from it.